Chapter 86 (Part 2)

Chapter 86 (Part 2)

“This is my phone number, save it and call me immediately if you meet any trouble!” Long Yuxing’s voice resonated through the phone as well as from beside her.

Lu Anran was quite surprised and after hanging up the phone, she smiled at awkwardly, “hur hur… Senior Long is so warm-hearted…hur hur…”

“…..” Long Yuxing merely gave her a slight smile. She’s the only one whom he’s willing to share his warmth with!

“Does Senior Long still need anything else?” asked Lu Anran.

“There’s still one more thing.” Long Yuxing gazed deeply into Lu Anran’s eyes and decided to tell her his intentions. Even though he was interrupted when he wanted to tell her before, it should be alright this time. That Yue Ningshan will not appear and ruin his chance again!

“What is it?” Lu Anran looked towards Long Yuxing, hoping that he could quickly say it out, so that she could leave and read her books. Right now, there were only two of them in the Activity Room and Lu Anran felt awkward to be there.

Long Yuxing stared at Lu Anran. This was the girl whom he has been yearning for day and night and she was the wife that he has decided to marry from young. Perhaps what he is going to say, would frighten her, but that was not his intention. He only wanted to let her know that, he, Long Yuxing liked Lu Anran and he would be openly pursuing her. He would be her backing in this lifetime, and he would become the person that she believed in the most, and keep her safe from everything! As Long Yuxing thought of all these, he slowly opened his mouth and said, “actually from young, I….”. But just as he opened the conversation, he was interrupted once more.

“Bang” The door was pushed open again and Feng Lixing walked in leisurely. “Hey, dude how come you skipped class?” The next moment, Feng Lixing realised with shock that Lu Anran was in the room as well, as he stood there and met Long Yuxing’s eyes that were filled with rage, “Did…Did I come at the wrong time?”

“……” Long Yuxing felt his anger mounting as seconds went by.

“Not at all!” Lu Anran smiled and nodded politely at him in greeting. “President Feng.”

“Hi~” Feng Lixing greeted Lu Anran and looked towards Long Yuxing again. Looking into Long Yuxing’s eyes, cold shivers ran down his back as he was overcame with terror…He could sense that his end was near….

“Senior Long, what did you wanted to say just now?” Lu Anran looked towards Long Yuxing.

“Nothing much…you can go back now…”Long Yuxing said, suppressing his fury forcefully.

“Then, I shall take my leave first.” Lu Anran had also noticed the tension in the air. She took the weekly record book, turned to walk out of the Activity Room, and before she closed the door, she did not forget to politely say, “Senior Long, and President Feng…Bye Bye….”

“Bye…Bye bye…” Feng Lixing stared at the closing door and cold sweat immediately covered his whole body. “Emm…I’m going off too hah….Bye bye…”. The moment he said that he wanted to scamper off immediately.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” Long Yuxing said coldly.

Feng Lixing’s heart started beating furiously, as he fixed a friendly smile on his face, “Master Long…Is there anything you need ah!”

“We haven’t had a match for quite some time.” Long Yuxing said smiling icily. “After school today, let’s go to Long Taekwondo Hall together.”

“Can…Can I not…” Feng Lixing also knew that he definitely wrecked Long Yuxing’s matter, and it is a huge matter, if not Long Yuxing will not act like this now….But….But since young he has never won against Long Yuxing in Teakwondo ah…He really did not want to be a live beating target for him to hit around ah….

“What do you think?” Long Yuxing glared at him frostily.

“….” Looking at Long Yuxing’s ugly expression, Feng Lixing understood immediately….If he refused to go, his ending would be ten times worse than this….

Long Yuxing rolled his eyes at him in annoyance and looked out of the window at the blue sky.

At the same time, Lu Anhu used the excuse to go toilet, to stealthily sneak back to the classroom. He secretly took out Chu Yao’s handphone from her bag. After replicating Chu Yao’s finger motions from this afternoon to unlock the screen lock pattern and opened her phone messages (SMS), he discovered that everything has been deleted. Lu Anhu frowned. When he checked her phone records, he found that Chu Yao has been chatting with a person called ‘Edmond’. He then replaced Chu Yao’s phone back into her bag and slipped back out of the classroom to return to his assigned troop group in military training. Coincidentally, he bumped into Lu Anran returning from the Activity Room to her classroom.

Lu Anhu and Lu Anran returned to Class D together. Right now, everyone from Class D were participating in military training, and only the two of them were in the empty classroom where Lu Anhu reported his findings to Lu Anran.

“She was reporting my movements?” Lu Anran narrowed her eyes slightly. “Did you see who she was messaging?”

“No, I just checked Chu Yao’s handphone. Her SMS inbox has already been cleared, but I saw a name that appeared very frequently in her phone records, especially these few days, Chu Yao has only been talking this Edmond and the time of call were all at night…”

“Who?” Lu Anran asked in surprise, “Edmond?”

“Yeah!” Lu Anhu did not understand why Lu Anran had such a huge reaction, so he was also surprised.

“E,d,m,o,n,d?” Lu Anran spelled out the alphabet letters of the name, “Edmond?”

“Yes….” Lu Anhu realised that Lu Anran was reacting a little too much as compared to normal, and asked, “Anran, you know this Edmond?”

How was it possible that she doesn’t know? This was the person who personally brought her to the land of happiness and also personally cut off her tongue, how could she not?

“Anran?” Lu Anhu caught the sight of Lu Anran’s eyes filled with monstrous hatred and could not help but tense up with fright.

“…..” Lu Anran laughed grimly in her heart. How unexpected! Lin Haosheng was acquainted with Chu Wanhai and Chu Yao first! This must have happened in her previous lifetime too, as she recalled the time when she naively introduced the two of them to each other…Lu Anran cannot help but feel amused!

“Anran!” Lu Anhu shook Lu Anran’s arm as his fear increased, “Anran don’t frighten me! What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing much…” Lu Anran shook her head, and gazed towards the sky outside the window, “looks like this sky is going to change soon…”

“Hm?” Lu Anhu stared at the clear blue skies outside the window, confused at Lu Anran’s sudden mutterings, and as such could only shake his head in bafflement.

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  1. 😮Uwa! Poor Yuxing! Blocked at every turn just as he was about to confess.😟 That Feng Lixing deserves every blow he’s going to get.😡

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