Rebirth: Chapter 109

The bell rang signalling the end of school and the afternoon military training has finally ended. Everyone went back to the classroom to gather their bags to leave, but after Lu Anran packed her bag, she sat back into her seat.

“Anran you are not leaving?” Ji Ling carried her bag and asked. “I’m not going for cram school today, my Empress Mother is going to treat me to some good food tonight. Want to come along?”

“I still have something to do, you can go ahead first!” Lu Anran waved her hands, “Just bring my greetings to Aunty for me!”

“I’m leaving too.” Qin Shumo said.

“Mhm, mhm.” Lu Anran smiled and waved her hands. “See you all tomorrow.”

“See you.” Ji Ling and Qin Shumo left the classroom. When Qin Shumo stepped out of the door, he looked at the person who appeared and stopped on his tracks. The two of them made eye-contact briefly before turning away, both in contempt with each other.

“Senior Long!” Ji Ling saw the person and gave a grin, “did you come to find Anran?”

“I have something to tell her.” Long Yuxing also recognise Ji Ling who is always with Lu Anran.

“Is there anything that you need to notify class monitor about? Just tell me, I’ll pass on the message!” It was very obvious that Qin Shumo was reluctant for Long Yuxing to make contact with Lu Anran.

“That’s none of your business!” Long Yuxing coldly gazed at Qin Shumo.

“I am also one of the class monitor of Class D. If there’s anything to notify, there’s no difference if you tell me ah!” Qin Shumo looked directly into Long Yuxing’s eyes. His mouth tilted up in a smile, but his eyes were very serious.

“Err….” Stuck in the middle of the two of them, Ji Ling could feel the hostile atmosphere between the two guys, she looked left and then looked right. Finally, she clenched her teeth in determination, and stretched out her hands to pull at Qin Shumo’s waist. “Qin Shumo, I don’t have time to explain now, quickly come with me!” In an instant, she pulled Qin Shumo to a far distance before stopping to catch her breath.

“Ji Ling, what are you doing?” Qin Shumo said in a dissatisfied tone.

“I was just afraid that you will start a fight with Senior Long…..” Ji Ling pouted, “even if both of you like Lu Anran, you should still take it easy! If you all started fighting, in the end, it’s Anran who will get in trouble!”

“….” Qin Shumo glanced at Ji Ling briefly before saying, “I’m leaving.” He straightened his bag and walked off towards the school gates.

“Oy….” Ji Ling gazed at Qin Shumo’s receding back and shook her head helplessly. Perhaps even Lu Anran herself was not aware, but she knew that the way Lu Anran looked at Long Yuxing was different. However, it was just that Anran has yet to realise it that’s all. It was often said that one’s eyes are windows to one’s soul and she, as an outsider can see it very clearly. She loosened the straps of her bag and muttered, “Anran, I can only help up to here.” After saying that, she trotted off to the school gate. Today her Empress Mother gave her a day off from cram school to bring her out to eat. Originally, she was going to invite Lu Anran, but unfortunately, she has something on.

After Ji Ling pulled Qin Shumo away, all the other classmates also left. When they walked out of the classroom, they all saw Long Yuxing who was standing outside, and all of Lu Anran’s classmates silently sniggered. They were wondering why their class monitor was staying back, looks like she was going on a date after school ah!

But Lu Anran and Long Yuxing looked very compatible, they were a perfect match… Sometimes there were some students who give sacastic comments, but in their hearts they also acknowleged this pairing.

When it was just Lu Anran left in the classroom, Long Yuxing then pushed open the door to enter. Lu Anran was seated next to the window, and as the setting sun casted a ray of light onto her side profile, he could see a blush forming on her white skin and set her body’s outline aglow with orange light. She was currently reading a book with a clear and focused gaze.

Long Yuxing walked to stand in front of Lu Anran, reaching out a hand to touch her head.

Lu Anran gently lifted up her head, “Senior Long? Why is it you?” Lu Anran glanced at the door. The person she was waiting for was Chu Yao ah, how did it turn into Long Yuxing?

“It can’t be me?” Long Yuxing lips were curled up in a slight smile. How heartless… when he thought about her all the time.

“That’s not what I meant.” Lu Anran quickly waved her hands in denial and then moved to avoid Long Yuxing’s hands. “What I meant was, school has ended for the day…Why was Senior Long still here?”

“I came to give this to you.” Long Yuxing passed a script to Lu Anran. “This is the script for the female protagonist in the play.”

“Doesn’t Ji Ling already have a copy?” Lu Anran asked.

“I still feel that you are better suited for this role.” Long Yuxing said. “You can just remember the female protagonist’s lines and if anything happens on that day, you can be the substitute for the role.”

“But I don’t want to take part in the play ah! Also, I’m very busy, and don’t have time to go for the rehersals. That day, weren’t there many female students who wish to act as the little sister? So, it would be better if Senior Long selects an understudy from there!” Lu Anran placed the script book back in front of Long Yuxing.

“So many excuses.” Long Yuxing frowned, and reached out to pat Lu Anran’s head, “Just read and memorize it like I tell you to, Ji Ling was personally recommended by you, the Class Monitor, so if any problems cropped up, you have to take on the responsiblity be the substitute.”

