Rebirth: Chapter 99

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When Lu Anran was almost home, it started drizzling. Lu Anhu held up the umbrella in one hand and Lu Anran’s military training uniform in the other and it both of them entered the house talking happily together.

The moment Lu Anran entered her home, she immediately saw Lu Anxin seated next to Ji Rou chatting merrily.

“Anran, you’re home! ” Lu Anxin observed Lu Anran’s clothes and a thick wave of envy filled her heart. Even though she tried very hard to hid it, the best she could do was to give Lu Anran a forceful smile.

“En.” Seeing Lu Anxin sitting there, Lu Anran’s mood also turned sour and inwardly made guesses about Lu Anxin’s intentions here.

“This evening gown is so beautiful!” Ji Rou said, stunned. ” Is this from the same boutique as last time?”

“Yes.” Lu Anran nodded her head. “Mum, next time if you need any gowns, just go to this boutique, it is indeed exceptionally beautiful!” Lu Anran twirled around on the spot, and in that moment she was a manifestation of a mysterious enchantress, captivating everyone’s attention in the room, concealing all sort of emotions filling the room.

“When is the party?” Seeing his favourite granddaughter, Li Jianhao was also all smiles.

“Day after at 7 PM.” Lu Anran replied. “I was thinking of asking Brother Lu Ming to come with me.”

“OK. Just let your Second Uncle’s family know tomorrow.” Lu Jianhao nodded. “Anran, come and sit with Grandpa.”

Lu Anran went over to sit next to Lu Jianhao. She was still wearing her evening gown so she cannot casually sit as usual. “Grandpa, what’s wrong?”

“Grandpa has to go abroad tonight.” Lu Jianhao explained. “If you encounter any problems, you can discuss it with your mother and Third Uncle.” As soon as Lu Jianhao spoke, Lu Anxin’s expression changed.

“OK.” Lu Anran nodded. “Grandpa, is there anything wrong?”

“Lu Bo’s operation was very successful but Dr. Steven said that his mental state is not very good, which will affect his post-op recovery.” Ji Rou sighed.

“Don’t worry Grandpa!” Lu Anran grinned.

“I will also take care of Auntie and Anran.” Lin Haosheng who sat at the other end of the sofa, spoke.

Lu Anran rolled her eyes mentally after hearing Lin Haosheng’s words. She would be grateful if he did not make trouble for her.

“As long as you are all fine at home!” Lu Jianhao patted Lu Anran’s head.

“Old Master, it’s time to go to the airport.” Old Du who usually chauffeured Lu Jianhao around, said.

“Alright.” Lu Jianhao stood up. Ji Rou and Lu Anran supported him on each arm until Lu Jianhao was in the car. After silently sending the car off with their gaze, Lu Anran sighed lightly. She sincerely hopes that Lu Bo could recover as soon as possible.

Seeing her daughter sigh, Ji Rou placed her hand around Lu Anran’s shoulders, “Anran, behave.”

“Mhm.” Lu Anran buried her face into Ji Rou’s embrace and said, “Mom, I want to sleep with you tonight.”

“OK.” Ji Rou’s loving gaze deeply pierced Lu Anxin’s heart.

She yearned for the warmth of a family so badly. She was labeled as a stepping stone as soon as she arrived in this world. All her efforts were only because she was a daughter? Lu Anxin’s eyes turned bleak and hopeless. Lu Anran…. Everything was Lu Anran’s fault. If only Lu Anran didn’t exist. If only Ji Rou was her mother. Thinking of Long Yuxing, Lu Anxin’s heart ached even more. Tomorrow was Lu Corporation’s dance party, yet she did not have a single decent evening gown. The dress that Lu Anran was wearing today made her inevitably jealous. Lu Junan’s money was only for that woman who lived in the city centre. She did ask Lu Junan for money to buy an evening gown today. However, not only did he rejected her request, he even scolded her for not being able to successfully obtain Long Yuxing’s heart etc….. How should she tell Lu Junan that Long Yuxing has no interest in her, that the person he loves was actually Lu Anran? She can’t say it. If she say it, she will completely become that family’s stepping stone!

Definitely not! Long Yuxing was the only bargaining chip for her to free herself. She must not let Lu Anran snatch away Long Yuxing! Gritting her teeth, Lu Anxin clenched her fist with hatred and determination in her eyes.

The night has fallen. After Lu Anran finished her homework, she left the bedroom with her pillow in her arms. She gently knocked on Ji Rou’s door, “Mum!”

Ji Rou said softly, “Come on in.”

Ku Anran opened the door and popped her head in. Seeing that Ji Rou was already lying in bed, she entered the room smilingly, bouncing her way to Ji Rou’s side. Ji Rou’s mattress was the very soft and thick Simmons that had very good springs. Lu Anran had wanted to do for the longest time.

“Goodness me!” Ji Rou had a fright. After that, she smacked Lu Anran’s palm. “So old already! Yet still so mischievous!”

“Hehe….” Lu Anran buried herself into the blanket and hugging Ji Rou tightly in her embrace like a koala, “Mom…..”

