Rebirth: Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

After returning to the Lu Residence, Lu Anwei gently knocked on the door of Lu Jianfeng’s study.

“Come in” Lu Jianfeng’s voice sounded from inside the study.

Lu Anwei pushed open the door and walked in. He noticed Lu Jianfeng reading a document with his spectacles. Seeing Lu Anwei entering, Lu Jianfeng closed the dcocument and placed it on the table. Lifting his head, he greeted, “It’s Anwei ah! What’s up? Is something the matter?”

Lu Anwei looked down and replied, “There’s a mission that was designated from the top brass.”

“Oh……” Lu Jianfeng was aware of Lu Anwei’s obligations and knew that it was inevitable for him to have a mission, “Then, when are you leaving?”

“Someone will be picking me up at tomorrow at 9AM.” Lu Anwei added, “Another protector will take over my job here at 8AM tomorrow morning.”

“Mm.” Lu Jianfeng nodded and sighed lightly, “Be careful.” Apart from this, he does not know what else to say.

“Mm.” After responding, Lu Anwei left the study and went to inform Ji Rou and Li Anran. When he finally reached his little brother’s room, he knocked on the door gently three times. After receiving his brother’s response, Lu Anwei pushed open the door to enter.

“Bro? It’s so late. Is something the matter?” Lu Anhu has already washed up and was preparing to go to bed. He was curious about Lu Anwei popping in at this time.

“Mm.” Lu Anwei nodded. “A mission was assigned from the higher up.”

“Is it dangerous?” Lu Anhu was more concerned about this.

“Rank S.” Lu Anwei replied. “I’m leaving tomorrow morning. You must protect Anran well.”

“When are you coming back?” Protecting Lu Anran was his duty. Naturally he would not slack off but right now he was more concerned about Lu Anwei’s situation.

“Don’t know.” Lu Anwei answered frankly. Presently he was unclear about the specific details and needed to meet a higher up tomorrow to know.

“Then…… What about Teacher Qin?” Lu Anhu hesitated before asking.

“……” Lu Anwei lowered his gaze and did not reply. Lu Anran has also asked about this matter just now and he did not know how to reply. Qin Shuhan? After today, the both of them would probably never meet again…..

“Ay……” Lu Anhu shook his head helplessly and sighed. His brother’s EQ was too low and as a spectator, he felt anxious yet he could not help with anything ah! Sometimes Lu Anhu also thought that maybe all of Lu Anwei’s EQ has been absorbed into his muscles……

“Go to bed soon.” Lu Anwei turned and left after saying that.

“Be careful!” Lu Anhu could not say anything more than that. As someone who was born into a military family, he was clearer than anyone else that duty is one’s life!

“Mm.” Closing the door, Lu Anwei returned to his own room and could not sleep for the entire night. At daybreak, he sat by the window after packing his luggage. No one knew what he was thinking about. When it was time for the handover, Lu Anwei went to the entrance of Lu Residence. Seeing that the person to handover to was Xue Dingan who had previously came over to eat, Lu Anwei was somewhat surprised internally but did not express it on his face. But Xue Dingan was different.

“It’s you!” Xue Dingan pointed at Lu Anwei with an expression full of shock on his face, “Aren’t you Lu Anran’s older cousin or whatever?”

“This does not conflict with the protection task.” Lu Anwei replied with a standard military salute.

Observing the situation, Xue Dingan also immediately returned the salute, “Number 77436 acknowledges the handover.”

“Thanks for your trouble.” Lu Anwei informed him, “Anran has my brother Lu Anhu to protect her in school. Apart from that, she will need your protection for the rest of the time.”

“Lu Anhu?” Xue Dingan recalled the boy beside Lu Anran when she went to and from school. “That fifteen years old?” A child completing a protective task? Is he joking around?

Seeing Xue Dingan’s doubtful expression, Lu Anwei said a sentence indifferently, “He’s a second lieutenant.” Although Lu Anhu was young, he grew up in the military and had begun to take part in mission at the age of 10. There was no doubt about his combat strength.

“…” Xue Dingan was stunned in an instant. What the hell…. A little devil was actually a senior officer? That’s absurd ah…

“Achoo!” At the same time, Lu Anhu who was taking a break from class, suddenly sneezed. Rubbing his itchy nose, Lu Anhu shook his head. Did he catch a cold?

“What’s wrong?” Lu Anran turned and look at Lu Anhu, “Caught a cold?”

“It’s fine.” Shaking his head, Lu Anhu disagreed.

“I say, fellow student Lu Anhu, you are in Class A right!” Ji Ling pouted while looking at Lu Anhu with some displeasure.

“Yeah!” Lu Anhu nodded.

“Then why do you come over to our class all the time ah?” Ji Ling was somewhat helpless. This guy comes over almost after every lesson. Without saying a word, he would stand over at this table only returning back when the prep bell rang. Once or twice was still okay, but it became so annoying when he came every day.

“I…” Naturally Lu Anhu could not say it was to protect Lu Anran ah. The both of them were not in the same class and usually he had to monitor Chu Yao while protecting Lu Anran. He was already up to his ears in work.

