Rebirth: Chapter 84 (Part 1)

Brief appearance of LYX coming right up! (・◡ु‹ )

Chapter 84: Gossiping spirit, Don’t believe in true love

(Part 1)

Seeing Ji Ling blaming herself, Lu Anran stretched out her hand and rubbed her head, “It’s fine!”

Ji Ling did not make threatening gestures in protest like what she used to do in the past instead she drooped her head helplessly. Lu Anran could not help rubbing Ji Ling’s head a few times more when she saw this, “It’s really alright! Let’s quickly eat!”

“Mm.” Ji Ling responded and used her chopsticks to poke at the rice absentmindedly, feeling in a mess. “Anran, should I apologise to Lu Anhu ah…”

“There’s no need!” Lu Anran said. “It’s me who did not want him to come over, nothing to do with you ah! Previously, wasn’t I the one who asked him to leave? That was when I told him.”

“Was it because of me?” Ji Ling looked at Lu Anran.

“No.” Lu Anran denied it immediately. “Coming too often to our class would incite some rumours over at Class A. It is not good for our classmates to see either so might as well don’t let him come over if there’s nothing. Anyway, it was my mother who asked him to take care of me. This guy, Anhu’s sense of responsibility is just too strong.”

“Is it like that?” After Ji Ling heard this, she was evidently in a much better mood.

“Yes, yes ah!” Lu Anran also smiled after seeing Ji Ling’s smile.

Qin Shumo who was sitting opposite them heard their discussion and was also in a good mood. This Lu Anhu came over after every class and even ate lunch together. Although he was Lu Anran’s older cousin and was understandably protective of Lu Anran but he always felt that Lu Anhu’s desire to protect Lu Anran was far greater than what a normal male cousin would have. This made Qin Shumo somewhat disgusted and worried, so such an outcome was also satisfactory to him. To prevent any bad rumours from spreading and hurting Lu Anran, perhaps it was better to keep a distance in school!

“There’s military training in the afternoon again! When will it end ah! It’s so annoying!” After settling the issue in her heart, Ji Ling could not help grumbling about the military training again, “I am completely sunburnt!”

“Four weeks of military training. Today is Wednesday. Disregarding the weekends… There’s still….” Lu Anran counted, “Still another 17 days!”

“There’s still 17 days ah!” Ji Ling wailed with an unwilling expression on her face, “It’s simply like a day that drags past like a year1ah!”

1 time crawls when one is wretched.

“HAHA…..” Lu Anran and Qin Shumo were amused by Ji Ling’s exaggerated expression.

Suddenly a hand gently caressed Lu Anran’s head from behind.

Lu Anran froze and before she could react, a warm breath puffed near her ear. Lu Aran could not help blushing. The itchy and numb feeling instantly moved from her ear to her whole back, immediately after that, a lovely magnetic voice sounded at her ear, “Student Lu Anran, you don’t need to attend military training this afternoon. Come straight to the Student Union Activity Room after the bell rings.”

Lu Anran suddenly turned her head and happened to gaze into a pair of beautiful brown eyes that were affectionate and gentle. Unexpectedly, Lu Anran felt a hint of familiarity, “Long… Senior Long… You…”

“Don’t be late.” Without giving Lu Anran an opportunity to reply, Long Yuxing stood up and strode away.

“Wow…” The girls who were in the periphery let out a burst of exclamation, “Senior Long is so handsome!!!”

“The benefits given to Class D’s monitor is just too good!!!”

“I also want to be in Class D…”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! So damn handsome! I also want to be instantly killed by head-stroking ah!” That starry-eyed girl added, “And whispering closely! Ahhhh! I’m going to explode!” Although they did not know what Long Yuxing said, one should not underestimate the fantasizing ability of these girls in the prime of their youth……

“Uh…” Lu Anran never expected that Long Yuxing’s appearance would cause such a huge reaction, so she lifted her plate, “I’m full. I’ll leave first.”

“Let’s go together!” Ji Ling’s eyes shone and felt her gossiping spirit igniting.

“…” Conversely, Qin Shumo’s expression was bad. Frowning, he lowered his head and pretended to be still eating, “Y’all leave first!”

“Mm.” Lu Anran replied and left with JI Ling to return their plates.

At the other end of the canteen, Chu Yao looked coldly at Lu Anran who was leaving in a hurry. Snorting, she quickly formed and sent out a text message on her phone.

Lu Anhu who sat near her, turned sideways and read the contents of the text message. His heart thumped. This Chu Yao was reporting every movement of Lu Anran to another person via text messages, but Lu Anhu could not see that person’s name as it was covered. With the general situation in mind, Lu Anhu decided to find an opportunity to steal Chu Yao’s phone and look over her messages…

After sending out the message, Chu Yao directly locked her phone and continued to eat with her companions. It was only after her phone vibrated that Chu Yao unlocked her phone. Looking at the contents of the message, a sweet smile appeared on Chu Yao’s face. How great… He called her Yao Yao… That expression on her face was clearly like a dainty and delicate girl falling in love…

Lu Anhu noted her password to unlock her phone and guessed the other party’s next move in his mind.


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  1. Hi, I’ve been keeping track of this translation for awhile but haven’t seen any new posts. I was wondering if you’re okay and wanted to thank you for the translated chapters. I also wanted to know if you’ll continue with this translation or have you dropped it? Thank you for your work in translating this novel and I hope to see you return with more updates soon!


  2. oh that is gross… Chu Yao and this person must be made in heaven or Chu Yao is just a pawn to this person which I don’t pity her at all since she wants to kill someone when she’s so young.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Poor Qin Shumo, the game hasn’t even started yet and he’s already been dealt a blow, what is he going to do when Long Yuxing actively starts pursuing Anran ?! 😏

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