Chapter 87 (Part 2)

Chapter 87 (Part 2)

“Oh?” Lu Anran lifted her eyebrows, “so it’s like this ah!”

“Yes!” Lin Haosheng smiled and said, “I can also help you with your homework.”

“I already have Teacher Qin.” Lu Anran rejected immediately. “You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Uh…” After being cleanly rejected once more, even if Lin Haosheng was an idiot, he could sense Lu Anran’s hostility towards him. Yet, he pretended to push his glasses up and changed the topic, “I just heard from Auntie that your life is quite tough now, from starting first year in First High to opening a shop. If you need help, feel free to tell me anytime, I can….”

“No need!” Lu Anran flatly refused once more. “Haven’t I make myself very clear on this ‘helping’ matter?”

“That….” Ji Rou could also sense the aggression in Lu Anran’s tone and said, “Anran, your bro Haosheng was just being kind ah!”

“Really?” Lu Anran was also aware that her tone was rather aggressive, so she took a deep breath before replying, “I thought I was already quite clear about my stance on this matter!”

“Anran, today you….” Lu Jianhao placed down his tea cup and looked towards Lu Anran, “Did something happen at school?” Lu Anran’s behaviour was a little strange today.

“Nothing happened but the situation now is a little hard for me to accept.” Lu Anran gave the halved orange in her right hand to Lu Jianhao. “Grandpa, half each.”

Feeling touched, Lu Jianhao took the halved orange and gazed at her affectionately, “Why is it hard to accept?”

“From young, I thought I only had Mum. After that, Grandpa said he would protect the both of us, so I know not only do I have Mum, I also have Grandpa…. But all of a sudden, some brother pops up….” Lu Anran lowered her head, fresh tears brimming her eyes, “As though, he was going to snatch away Mum and Grandpa….”

“Silly child!” Ji Rou heartachingly pulled Lu Anran into her embrace. Ever since they moved into the Lu Residence, Lu Anran had been so mature and reliable that they have almost forgotten that Lu Anran was only a 15 year old child who has her own insecurities and worries….

“Nonsense!” Lu Jianhao wanted to adopt a stern manner but he could not help feeling sorry for his granddaughter. Stretching out his hand, he stroked Lu Anran’s head, “Your brother will only dote on you like us. How can he snatch away the love we have for you? No one can take away the love Grandpa has for you!”

“Really?” Lu Anran slowly lifted up her head, only revealing the upper half of her face against Ji Rou’s shoulders. Her slightly red eyes that were covered with a layer of tears made her look innocent and pitiful.

“Of course! Silly child!” Ji Rou wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes and said comfortingly, “You are Mummy’s treasure! No one can replace your position in my heart!”

“Mm!” Lu Anran tilted her head and smiled. Although the tears in her eyes have not dried, the corners of her mouth contained a smile but she looked as though she still had her worries. Such an appearance of a little girl aroused stronger protective instincts that Ji Rou and Lu Jianhao had towards the younger generations.

Seeing Lu Anran’s behaviour, Lin Haosheng’s heart sank! The purpose of his return this time was to replace Lu Anran’s position in the Lu family! He had received alot of news about Lu Anran from Chu Wanhai. Of course, the newest 100th branch store in Xin Dong has stirred his interest, but that was just mediocre compared to the entire Lu Enterprise. How can the soul of his deceased mother in heaven be comforted, if he is unable to acquire Lu Corporation and change its name to Lin?

Lu Anran turned her head and noticed the sinister expression on Lin Haosheng’s face. Her heart clenched. This must be the real Lin Haosheng! This sinister expression was probably the true feelings of Lin Haosheng!

After seeing the true face of Lin Haosheng once more, it felt as though something was lifted from Lu Anran’s heart. At the same time, everything felt a little ridiculous… She actually loved this kind of guy in her previous lifetime?

The person at the scene who was most familiar with Lu Anran ought to be Lu Anhu! He could clearly see that Lu Anran was acting and noticed Lu Anran’s apparent animosity towards her brother. He frowned and decided that it was best to ask her later. Moreover, there was something odd about this Lin Haosheng… and it is making him very uneasy.

“Auntie~ Grandpa Lu~ Let me lie low here!” At this time, the door opened again as Xue Dingan walk in, carrying a travel bag. “My parents are forcing me to go on blind dates! SOS! SOS! My father would most certainly go over to Lu Mingan to catch me so I’ll hide over here for a few days ok? I’m begging you!”

Seeing the scene as soon as he walked in, Xue Dingan was stunned for moment, “What… kind of cliché family drama is happening here…..”

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