Chapter 84 (Part 2)

Chapter 84 (Part 2)

On the other side of the school, Ji Ling was currently pestering Lu Anran with endless questions: “Come on Anran, tell me! Is there some kind of secret between Senior Long and you? Are the both of you dating? How far have you gone in your relationship?”

“Ahh~~~~” Lu Anran felt as though her head was about to explode, this Ji Ling’s mouth has been going at the speed of light for the whole way and it still has not stopped yet! Moreover, Ji Ling’s voice was especially loud, so it attracted a lot of attention from countless passers-by. Right now, she was filled with admiration for Linda. How was it that she never got talked to death by Ji Ling for so many years?! “Ji Ling ah! Eldest Miss Ji! Please stop wasting your time on me! There’s nothing going on between me and Senior Long ah!

“Liar! If there’s nothing at all why would he pull out a killer move and pet your head ah! Ji Ling said with a face full of disbelief. “Quickly confess!”

“What killer move? I pet your head every day, but you haven’t been killed by me yet ah!” Lu Anran rolled her eyes helplessly. Whenever she does it, Ji Ling would always flail around in resistance and make threatening gestures at her. That kind of reaction was indeed like her trying to counterattack after she (Lu Anran) pet her (Ji Ling) head… Could this be what it means by ‘being killed when someone pet your head’?

“How can that be the same?” Ji Ling said. “At that time, I was sitting right next to you! When Senior Long looked at you, that look was filled with love and adoration! I’m not blind! I think it is possible that the reason he called you to meet him this afternoon is to confirm your relationship status! Anyways, if Senior Long confesses to you, all you need is do is to accept it!” Ji Ling pondered for a moment and then said, “you mustn’t accept him immediately, it is better if you act aloof and accept after making a show of resistance!”

“Detective Ji, you shouldn’t blabber nonsense ah!” Lu Anran’s mind was already a little disordered and after Ji Ling told her all these, she felt even more uneasy, but none of these showed on her face. “From the first time I met Senior Long until now, I haven’t even said more than 10 sentences to him! Also, how is it possible that a senior and a freshman in high school can be boyfriend and girlfriend? And you still say I should act aloof? And accept after making a show of resistance? You are still too young….” Lu Anran felt as though everything she heard from Ji Ling was quite funny. Although physically, she was 15 years old, she was a 22-year-old adult mentally. When she thought about how she was hearing all these from the mouth of a 15 year old girl, it was really quite amusing.

“I’m being serious!” Ji Ling grumbled. “Why’re you pretending to be old and wise! You’re obviously the same age as me, but you still say I’m too young! These are all experiences that I’ve gathered from reading romance novels!”

“…..” Another one who loves to read romance novels….At this thought, Lu Anran could not help but think of Lu Anwei. His mission seems to be really dangerous this time; she really hopes that the love between Lu Anwei and Qin Shuhan can reach each other in the end.

“Anran? Anran!” Ji Ling caught sight of Lu Anran staring blankly into the air occupied with her thoughts and nudged her arm. “What are you thinking about?”

Lu Anran snapped out of her thoughts, “what did you say?”

“I was talking to you about my experiences!” Ji Ling unhappily pouted, “you shouldn’t underestimate the power of romance novels ah!”

“I got it! I got it!” Lu Anran helplessly shook her head, “ you are really…ay….”

Ji Ling wrapped her arms around Lu Anran’s and said, “I’m just so happy for you! Senior Long is so handsome….”

“You shouldn’t only look at appearances ah!” Lu Anran was left a little speechless. Handsome? Lin Haosheng was also very handsome, gentlemanly and very suave. But what happened in the end? He was just a scum!

“Anran, I’m so excited! I want to personally witness the sacred moment you confirm your relationship with Senior Long!” Ji Ling’s hands were clenched into a fist. Her face was full of expectations as if she was really looking forward to it.

“Scared your head! It is not as if we are saying our marriage vows!” Lu Anran rolled her eyes at Ji Ling helplessly and her heart throbbed painfully once again. Even if they said their marriage vows, so what? In her previous lifetime, didn’t she still end up in such a wretched state? The look on Lu Anran’s face turned slightly gloomy as if she just remembered something terrible. “Also, Senior Long doesn’t have that kind of intention, and even if he does, it’s not possible that I will agree!”

“Why?” Ji Ling asked. Shock was written all over her face.

“I…” Lu Anran rolled her eyes at Ji Ling again, “I’m still in my first year of high school! Falling in love and whatever, I think it’s better to wait until I’m in university to talk about it!” Furthermore, she does not believe that such a thing as true love would happen to her. She will congratulate other couples, but she will never fall in love with anyone anymore. The price for love was just too high and she was afraid that she will misjudge again and ruin the rest of her life. In this lifetime, she will live for the Lu Corporation, her mother Ji Rou and the precious people in her life… She was satisfied with just all these.

“That’s true!” Ji Ling nodded her head. “Right now, we should focus on studying, after it wasn’t easy entering S City’s First High!” Even if they were in separate classes in middle school and they have not spoken to each other before, but she still heard of Lu Anran’s exalted name and reputation! That kind of ignorant and incompetent second-generation rich miss also had to have put in all her effort and persistence to be what she was today.

Lu Anran did not continue the conversation with Ji Ling, and instead looked up towards the azure blue sky. How long will these clear blue skies dotted with white clouds continue on for?

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