After hearing Ji Ling’s words, Lu Anran closed her English book and stood up, “Anhu, come with me.” She then gave Ji Ling a soothing smile and left the classroom. Lu Anhu hurriedly followed behind.

The both of them, one walked in front while the other walked behind. Lu Anran then said quietly in a voice that only the two of them can hear, “Next time don’t come over when your class is over unless there is something.”

“What if a killer comes in between classes?” Lu Anhu also has his own worries. It was not hard to buy a set of school uniform, neither was it difficult to find a killer that is young or had a baby face. So, it was quite easy to infiltrate First High.

“Listen to me. I have a hunch that there will be some activity in these few weeks. Just watch Chu Yao closely for me!” Lu Anran’s tone was very grave, “Usually, I don’t leave the classroom and won’t walk about freely. I am also very careful, so you can rest assured.”

“Got it.” Lu Anhu replied.

At this time, the prep bell rang and the two of them coincidentally walked to the door of Class A. Lu Anran glanced at Chu Yao coldly and saw that she was fidgeting with something under her desk. The people beside her did not seem to notice. Those that were revising were revising while those that were chatting were chatting.

“Pay more attention to Chu Yao. I keep feeling that she is texting someone.” Lu Anran reminded Lu Anhu, “I’m going back.”

“Mm.” Lu Anhu looked in the direction of Chu Yao and nodded at Lu Anran.

Lu Anran walked back to Class D and bumped into Qin Shumo at the door.

“Lu Anran.” Qin Shumo greeted.

“Mm.” Lu Anran answered. Lu Anran has a good impression of this genius sitting behind her.

“Are you free this Saturday?” Qin Shumo gathered up his courage and asked.

“Saturday?” Lu Anran thought for a while, “I am free in the evening. Why?”

“I would like…..” Qin Shumo struggled, “Uh… There’s a good movie showing this week. Would you like to go?”

“Movie?” Lu Anran thought for a bit. She was indeed quite tired during this time, it would be good to relax when appropriate, so she nodded and agreed. “Okay! Let’s meet at the cinema entrance then!” After saying that, Lu Anran entered the classroom first.

“Uh…” Qin Shumo nodded in amazement. He never expected Lu Anran to agree so quickly and could not react momentarily. He stood at the classroom entrance stunned till the voice of the form teacher Lu Rui floated by.

“Tsk…. The sour smell of love… So annoying!” Lu Rui glanced at Qin Shumo with a hint of derision in his eyes.

“…” Qin Shumo blushed and immediately lowered his head while entering the classroom. After he sat down, the bell rang signalling the start of second class.

Hearing the bell, all the students immediately sat down and uniformly looked at Lu Rui who was on the platform. However, Lu Rui merely yawned lazily and said, “Open the textbook. Number 17 read the first paragraph.”

Standing up, Lu Anran read the first paragraph accurately and clearly. After reading, she sat down. This was a habit of Lu Rui. He does not like to remember names and felt it was too troublesome. He never calls the roll either and everything else was done by the class monitors. When he wants to call on someone in class, it was all by number and Lu Rui seems to like the numbers 1 and 7 very much. The students who were often called upon were number 1, 7, 17 or 27, only occasionally would there be other numbers and it was all dependent on Lu Rui’s mood. In short, he was a teacher that had an absolute aversion to troublesome matters and does as he pleases!

“Next, Number 7.” Lu Rui called out.

The male who was Number 7 stood up. His voice was a little softer, his pronunciation was up to standard, but his speed was slow. With just a single glance, one can tell that he was a slow and patient person. After finish reading, Number 7 sat down.

“Next…” Lu Rui paused, “Number 19.”

Ji Ling who was Number 19 stood up. She was evidently surprised when her number was called. This was the first time since the start of the term! After reading the third paragraph, she sat down and mischievously stuck out her tongue at Lu Anran.

“These three paragraphs are the first part of this article…..” Lu Rui officially begun his class. The students immediately started to take notes.

After the entire morning of classes, Lu Anran, Ji Ling and Qin Shumo went to have lunch together. During lunch, Ji Ling asked after Lu Anhu.

“He… probably have something on.” Lu Anran was not prepared to make it clear.

“Anran…” Ji Ling suddenly felt confused. “Is it because of what I said today that made him angry?”

“No.” Lu Anran shook her head. “You are thinking too deeply.”

“I am not forbidding him to come and find you but to come after every class and stand next to me like a huge Buddha, my awkwardness cancer is going to appear again!” There was one more point that Ji Ling neglected to say. Lu Anhu came over after every class, everyone knew that Lu Anhu was Lu Anran’s older cousin, so no one ever talks about them, but Ji Ling heard in the bathroom when she went for extra lesson yesterday. Someone has been spreading rumours that Lu Anhu went over to Class D every day to see someone called Ji Ling…. Immediately after were some unpleasant words…

Ji Ling cried miserably in the bathroom for a long time. She also felt extremely aggrieved which was why she said those kinds of words back in the classroom. She never intended to hurt anyone.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Am I the only one who just skips over all the drama between Lu Anwei and Teacher Qin? At this point that story line’s become annoying to me. Also, it would be really cute if Lu Anhu and Ji Ling got together! And poor Qin Shumo, she doesn’t even recognize it as a date 😂


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