“Hm?” Hugging her daughter, Ji Rou’s smiled blissfully.

“Mum….” Lu Anran called out again.

“Hm?” Ji Rou replied once more.

“Mum, Mum, Mum!” Lu Anran called out repeatedly, deeply inhaling the light scent of Ji Rou’s shoulders. Her heart felt incredibly settled. No matter how tiring or difficult it is, she would never complain. She was willing to take up everything by herself only because when she is tired, there was someone with such a warm embrace waiting for her. At anytime she needed it….

“This child, what’s wrong?” Ji Rou asked.

“Nothing.” Lu Anran lifted her head and asked, “Mom, it seems like you have never mentioned Granny and Grampy.” In Lu Anran’s memory of two lifetimes, she had no impression of her Grampy and Granny. Both of them did not even show up for Ji Rou’s funeral in her previous lifetime.

“Uh…..” She never expected Lu Anran to ask about this. Ji Rou was stunned. “Your Grampy and Granny…..”

“Hm?” Lu Anran looked curiously at Ji Rou and gazed at her, ” Mum, tell me!”

“Alright….” Ji Rou said, ” You also know, Brother Hao is your Grandpa’s eldest son, but you are a lot younger than your uncle’s children. This is because Brother Hao is older than me by 12 years so when he was pursuing me, your uncles were already married. Due to the age difference, your Grampy and Granny opposed to the match very strongly. After I married Brother Hao, your Grampy and Granny broke off all ties with me and even moved houses…” Ji Rou’s eyes were full of grief.

12 years… That is one generation ah! A whole generation of age gap. Lu Anran could not help but to give a thumbs up to her father whose face she cannot remember. “How did you and Dad meet?”

“From work!” Ji Rou answered, “I just returned from abroad and was working as a Creative Director in an advertising company. Your father was our client.”

“Wow!” Lu Anran said, “Then, how did Dad pursue you?”

“With flowers and chocolates.” Ji Rou replied, “He would send me a huge Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet everyday.”

“Wow…..” Lu Anran could not help chewing her lips. With this comparison, those who send just flowers are really low in sincerity! To capture a woman’s heart, one must first satisfy her sweet tooth!

Ji Rou recalled the past and could not help shaking her head helplessly, “I gained 20 pounds after being with Brother Hao for 3 months! In the end, Brother Hao told me that this was a plot to kill off other men’s vile thoughts in the cradle.”

Lu Anran could not help laughing. It was indeed a good plan.

“After that, when the company’s physical examination detected that I had relatively high blood sugar level, it suddenly dawned on him that he was wrong and felt remorseful.” Ji Rou shook her head, smiling helplessly.

“What happened after that? Did he stop sending you chocolates?” Lu Anran asked, “What else did he send you?”

“Medicinal cuisines.” Ji Rou said exasperatedly, “At that time, even my hiccups had the smell of the herbal medicine. Even my perfume could not mask it!”

“HAHAHA!” Lu Anran started bending over chortling with laughter. It was only after a long while that she managed to straighten her back and said, “Mom, if you don’t like it, you can choose not to eat it ah!”

“Why won’t I like it?” Ji Rou’s gaze became gentler, “As long as it is from him, I like them all.”

“….” Seeing Ji Rou’s intoxicated soft gaze, Lu Anran was dazed. Such happy and gentle smile only appears whenever Mom talks about Dad. This was the exclusive expression that only belonged to Dad. From this expression, Lu Anran could imagine just how much her parents loved each other….

“Anran, you will also meet such a person in the future. His every action may be clumsy or immature. He may be a taciturn person but his entire heart may be filled with you. That kind of love is really deeper than the ocean. He will use his own method to protect you.”

“Mom….” Lu Anran buried her face in Ji Rou’s embrace, “I’m tired.” Love and whatnot, she already did not dare to believe in it…. All she wants to do is to protect her mother and Lu Corporation well… That’s all.

“Sleep.” Ji Rou turned around to switch the room’s light off, “Goodnight darling.”

“Goodnight Mom….” Lu Anran murmured sweetly as she entered dreamland.

Ji Rou gently kissed Lu Anran’s forehead, subconsciously questioning in her heart, “Anran, Anran, when can we have a truly peaceful family life, true to your namesake….”

At this time, in Lu Anran’s own room, the room door gently opened and was quickly shut. A figure was searching through Lu Anran’s room using the flashlight from her phone. After finding the evening gown that Lu Anran picked up today, this figure was visibly relieved. As she was taking away the gown and accompanying items, she came across a closed folder on the desk. After thinking for a bit, she switched on the desk lamp and began photographing every page of the document. This document was a detailed illustration of the renovation for the new store.

The mirror on the desk reflected the person’s face. A face full of resentment – Lu Anxin!

After all the pages were photographed, Lu Anxin left Lu Anran’s room. At the corner of the corridor, Lin Haosheng stood at the stairs, watching all of Lu Anxin’s actions.

He originally wanted to get a drink of water from downstairs. Never would he have thought he would chance upon such an interesting scene. How interesting…..


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