Rebirth: Chapter 103

Lu Anran was eating very happily and did not notice at all that someone was watching her from afar observing her every move.

No matter if it was her smiling face or her expression where she was carefully sampling the food, or even when she licked her fingers like a child, all of these still mesmerises him… He was well aware of her obsession towards eating and so Long Yuxing, especially for today’s party, devoted a lot of care towards the food that will be served tonight. The pΓ’tissier and bartender were both invited from Paris just to elicit a smile from her, and it looks like he was very successful today….

“Young Master Long, what are you looking at ah!” Jing Xiangen appeared beside Long Yuxing holding a glass of Bloody Mary.

“Mind your own business.” Long Yuxing glanced briefly at Jing Xiangen before turning to take a macaroon from the table.

“Oh ho ho! Did I distract you from something!” The annoying expression on Jing Xiangen made one has an urge to hit it. Really! Such a waste for him to have such a handsome face. “What are you wearing a mask for ah? Are you afraid that a certain someone will recognise you? You are really…wuu….”

“Hmpf.” Long Yuxing shoved the macaroon he was holding into Jing Xiangen’s mouth to stop him from saying anything more.

After swallowing the macaroon, Jing Xiangen hesitated before taking another piece. ” Young Master Long, you received the bill right? When are you gonna pay up ah?”

“Pay what.” Long Yuxing rolled his eyes at Jing Xiangen.

“I…” Jing Xiangen was speechless for a moment. Indeed, asking Long Yuxing to pay for Lu Anran was very normal, but if it was for another women, it’s a different story of whether Long Yuxing will pay for the gown! Shit! What a waste of opportunity to scam Young Master Long! Who knew that a woman would suddenly pop out and ruin his plans ah! Jing Xiangen’s eyes were full of resentment.

Long Yuxing turned and said, “I’m going back to my room!”

“Go go go! I seriously don’t understand you at all! If you’re so afraid of being recognised then you should have just gotten someone to stand-in for you ah!” Jing Xiangen rolled his eyes at Long Yuxing.

“Hmpf.” Long Yuxing gave a cold snort and walked away. Who said he didn’t find a body double?

Music flowed gently in the air and the young people were dancing and laughing with one another in the centre of the hall. Jing Xiangen walked towards Lu Anran who was still eating, and politely held out his hand, “May I have this dance with you?”

Lu Anran licked her thumb, wiped her hand on her handkerchief and then placed her hand into Jing Xiangen’s extended hand. “As promised, I shall accept your invitation.”

When the next song started, Jing Xiangen placed one hand lightly on Lu Anran’s slim waist while the other held Lu Anran’s hand. He then led Lu Anran to the centre of the hall to dance. As Jing Xiangen started to dance elegantly with Lu Anran, he asked “your original gown was stolen?”

“Stolen sounds so unpleasant!” Lu Anran replied with a smirk.

“Is pilfered a better word?” Jing Xiangen said with a laugh.

“Does Mr. Jing knows of the story ‘Kong Yi Ji’ ?” Lu Anran smiled and asked.
(T/N: ‘Kong Yi Ji’ is a short story written by Lu Xun in 1919 that talks about how the protagonist Kong Yi Ji aspires to be a cultured person but failed the civil exams to get a government status. As a result, he is often scorn to be an illiterate person and badly beaten when he was caught stealing from those he works for. In short, Kong Yi Ji is like a reflection of the author who is both for and against the educated class whom Kong Yi Ji is a representative of : proud to a fault, too conceited to acknowledge his own shortcomings, and too obsessed with learning and traditional values to live in the present. For more information read here and here.)

“Of course! After all, I’m half Chinese and even though I grew up in Italy, I still read many interesting Chinese stories!”

 “What a surprise ah!” Lu Anran said.

“I’m also surprised.” Jing Xiangen said, “I’m surprised that Miss Lu is acquainted with Roxanne Bess.”

