Chapter 85 (Part 2)

Chapter 85 (Part 2)

“Hm?” With her memories interrupted, Lu Anran raised her head to meet Long Yuxing’s eyes. “What?”

“Nothing.” Long Yuxing took back his hand and said, ” Feel free to ask me if there are any parts that you don’t know.”

“It’s fine for now.” Lu Anran replied looking at the booklet. This booklet was pretty straightforward.

“If there are none then finish filling in the form for the first week of the weekly record book.” Long Yuxing continued, “Go and sit at that square table over there. There is a stationary container there as well.”

“OK.” Lu Anran brought the booklet to the square table and took a black pen from the stationary container to start filling in the weekly record book. The first page consisted of the name of class monitor, number of students in the class, the form teacher’s name, the subject he taught etc. Lu Anran filled in each and every one of them and then flipped to the next page to the record for the first week. She considered for a moment before summarising the military training, and wrote in the names of the other class representatives.

Although Lu Anran’s and Qin Shumo’s class monitor positions were randomly selected by Lu Rui, Ji Ling and the other class representatives were chosen by them both. The two of them had also filled out the class committee form and submitted that to Lu Rui yesterday but Lu Rui has no interest in these matters so Lu Anran and Qin Shumo had to figure it out themselves.

After she finish writing the record for the first week, Lu Anran sighed in relief and closed the book. She then handed back the book to Long Yuxing who was seated behind her, with both hands. When she raised her head, she met the beautiful brown pupils of his. His pupils had depth and was solely focused on her with infinite gentleness, as though it wanted to embrace her. Without realising it, she became intoxicated on his gaze. Lu Anran looked at Long Yuxing with a hint of puzzlement. For some reason, Long Yuxing has always given her a familiar feeling, especially his pair of eyes.

The two of them stared at each other. The afternoon sun was particularly bright, and the sky was so blue. The September wind blew through the opened window into the Activity Room. “BANG” The door was flung opened. The two people who was focused only on each other, jolted back to reality and immediately looked in the direction of the door. The girl at the door looked a little angry and flustered.

“Senior Yue?” Lu Anran gazed at Yue Ningshan. Strange. Didn’t she say that she was going back to class? Why was she here again? Could it be something has happened? Lu Anran looked enquiringly at Long Yuxing. However, she saw that Long Yuxing was looking at Yue Ningshan with an extremely upset expression on his face.

“That…” Yue Ningshan felt frantic. “I… I lost my wallet! I came to see if I left it in the Activity Room just now.”

“How does it look like?” Lu Anran asked. She didn’t see any wallet in the Activity Room ah…. She looked around subconsciously and then turned to Yue Ningshan, “What’s inside?” It would be better if there was only little money inside and not important documents such as ID card, and student ID.

“No… Nothing much.” Why would Yue Ningshan lose her wallet that was currently in her bag? It was just that she has been peeking at the two of them from outside the door through the glass window panel. From the time when Long Yuxing placed his hand on Lu Anran’s head, she was already starting to lose her temper and when she saw them gazing into each other’s eyes, she was unable…. to suppress her agitation and rushed in, wanting to end this with a random excuse. “I’ll go elsewhere to find it! Maybe… Maybe it is not here…”

“Orh….” Lu Anran nodded. “Then be quick, Senior Yue!” If she was late in finding it and the wallet was picked up by a person with bad intentions, then it might be quite troublesome.

“Mm.. Mm…” Yue Ningshan nodded embarrassedly. She then gazed vaguely at Long Yuxing, “Have you guys finished talking?”

“We….” Lu Anran’s reply was interrupted by Long Yuxing’s rebuff, “Not yet.”


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