Rebirth: Chapter 98

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After school, Lu Anran went to the boutique that she went previously. She was very satisfied with the dress she had the last time, so she chose this boutique again. Allegedly, the revenue and popularity of this boutique increased by several fold as an after- effect of Lu Anran’s advertising. This time, she was going to try on the dress she ordered by phone one week ago.

The shop assistant recognised Lu Anran immediately and put on a pleasant smile. “Miss Lu, you are here!”

“I’m here to try on the dress I have previously ordered.” Lu Anran replied.

“Just a moment.” The shop assistant signalled towards Lu Anhu who nodded and went to sit at the reception area. Another shop assistant immediately served him a cup of hot tea and was politely thanked by Lu Anhu.

Lu Anran changed out of her military clothes into the new formal dress. The formal dress this time was different to the previous one. It was mainly red, with gorgeous colours and the design was fresh and bold. Roses were most likely used as the main theme of the dress. Although the front of the dress was round-neck, the back was a deep V that extended from the back of the neck to half of the back. A third of the entire back was exposed.

Lu Anran twirled once in front of the mirror. The beautiful layered skirt lifted as she twirled. It was only when Lu Anran moved that the black silk skirt at the bottom of the dress would appear. It had a hint of mysterious playfulness, and was graceful and pretty. The two laser-cut flower patterns at the waist of the dress made Lu Anran’s waist looked even more slender. After twirling in front of the mirror several times, one had a feeling of freedom.

It was a style that Lu Anran had never worn before, yet she was able to carry it easily.

The matching shoes was a pair of black high heels. The heel was 7 cm high with a three dimensional black rose design on the vamp, the heel had rose engravings and a black ribbon adorned at the ankles. Even though it was buckle style, a sole bow covered the metal buckle, the craftsmanship was ingenious and extremely cute.

Pushing open the door of the fitting room, Lu Anran stood in front of Lu Anhu and twirled around once, “How is it?”

“Uh….” Lu Anhu flushed. It was the first time he was seeing Lu Anran wearing this kind of style of clothing, “Although it is an evening gown, I think… don’t you think it is too….”

“Bold?” Lu Anran helped Lu Anhu to find the word that he felt too embarrassed to mention. She personally thought it was alright. After all, she had worn before an evening dress that was even bolder than this. However, she was only fifteen years old right now and to wear the this kind of dress at this age was indeed a little strange. Lu Anran gazed at shop assistant who also looked as though he was pondering deeply.

Before Lu Anran could say anything, the shop assistant clapped and said, “Please wait a moment!” After that, the shop assistant jogged to the second floor, returning with a black coat with similar rose design as the dress. The coat was short with only one clasp in the front of the chest. The clasp mimicked the ancient Chinese style with detailed traditional embroidery.

When Lu Anran wore the coat, the length of the coat reached the middle of her back. The dress and coat matched in both theme and colours. One could not see that the coat was added as an after-thought. The half- translucent coat was made of a layer of gauze, making the wearer even more mysterious and alluring. Coincidentally, the coat also matched her shoes. After looking into the mirror once more, Lu Anran nodded with satisfaction.

Lu Anhu also echoed her nod, “This is much better!”

“How much is it?” Lu Anran asked.

“FREE!” The one who answered was not the shop assistant but a man in his early twenties who came down the stairs. He was about 180 cm tall and was slim. He wore a black suit with a white shirt and black bow tie. He looked very formal. He had black hair like an Asian but his features were Eurasian. His green eyes were extremely beautiful, “If Miss Lu is willing to dance once with me at the party this weekend, I’ll give this dress to Miss Lu for free.”

Lu Anran stared at the man puzzledly.

“Miss Lu, this is our boss. He is also the one who designed this dress.” Seeing Lu Anran’s confusion, the shop assistant immediately spoke up, “The boss was also the one who selected this coat.”

Lu Anran’s gaze changed from confusion to clarity. “Oh…” She has always valued talented people. “It is my honour.”

“Miss Lu must be joking. It is my honour to have Miss Lu to dance with me!” He gently took Lu Anran’s right hand and gently planted a kiss on the back of it. “I am Jing Xiang En. My father is Chinese, my mother is Italian.”

“Hello Mr Jing.” Lu Anran gently pulled her hand back and gave him a smile.

“Miss Lu, can I give you a lift this weekend?” Jing Xiangen asked.

“I prefer to use my own car.” Lu Anran rejected.

“Then how about you come and pick me up?” Jing Xiangen smiled.

“….” Lu Anran did not expect him to say this, so she awkwardly agreed, “OK.” After all, this was the second set of formal dress he gifted her. Giving a lift was nothing!

