Chapter 86 (Part 1)

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Chapter 86 (Part 1)

Since they had something on, Lu Anran also could not be bothered to join them. After all she have already asked for an afternoon leave from the instructor, so if she returned to the classroom now, she would still be able to study for the whole afternoon. As such, the intention to leave sprouted in Lu Anran’s heart: “Emm…Can I return to the classroom now?”

“No.” Long Yuxing refused her request and looked towards Yue Ningshan, “is there anything else you need?”

“I want to join in the discussion…after all…” Yue Ningshan’s complexion turned pallid. As she had a disposition of those beautiful people during the ancient times, the Yue Ningshan at this moment led Lu Anran to suddenly have a feeling of wanting to protect and love this weak and delicate beauty in front of her.

“Not necessary.” In reality, Long Yuxing was a little irritated. Why couldn’t he just have a moment of peace to spend to Lu Anran? The atmosphere was great just now! He was about the tell Lu Anran, but in the end his opportunity was ruined when this Yue Ningshan rushed in and interrupted them.

“Then… then I shall leave.” This was the first time Yue Ningshan met someone who treated her like this. With a heart full of grievances, she turned and quickly left the Activity room.

“Err…” Lu Anran felt very awkward standing there, it was very obvious that Long Yuxing intended to merciless and callous in his treatment of Yue Ningshan ah! And it just so happened that she was a witness…

Moving her line of sight back to the weekly record booklet, Lu Anran handed it back to Long Yuxing. On the booklet was beautifully written delicate and elegant handwriting that looked exactly the same as the ones written on the piece of paper given to him at that time. It was written in an orderly, neat and concise manner without any embellishment of the facts. After Long Yuxing finished reading, he gestured at her to come to him.

Lu Anran handed over to him the pen she was using, “here you go.”

Long Yuxing took it and signed his name on the line that indicated ‘Person in charge’ and passed the weekly record booklet back to Lu Anran. “It’s quite well written. Continue on the good work.”

“Thanks.” Lu Anran glanced at Long Yuxing’s signature and a twinkle of surprise unwittingly appeared in her eyes. His handwriting was cursive and looked like calligraphy from the olden days. It was different from Lu Anran’s whose handwriting was more of an everyday regular script. The three characters of his name Long, Yu, Xing were written in a bold and beautiful manner and had perfect dots, lovely curved angles and flawless straight lines. It was often said that one’s handwriting was the reflection of the person and so when someone looks at another person’s handwriting they are able to, to a certain extent, see how the personality of the person was like through their handwriting. Hence, resulting in Long Yuxing leaving with Lu Anran with quite a good impression of him.

“There are still three weeks until the compulsory military training ends and there is a long holiday beginning on October 1st after that. When the holiday ends, there will be a school anniversary event.” said Long Yuxing.

“I….” Lu Anran could not help but remember what happened at the school anniversary in her previous life. At that time, she was the female lead of the stage play. She put so much effort into practicing, and memorising her lines for an entire month…but in the end she was framed by Chu Yao. Not only she did not get to go up the stage but also had a bad reputation for a long time, until she transferred schools….Lu Anran was reluctant to recall those bad memories and was even more reluctant to take part in this event once again. “I will be busy from the 1st October, so I don’t really have any interest in participating in the school anniversary event.” She still have a lot of follow-up work after even after she pushed for a faster completion on the refurbishment of her new shop, so she does not have the time nor the energy to act in whatever stage play the school will be holding.

“It is compulsory that someone from each class takes part.” In response to Lu Anran’s answer, Long Yuxing was not very surprised. Of course he knew that Lu Anran was going to be busy ah! But he still had to pass on the message, “Your class can discuss amongst themselves to see who to send out to join the competition for the female lead. The students who will take part in this competition will be excused from the last week of military training.”

Once he said this, Lu Anran thought of Ji Ling. Doesn’t that girl hate military training? Anyway she was in the group in charge of publicity, so it should be ok for her to join the competition. Lu Anran nodded her head, “I got it.”

“If you meet any issues or unhappy things in school.” Long Yuxing looked into Lu Anran’s eyes, “find me immediately.”

“Hm?” Lu Anran was stupefied, unsure of what Long Yuxing meant by that. Didn’t he say he was very busy before?

Long Yuxing took out his phone and pressed a number that he had engraved into his heart.

At that very moment, Lu Anran’s phone also rang, when she looked at it, it was an unknown number and after giving Long Yuxing an apologetic smile, she slanted her body and picked it up. “Hello? May I know who this is?”


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  1. Yuxing is really good at finding official business to discuss with Anran.🤭 And I like how Anran is focused on her long-term goals and not thinking that this time around, she’ll succeed in performing in the stage play.👍🏽

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