When Lu Anran heard Jing Xiangen mention Auntie Xiao’s alias, she was not surprised at all, after all in the current fashion industry, Auntie Xiao was considered one of the top range designer in the whole world.    

“This gown was designed by Roxanne Bess right?” Jing Xiangen asked.

“Dunno.” Lu Anran replied honestly. Ji Rou only said that this gown was prepared for her by Dad, but she did not know it was designed by Auntie Xiao. “I’m not sure who the designer is.”

“Is that so…” Jing Xiangen said. “Looking at the design, this must be Roxanne Bess’ style from 10 years ago.”

“Yes, it is definitely from a while back.” Lu Anran smiled.

“Doesn’t Miss Lu know that evening gowns can only be worn once?” Jing Xiangen asked with a smiling face.

“I know, but nobody knows that this gown was worn by someone before.” Giving a beautiful twirl right on the note, Lu Anran said softly, “as you said before, this is from 10 years ago.”

“Hur hur, Miss Lu is so interesting. If I have a chance, I hope Miss Lu can give me the honour to treat you to dinner.”

“We’ll see how things go!” Lu Anran smiled and left the dance floor once the music ended.

 Once the song ended, Jing Xiangen did not leave the dance floor but rather walked towards Lu Anxin who also just finished a dance, “may I have this dance, Miss Lu?”

“You are?” Lu Anxin was feeling tired. She had already continuously danced twice in a row today and originally, she did not intend to dance at all but just so happen, the two people were important clients and as such unavoidable. But this man in front of her, aside from his looks, she saw him dancing with Lu Anran just now, so she is quite curious about who he was.

“Me? I’m the designer of this gown you are wearing right now!” Jing Xiangen said with a sly smile. “Perhaps Miss Lu would give me the honour to have this dance with me?”

“Okay…” Obviously it is impossible to refuse his invitation and the moment Lu Anxin was aware of his identity, her face which originally held a blush of red, turned white immediately.

“Hur Hur….” Jing Xiangen laughed and gently held Lu Anxin’s hand as he led her towards the dance floor.

“…..” With Lu Anxin’s every step, she could feel her feet wobble and her heart was full of thoughts. On one hand, she was praying that this person does not know that this gown was originally ordered by Lu Anran, and on the other hand, she was cursing Lu Anran.

Upon entering the dance floor, Jing Xiangen said softly, “I extended this invitation to Miss Lu to dance because I saw the gown that you were wearing, I hope Miss Lu would forgive me for being so sudden.”

“Not at all….” Lu Anxin said with a probing tone, “then does Mister knows that I’m the one who ordered this gown?”

“No, I didn’t know.” Disdain flickered through Jing Xiangen eyes, “is Miss Lu satisfied with their gown?”

 “Yes! I’m very satisfied!” After realising that Jing Xiangen has no knowledge of who actually ordered the gown, Lu Anxin gave a sign of relief.

“I’m glad!” The corners of Jing Xiangen’s mouth curled up into a disdainful smirk, “then I wonder, when will Miss Lu pay for the gown?”

“What?” Lu Anxin was stunned at his words, and even her dance steps became messy. As a result, her foot which was encased in an open-toed heel, was stepped on heavily by Jing Xiangen. It was so painful that she almost started crying.

“I’m so sorry!” Jing Xiangen hurriedly supported Lu Anxin’s arm and led her off the dance floor. “Miss Lu, you can sit and rest here!”

“Err…” Lu Anxin did not care about her surroundings but rather stared in confusion at Jing Xiangen.

“Does Miss Lu want to drink anything?” Jing Xiangen asked. “Orange juice is fine right?” Without waiting for Lu Anxin’s reply, Jing Xiangen returned to Lu Anxin with one hand holding a Bloody Mary and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in the other. He passed the juice to Lu Anxin. “Thanks.” Lu Anxin received the juice with a pale face.

