Chapter 87 (Part 1)

Chapter 87 (Part 1)

The school bell rang signalling the end of the day. This was the last day of the first week of military training and the next two days was the weekend, so everyone seemed to be in extremely high spirits. When everyone returned to the class to pick up their bags, Lu Anran has also sat back in the classroom and was looking out of the window thinking deeply. It was only when Ji Ling patted her on her back that she came back to reality, “Hm?”

“What are you thinking about? School’s over!” Ji Ling carried her own bag and said to Lu Anran, “Let’s go!”

“O orh!” Lu Anran responded a couple of times before she halted her train of thought. She then stood up, packed away her stuff and carried her bag to follow Ji Ling out of the classroom. “Anran!” Qin Shumo called to stopped Anran who was about to walk away. “Don’t forget we are going to the movies tomorrow!”

“Eh?” For a split second, Lu Anran was confused but she immediately nodded when she remembered her promise to Qin Shumo, “OK! Call me whenever!”

“Yep!” Qin Shumo smiled and waved at Lu Anran.

“How nice! You can go to the movies!” Ji Ling tugged on Lu Anran’s arm with a face full of jealousy.

“Let’s go together!” Lu Anran extended an invitation.

“I don’t have time….” Ji Ling said frustratedly. “We are already in our first year of high school.  Can’t skip even one lesson of cram school.”
“Your life sure is sad ah!” Lu Anran shook her head helplessly. As the two of them walk to the school gate, she noticed that Lu Anhu was already waiting there. This was what they have agreed on earlier. Today he followed Chu Yao up until the school gate, and he really discovered something!

“Bye bye~ I’m going to catch the bus!” Ji Ling said, waving goodbye to Lu Anran and Lu Anhu.

“Bye!” The both of them replied and waved back.

Noticing that Lu Anhu was also waving goodbye to her, Ji Ling knew that he was not angry with her previous words and sighed in relief.

“What happened during your shadowing?” Lu Anran and Lu Anhu were walking side by side towards the car and lowered their voices such that only they could hear it. “Chu Yao called that person immediately after school. Her voice was quite soft, but I heard something about going to the Lu Residence…” Lu Anhu felt a little apologetic and said, “The rest wasn’t very clear.”

“This is enough…” Based on this, Lu Anran could guess that there will be an unwelcome guest in the near future!

After getting on the car, the two did not talked anymore and only looked out of the window. Lu Anran caught sight of Long Yuxing and Feng Lixing getting on the neighbouring normal looking car. Seems like she was mistaken, how could Long Yuxing be the masked man from that night….

After the car started, Lu Anran completely dispersed all her thoughts. After all, she still had alot of other troublesome matters that required her attention! Old Zhang drove the car back safely to Lu Residence.
When she entered the house, Lu Anran heard Ji Roy’s laughter and another voice that made Lu Anran stiffened. She did not expect him to appear so quickly and initially thought he will come after a few more days. It was a good thing that Lu Anhu mentioned it previously so she was mentally prepared however, her hands still trembling uncontrollably. It was very difficult to suppress her deep seated fear and resentment for him. The memories of the previous lifetime swirled through her mind like a merry-go-round, and Lu Anran’s lips trembled slightly as she attempted to control herself.

“Anran?” Sensing something was wrong, Lu Anhu reached out and held onto Lu Anran’s hands.

“It’s nothing…”

Feeling the warmth from Lu Anhu’s hands, Lu Anran returned to reality and shook her head at Lu Anhu. She needed to calm down as quickly as possible. If she was afraid right now and right here, how would she be able to face the rest of the upcoming events? After taking several deep breaths, Lu Anran calmed her rapid heartbeat. She then gave Lu Anhu a comforting smile before walking into the living room.

In the living room, Lu Jianfeng sat on the main seat and was sipping his tea with a kind smile on his face. Ji Rou who was next to him, was peeling a mandarin while being amused by the youth who was seated at the side.

Seeing Lu Anran enter the room, she stood up and said, “Anran! Quickly come over! I’ll introduce you to someone!”

“Who is it?” Lu Anran smiled superficially as she walked to Ji Rou’s side to sit down. She then took a wet towel in passing from the maid to wipe her hands before returning it. The maid retreated after receiving the wet towel.

“Hello! I am….” The man seated at the side, greeted Lu Anran.

“Mum! I want an orange!” Without giving any face, she interrupted the man’s introduction while leaning against Ji Rou and acted like a spoiled child.

“OK!” Ji Rou gave the peeled orange in her hand to Lu Anran. “Eat slowly!”

“Mm!” Lu Anran split the orange into half, “That… What were you going to say just now?”

“Uh…” It was very obvious that the expression on the man’s face had turned slightly sour at Lu Anran interruption, but he still gently cleared his throat and said, “I’m Lin Haosheng.”

“So?” Lu Anran tilted her head and asked, “Who are you?”

“I….” Lin Haosheng’s expression worsened.

“Anran, he is your older brother!” Ji Rou smiled and said, “Your father adopted him before you were born!”

“Adopted ah…” Lu Anran dragged on her voice before replying, “Why didn’t I know?”

“Shortly after you were born, your brother Haosheng went abroad to study. He only came back yesterday!” Ji Rou continued, “This time he will be living with us!”

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  1. Let the games begin 😏 you think just because you came back everything’s going your way? Pffft..I have faith in my goddess


  2. Long lost adopted son…hmmm, seems very unlikely. Well he’ll be meeting the Karma bus soon.

    Thank you for the update


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