Rebirth: Chapter 88 (Part 1)

Chapter 88: (Part 1)

When Lu Anran returned to her bedroom, she removed her military outfit, took a shower and dressed in a casual outfit. Opening the door to walk out, she caught the sight of Lu Anhu leaning on the wall opposite her bedroom door with crossed arms.

“Are you planning to peek?” Lu Anran could not help but teased him.

“I want to ask you something.” At this moment, Lu Anhu has also changed into casual clothes as well.

“Come in and talk.” Lu Anran moved aside to allow Lu Anhu to enter.

“Mm.” Walking past Lu Anran, he naturally took a seat on her soft bed. “Let’s talk about what happened today!”

“You’re too relaxed! This is a girl’s bed you know! You should have more self-awareness!” Lu Anran spread out her hands in resignation and turned to close her bedroom door.

“Stop trying to change the topic!” Lu Anhu rolled his eyes at Lu Anran, “you haven’t explained anything to me yet! What’s going with that brother of yours who suddenly popped out of nowhere!”

“I don’t know either!” Lu Anran rolled her eyes at Lu Anhu, “Anyway, I don’t like him!”

“I don’t either!” Lu Anhu stretched out his hands, “High five!” The two of them slapped their hands together in harmony. “Since we are on this topic…. Your behaviour today towards him was also strange!”

“It’s not that my behaviour was strange!” Lu Anran leaned onto her table, “but the appearance of that Lin Haosheng is too suspicious! Do you remember what you have gathered from Chu Yao today? To conclude, doesn’t it all boils down to this Lin Haosheng?”

“Are you saying that…. Lin Haosheng is that Edmond?” Lu Anhu asked with a frown on his face.

“Edmond Dantes.” Lu Anran’s mouth turned up into a disdainful smirk. Isn’t this name a manifestation of his motive when he returned? In her previous lifetime, she didn’t understand why Lin Haosheng wanted to give himself a foreign name, Edmond. Wasn’t it just as good to have a name such as Tony, Frank or Sammy? But now, she totally understands why! It was because of what the name ‘Edmond Dantes’ signified!

“The Count of Monte Cristo?” Lu Anhu frowned. “The avenger who punished those who wronged him and rewarded those that treated him well?””

“Hmpf! He’s probably just an avenger!” Lu Anran smiled grimly.

“Revenge? What revenge? Isn’t he just Eldest Uncle’s (Lu Anran’s father) and Eldest Auntie’s (Lu Anran’s mother) adopted son?” Lu Anhu asked in puzzlement.

“He’s the adopted son!” Lu Anran silently said the other part of her answer in her heart silently, “whose heart is full of wicked ambitions.”

“In a nutshell, he’s another troublesome fellow to deal with!” Lu Anhu said, “I will do my best to make sure he can’t get close to you!”

“Thanks!” Lu Anran placed her hand on Lu Anhu shoulder, “Let’s go! It’s dinner time!”

“Ok!” Lu Anhu was always full of enthusiasm for anything concerning eating! As long as it was not Lu Anran’s torturous method of eating like that day, when it came to eating, he was still a foodie!

The two of them walked down to the dining room together and could hear Xue Dingan’s happy laughter resounding with the Lu family members. Within the laughter, a familiar voice intermingled.

“Stop laughing ah! I’m being serious! It’s scary to even think of it! The moment I reached home, I was told that I’m going to go on a blind date with that crocodile lady! Crocodile! Anming, do you still remember? It’s that crocodile lady from when we were young! Her mouth was this big and she had sharp teeth! Her eyes also protruded out a little! Do you remember? It was so scary! I don’t want to go on a blind date with her!”

“I remember! I remember! You even bit her!” Lu Anming smacked the table in excitement as he laughed. “She even bit your elbow! And said it was an imprint of her love! HAHAHAHA!”

“How scary! You are still laughing! You have no conscious!” Xue Dingan became angry after seeing his bro laughing so happily. “Oi! If you guys continue to laugh at me, I’m going to fight with you!”

“Ok,ok….HAHA ok, I, HAHA…I will stop laughing!” Lu Anming also wanted to stop laughing, but whenever he remembered that scene, he really cannot help laughing out loud.

“What’re you guys laughing about!” Lu Anran interrupted them, “Big brother Xue, what kind of unlucky event did you experience ah? Tell me and let me have a good laugh too!”

“Anran! You!” Xue Dingan’s expression was like a daughter-in-law who was full of grievances.

“Pfft! HAHAHA!” Everyone laughed out loud again when they heard Lu Anran’s words.

But Lu Anran was not able to join them. As she walked towards her usual spot at the table, the seat that she usually sat on that was originally hers, was now occupied by Lin Haosheng. In her previous lifetime, this happened as well, only that she did not feel like there was anything wrong with it. According to seniority, since Lin Haosheng was the official adopted son, it meant that he was her older brother and technically, there was nothing wrong with him sitting there. However, it was different right now! She would never give way to Lin Haosheng and let him have a chance succeed ever again. As such, she silently stood unmoving like a statue at the table corner, a space between Lin Haosheng and Lu Jianhao.

Everyone gradually grew quiet at Lu Anran’s actions. Everyone knew that Lu Jianhao prioritised seniority at the table. This was also the issue that Lu Junan often broods on. Even though Lu Junhao had already disappeared for such a long time, his seat at the dining table has always remained unoccupied; and it was only when Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu etc. came on the first day that Ji Ling sat at that seat, but other than that, it has always remained empty. So, it can be said that Lu Anran’s action right now has overstepped the invisible boundaries set by Lu Jianhao!


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  1. Count of Monte Christo explains some of the issues with LHS. Where does he get off thinking that he belongs in the hierarchy.


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