“Then I’ll await for your chariot at this shop!” Jing Xiangen smiled and said.

“I’ll leave first.” Lu Anran smiled, taking the paper bag from the shop assistant. The paper bag contained her military uniform.

“Bye Miss Lu.” Jing Xiangen replied smilingly.

Lu Anhu took the paper bag from Lu Anran naturally. He then pushed open the door for Lu Anran before closing it after him. In that instance, he gazed at Jing Xiangen deeply.

Jing Xiangen nodded lightly at Lu Anhu with a grin. Yet, there was no hint of friendliness in his gaze. When Lu Anhu left, the grin he had on his face disappeared immediately. Looking at the silhouettes of the two people, Jing Xiangen suddenly said in a loud voice, “Young Master Long, the person by your wife’s side is not simple!”

A man wearing a tailored fit tuxedo, slowly descended down the stairs. “Oh?”

“His boxing skills are comparable to mine and the aura around him is heavy. People who have never struggled with death before would not have this sort of gaze.” Jing Xiangen was very interested. “He was still so young as well…. Interesting!”

“Really?” Long Yuxing was obviously unaffected by Jing Xiangen’s words. He had already investigated the people around Lu Anran. He already knew the identity of Lu Anhu and his brother, Lu Anwei.

“Hey.” Jing Xiangen stretched out his hand in front of Long Yuxing, “Pay up.”

“Pay what?” Long Yuxing straightened his collar in front of mirror that Lu Anran had used previously. “Didn’t I already pay for this suit?”

“You haven’t paid for your wife’s dress.” Jing Xiangen replied, “Shouldn’t you pay up on behalf of your wife?”

“Didn’t you say it was free?” Long Yuxing glanced at Jing Xiangen.

“I was telling your wife that it was free, not you!” Jing Xiangen expressed his grievance. “My small business cannot be compared to your Long Corporation, the leading enterprise in Country Z. Everyday, we can only make small sales conscientiously. Every needle and thread cost money!” After spewing his grievances, he even gestured to the secretly snickering shop assistant, “All the staffs are also depending on me for their next meal ah!”

“Hng.” Long Yuxing flickered his gaze up and down at Jing Xiangen. “These words are more effective on ghosts.” Telling him that he was poor? Even ghosts may not believe him. “I’m leaving.” After saying that, he pushed open the door to leave, not wanting to have any further interaction with this unscrupulous businessman.

“The princess of Lu Corporation danced romantically with a masked man at Long Corporation’s party….” Jing Xiangen said smugly while looking at his manicured nails. “Say, would Lu Anran be interested in knowing who was the masked man that night…? If I tell her, there is a “gentleman” who went back to high school to do some “indescribable” things to her even though he clearly already have a degree from MIT. What do you think she would think ah?”

After hearing Jing Xiangen’s words, Long Yuxing’s hand at the door paused. He then continued to open the door and said, “Give the bill to Ah Lin.”

“Thank you Lord for your generous reward~!” Jing Xiangen exaggeratedly mimicked a clown’s curtain call on the stage to thank Long Yuxing.

It started to drizzle as soon as Long Yuxing walked out of the door. Ah Lin immediately came over with an umbrella to shield Long Yuxing to the car. “Young Master, please get on the car.”

“Mhm.” After Long Yuxing got on the car, he looked out of the window. Raindrops trickled down the window. Bit by bit, flowingly and lightly.

The sky begun to darken and the street lights flickered on. The car was driving through on a straight road and the buildings on both sides of the road were flying in the opposite direction. Long Yuxing recalled the interactions he had with Lu Anran after returning to S City for the very first time. The corner of his eyes had a little smile and tenderness. He still had to hide his identity from Lu Anran at the party tomorrow but the mask trick had already been used once. What should he use next?

He also could not miss the party as it was to celebrate the completion of Long Corporation’s shopping mall….. Long Yuxing massaged his temples in pain. He have not slept for the past 2 days. As the completion of the project drew near, he got even busier. He had to personally check all the accounts and transactions. As expected, the old fuddies in Capital would not make things easy for him. Just this afternoon, he had personally audited more than 1400 transactions, and found as many as a hundred flaws financially, amounting to nearly 3 billion yuan! He really can’t slack off for a moment ah!

“Young Master, please take a nap! I’ll call you as soon as we reach home.” Ah Lin who had witnessed all of Long Yuxing’s efforts, felt very distressed.

“No, don’t go home.” Long Yuxing closed his eyes and said. “Go to the Feng’s. I have something to discuss with Feng Lixing.” He should really rest a while.

“Roger.” Ah Lin replied.


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