“When will Miss Lu pay me for the gown?” Jing Xiangen asked with a touch of ridicule in his eyes.

“How much…is it?” Lu Anxin’s heart was beating loudly like a drum, she was well aware that the price of this gown will definitely be very expensive. She orignially assumed that everything will be fine if she stole it from Lu Anran, who knew that Lu Anran has yet to foot the bill for this gown! How shameless! As expected, she cannot rely on inferior species like Lu Anran!

“Today I had the honor to meet Miss Lu, and we have become friends, so why don’t I give Miss Lu a discount!” Jing Xiangen looked at how Lu Anxin gave out a sigh of relief and said, “two million yuan”.

“How much?!” Lu Anxin was so shocked that she almost bit her tongue, “two million yuan?”

“Yes.” Jing Xiangen, “Miss Lu, would you like to pay by card or cheque?”

“…..” Lu Anxin blanked out for a moment before saying hurriedly, “you shouldn’t be asking me to pay. Ask it from Lu Anran!”

“Haha!” Jing Xiangen gave a hearty laugh, “Miss Lu sure is funny. You are the one wearing the gown, but you are asking me to receive payment from someone else. How can such idea exists?”

“Were you sent over by Lu Anran on purpose?!” Lu Anxin said maliciously while muttering to herself. This Lu Anran sure is nasty as expected. She was the one who said that she will give her the gown for free yet now, this designer was here to demand for payment. She was totally embarrassing her! Dammit!

“Who is Lu Anran?” Jing Xiangen deliberately asked. “Sorry, I just returned from overseas, so I don’t know who Lu Anran is.”

“What are pretending for?” Lu Anxin said, “both of you were dancing together before!”

“Was that the girl I danced with before?” Jing Xiangen put on an enlightened expression and said, “I was not acquainted with the girl. I only saw that she was very beautiful, so I asked her for a dance.”

Seeing how Jing Xiangen did not seem to be lying, Lu Anxin frowned in displeasure.

“Miss Lu, you haven’t said how you are going to pay me!” Jing Xiangen acted gentlemanly and said, “everything can done at Miss Lu’s convenience.”

“I….” How was it possible that Lu Anxin had two million yuan right now?! Biting on her lips, she said, “Go and find Lu Anran, the girl you danced with before, she will pay you!”

“Miss Lu, you are the one wearing the gown, so it makes no sense for me to ask someone else to pay for it. Miss Lu, am I right?” Jing Xiangen frowned and the volume of his voice also increased exponentially, “could it be that Miss Lu is not planning to pay after receiving the gown?”

Following Jing Xiangen’s words, the surrounding people looked over and started to gossip and point at Lu Anxin who was sitting on a chair.

“You! What nonsense are you saying?!” Lu Anxin expression turned impatient, “Give me three days! After three days I will send someone to your shop with the money!” After saying that, she reinforced her words like a fightercock, “I’m a young miss of the Lu Family. How is it possible that I can’t pay a miserly two million yuan?”

“Then, I shall be waiting to welcome Miss Lu’s grand entrance!” Jing Xiangen said, and with a demonic smile, he added, “Oh right, today as a representative of the Long Corporation, I wish Miss Lu an enjoyable evening!”

“You are?” Lu Anxin was stunned. Someone who could so casually represent the Long Corporation definitely could not be underestimated.

“I have yet to introduce myself!” Jing Xiangen gave her a professional charming smile and said, “I am the general manager of S City Long Corporation Shopping Mall, Jing Xiangen. Of course, fashion designing is my hobby, if three days later, Miss Lu has yet to settle your debt with my shop, I will personally pay a visit to Miss Lu’s home with my identity as the general manager of S City’s Long Corporation Shopping Mall!

Gazing at that smile, Lu Anxin was totally stunned and her face instantly turned pale…..

T/N Jing Xiangen reminds me of Redd from Animal Crossing. A sly cunning fox! Gosh! He dug such a big hole for her to jump into!!


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