Chapter 85 (Part 1)

Chapter 85 (Part 1)

In the student union activity room, Long Yuxing sat at the square table near the window and looked outside. Today’s sky was really beautiful with its azure colour and fluffy clouds but the air was stuffy and uncomfortable…. When he went to the canteen for lunch with Feng Lixing and Huang Ying today, he had already spotted Lu Anran from afar. Seeing her eating while talking and laughing with the people at the same table, both his heart and mind flew over and Feng Lixing’s teasing faded into the background.

Watching Lu Anran and that male monitor called Qin whatever Shumo exchanging a smile, he felt particularly bitter and before he knew it, his hand was already on her head as though he was possessed by a devil. A strong sense of crisis welled up in him. He knew that if he still did not step forward, something annoying might happen. Lu Anran was the wife that he chose a long time ago. No one should have their eyes on her nor snatch her away!

He decided to express his intention to Lu Anran this afternoon in the student union room. At the very least, he wanted Lu Anran to be aware of his existence. When the door was gently pushed opened, the corner of Long Yuxing’s mouth curled up faintly. The bell for the afternoon class has not rang. Could it be the girl was just as anxious to meet him too? However, after turning around, the smile on Long Yuxing’s face disappeared.

“Anything?” (Long Yuxing)

“Mm.” The girl who came in had waist long hair and graceful facial features. “Class is starting soon. Why are you still here?”

“I took leave.”

Long Yuxing happened to meet his form teacher on the way up the stairs. Since this afternoon was just a self-study session, he simply requested for an entire afternoon’s leave to spend it alone with Lu Anran.

“Are you going to study in the Activity Room? I’ll join you!” The girl gazed at Long Yuxing bashfully, “It just so happened that there is this part that I don’t quite understand, I….”

“I am not obligated to teach you.” Long Yuxing was a little annoyed. “Anything else?”

“I… I left my notebook in the Activity Room.” After being so blatantly rejected by Long Yuxing, the girl was clearly embarrassed. She took the lonely notebook that was on the square table and said, “I… I’m going back to class first.”

“Mm.” Long Yuxing glanced out of the window once more, turning his gaze away from girl.

Feeling extremely hurt, the girl held her notebook and went to open the door, coincidentally meeting Lu Anran who just arrived. Upon seeing the girl, Lu Anran greeted, “Senior Yue.”

“Mm.” A moment of awkwardness flashed through Yue Ningshan but she smiled in relief after observing that Lu Anran did not seem to know what happened just now. “What’s the matter?”

This girl was the class monitor for Class D, the class that she was in charge of. She must have came over to the student union activity room for something….. “Senior Long asked me to meet him.” Lu Anran replied frankly, “I also don’t know what’s going on.”

“Oh…” Yue Ningshan tensed up and stepped out of the way. Just then, the preparatory bell for the first lesson rang. Yue Ningshan showed a strained smile and said, “I… I’m going back to class now.”

“Then, see you later Senior.” Lu Anran waved politely and stepped into the Activity Room. Long Yuxing was the only person in the Activity Room. He sat by the window and was looking at her with all his attention. Lu Anran gave him a slight smile, “Senior Long, why did you ask me to come over….?”

This was all Ji Ling’s fault! That girl kept talking nonsense for the entire lunchtime making her so confused now.

“Come here.” Long Yuxing waved his hand at Lu Anran. She hesitated for a moment before inching forward to stand in front of Long Yuxing. “Senior Long…. What exactly is the matter…?” Seeing awkward smile on Lu Anran’s face and the hint of caution in her eyes, Long Yuxing understood that he might have scared her so he turned to take out an A4 sized booklet from a black plastic bag. The booklet did not look overly thick and was approximately 20 pages. Long Yuxing handed the booklet over to Lu Anran and said, “This is the class’ weekly record book. One record per week. Since you are the class monitor, you need to write in it.”

The corners of Long Yuxing’s mouth curved in a beautiful radian as he noticed Lu Anran’s caution fading away gradually. “Our class has a self-study session this afternoon so I wanted to explain some things clearly.” “Oh…” Lu Anran understood and nodded. “So it’s like this ah!” She flipped open the booklet which was filled with forms that needed to be filled in. These are probably forms for the weekly plan, summary, record keeping for class meetings etc. Lu Rui abhors troublesome matters and did not explain alot of things to her and Qin Shumo. Fortunately, this weekly record book was self-explanatory for the roles of class monitor which include the setting up of a reading corner, weekly book recommendation, detailed class meeting topics for every Wednesday afternoons, even school activities requiring participation of every student were also listed. It can be said that one should be fine just following the weekly record book.

Lu Anran flipped through it briefly. In her previous lifetime, she had also stayed in First High for a period of time, but she transferred to Second High after being kicked out due to her sticking up for Chu Yao, so she had missed out on alot of interesting school activities. Thinking of her past experience, Lu Anran could not help knitting her eyebrows lightly.

Noticing her serious expression, Long Yuxing reached out involuntarily to gently rub her head. “This expression really doesn’t suit you.”


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  1. Long Yuxing is sure taking a long time. I bet she shuts him down. He’s going to be so annoyed 🤣

    Happy Lunar New Year 🧧🐁! Stay safe and healthy. Thanks 🙏 for coming back to us.

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