“Ay… Fine…” Lu Anran shrugged. This time she will let Lu Anhu watch Chu Yao closely, and make sure she does not have the chance to cause trouble. Then, Ji Ling should be safe, and she, as a substitute, should not have any chance to go up on the stage, so it should be fine to just agree with him for now.

“Good….” Long Yuxing eyes were full of warmth.

Gazing into that pair of brown eyes, Lu Anran had a feeling that one day she might fall too deeply into it and never come out. This kind of feeling made her feel terrified, she cannot be like this… and so, she subconsciously wanted to avoid Long Yuxing’s eyes. But he has clasped onto the back of her head and placed a kiss onto her forehead, as gentle and warm as his eyes, leaving Lu Anran stunned for a moment.

Long Yuxing saw a blush growing on Lu Anran’s face and as he straightened his body and placed his hands in his pockets, he said, “I’m leaving first, see you tomorrow.”

“….” Lu Anran lowered her head, suddenly confused and perplexed. She… doesn’t really want to see him…. Really….

Long Yuxing pulled open the classroom door and coincidentally bumped into the person outside.

“Senior Long! How come you are here ah!” The person was Chu Yao who came to find Lu Anran, “I also just arrived and almost hit into you. Hehe….”

“Your lies are too obvious.” Long Yuxing did not even look at Chu Yao and only left such a sentence before walking off.

When Chu Yao’s lies were exposed immediately, she gritted her teeth and remained silent and only moved her hand which was grasping onto her phone to her front as Long Yuxing brushed past her. As he left, Chu Yao scoffed at Long Yuxing’s receding back disgruntledly. How can such an outstanding person be in love with Lu Anran? When she was just a good for nothing!

(T/N: Seems like everyone knows that Long Yuxing likes Lu Anran!? He must be so obvious LOL ( ̄y▽, ̄)╭ )

Even with a heart full of discontent, Chu Yao pursed her lips together and took a deep breath to reorganise her emotions, adjusting her eyes that were originally full of hatred to layer on feelings of distress and grievancies before pushing open the door. Chu Yao stepped into the classroom, “Anran… I… I have something to say to you.”

When Lu Anran heard Chu Yao’s voice, she immediately hid her current confused state deep inside her heart, and raised her head up to look at Chu Yao, “You’re here?”

 “Yes!” Chu Yao stood in front of Lu Anran’s desk. “That… Lu Anran, what happened last night was a misunderstanding, listen to my explanation ah! I…. I am also full of grievances…..”

“Tell me.” The interest of Lu Anran perked up. She closed the book she was reading and looked up to make eye contact with Chu Yao.

“Actually… actually that cocktail was given to me by someone else. I was thinking desperately how I can quickly change our relationship back to how it was before. As I was out of options, she passed me two cocktails and asked me to drink it with you. She said that as long as my attitude is sincere enough, you will forgive me…..”

“Oh?” Lu Anran laughed, “she even told you which glass to give me?”

“She….she didn’t…..” Chu Yao shook her head.

“Then does that mean the person wasn’t sure which one of us will drink the spiked cocktail?” Lu Anran smirked, “isn’t there no problem like that?”

“I…. I think that she finds the both of us an eyesore, and since we are besties, it won’t matter whoever it is who drinks the spiked cocktail, the other party will become upset, so….” Chu Yao said with a face full of grievances. Her eyes were glossed over sparkling with tears, “this person is harbouring ulterior motives and should be punished!”

“Who is it?” Lu Anran did not believe a single thing that was coming out of Chu Yao’s mouth, but she still played along with what she was saying.

“I…I dare not say…..” Chu Yao said with a scared face. She bowed her head and gave quick glances to Lu Anran from time to time, only to move her eyes away to look somewhere else when she made eye contact with Lu Anran. Both of her hands tightly wrung the hem of her shirt in a nervous manner.

“Then don’t say it.” Lu Anran packed her books into her bag.

“But….” When Lu Anran stopped Chu Yao from talking, she started panicking. “I was just worried about you, that you will fall for these tricks again.”

“I won’t fall for these tricks so easily!” Lu Anran smiled scornfully. All she needed to do was to be wary of Chu Yao.

“No… Listen to me, not only at school, even in your daily life, you should be careful.” Chu Yao warned Lu Anran with a worried expression.

“You are not going to tell me that it’s my Cousin Sister right!” Lu Anran said sarcastically. “She gave you the cocktail and then drank it herself? Don’t joke!”

“No, how can it be Sister Anxin, she’s always so concern about you!” Chu Yao waved her hands around and said, “It’s…. It’s…..”

“Are you going to tell me? If you don’t want to, then forget it.” Lu Anran carried her backpack and turned to walk off.

“It’s Senior Sister Yue Ningshan!” Chu Yao said with an expression as if she had just made a big decision. “She’s the one who made me do it!”

“….” Lu Anran frowned. As expected, she should not underestimate the cheating couple – Chu Yao and Lin Haosheng! If she did not have a clear idea how the both of them were like, she (Lu Anran) would definitely believe her (Chu Yao)! They have found such a convincing scapegoat!


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