Rebirth: Chapter 88 (Part 2)

Chapter 88: (Part 2)

Lu Jianhao remained silent, as though he was thinking about something.

The other people at the table looked at each other awkwardly. Gazing at Lu Anran, Ji Ling signalled to her nervously, it’s better not to fuss over things like that, it’s not good if Grandpa Lu gets angry!

Xue Dingan was also from a wealthy family, and understood the subtle nuances behind the actions of some people. As he played with his food, he looked around observing the facial expressions of the people around the table. Since he was an outsider, he was not in the position to say anything. As such, he simply sat there watching the scene playing out in front of him.

Lin Haosheng could not sit still anymore, even though he felt like he could remain at stand-still with Lu Anran a little while more, but he still stood up from Lu Junhao’s seat, which Lu Anran usually sits on, and moved to sit on the place that he left for Lu Anran. He then turned to give Lu Anran a slight smile. As her “brother” he should behave gentlemanly to her on the surface and ought to give way to her. Furthermore, he also wanted to gauge the importance of Lu Anran in Lu Jianhao’s heart, after all, her actions just now were very disrespectful! However, Lu Jianhao’s reaction made Lin Haosheng’s heart sank.

After Lu Anran sat down, Lu Jianhao did not say anything and continued to eat his meal as if nothing just happened.

When everyone saw Lu Jianhao’s reaction, they also followed suit and acted as if nothing happened and continued to eat, chat and make fun of Xue Dingan.

Lin Haosheng also followed and ate his dinner, but everything was so tasteless as though he was chewing on wax. Seems like Lu Anran’s position in the Lu Corporation cannot be underestimated, especially even more so in Lu Jianhao’s heart! Looks like he would have to plan very carefully. At this point, Lin Haosheng thought of Chu Yao and suppressed his feeling of disgust. In reality, he hated all these kinds of women who constantly tried to get close to seduce him! But he could not deny that she was still useful!

In Lu Jianhao’s heart, Lu Anran must be the apple of his eye in the whole of Lu Corporation. He heard from Chu Wanhai that Lu Anran became very outstanding since Lu Jianhao’s birthday, and since he was aiming to take over Lu Anran’s position, then he would have to show Lu Jianhao that Lu Anran was not as outstanding as he thinks….The best place to start from must be from her school….Lin Haosheng started planning and spark of satisfaction flashed through his eyes. Lu Anran, I look forward to seeing how long you can continue to act in this manner? Everything that belongs to him, he will definitely snatch it back! To heaven, this he swears!

At this dinner, not only Lin Haosheng felt contorted on the inside, Lu Anran also felt very unhappy. To be eating at the same table as Lin Haosheng, makes it very difficult for her to feel happy ah! What happened just now should be counted as their first official battle! She won because of Lu Jianhao’s love for her, but deep down, she knew that Lin Haosheng would not give up just like that! If it was not because she was busy settling the follow-up stuff for her new shop, she would not be using Lu Jianhao as a mean to resist against him!

After dinner, everyone sat at the sofa to chat to one another. Lu Jianhao who probably felt what happened at the dinner table just now was unfair to Lin Haosheng, so he took the initiative to ask Lin Haosheng a few questions. “Have you chosen which school to transfer to?”

“Yes, I will be going to the school to complete the enrolment papers tomorrow.” Lin Haosheng replied with a slight smile. “I chose S University.”

“The first semester for S University has already started a week ago ah!” said Ji Ling.

“I applied for leave.” Lin Haosheng replied smilingly. “There were some issues overseas, so I was a little late coming back.”

“It’s good that you are back!” Ji Ling looked towards Lin Haosheng and started recalling the past.

“Auntie, don’t worry. Now that I am back, this time I will take care of you and Anran!” Lin Haosheng’s appearance was full of seriousness, as he attempted to express his filial piety.

“I think it’s good enough for Grandpa to look after us. Is older brother Haosheng insinuating that Grandpa is not doing a good job?” Lu Anran asked in an innocent manner, but her words were full of thorns and venom.

“That’s not what I meant!” Lin Haosheng explained, “I just don’t want you to misunderstand anything. My main purpose of coming back is to protect you and Aunty, not to fight for the inheritance!” Lin Haosheng’s simple explanation casted Lu Anran into the light as though her previous behaviour towards him was too childish.

“Then I must have wronged you!” Lu Anran smiled superficially. She could not say anything more, after all she has to be cautious around Lin Haosheng. If she forced him into a corner and he lashed out, her family members might get hurt.

“As long as you’re aware!” Lin Haosheng looked directly into Lu Anran’s eyes. Seeing her indifference, he also silently drew his own judgements. It seems like in this Lu Residence, he would have to put some plans into motion to quickly get rid of Lu Anran’s doubts! After all, his final goal is to marry Lu Anran and gain control of the Lu Corporation through her!

“Both of you should support each other, in this way I will be able to feel more at ease!” Seeing how the both of them were getting along so well with each other, Lu Jianhao also felt relieved. As he gazed at the pair of them, an intention to bind the pair together sprouted in Lu Jianhao’s mind. After all, Lu Anran is the heir to Lu Corporation, rather than her marry out to someone else, he hoped that Lu Anran would be able to attract and marry a worthy son-in-law. Lin Haosheng was a young and talented man and he was also the adopted son of Lu Corporation. As such, at this moment, he was the best candidate to be Lu family’s son-in-law.


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