Rebirth: Chapter 82 (Part 2)

Chapter 82: (Part 2)

At the same time, Lu Anwei’s phone rang. Seeing the digits registered on the phone, Lu Anwei’s expression turned solemn. Picking up the phone, Lu Anwei asked in a low voice, “What’s up?”

“Mission. I need you to lead a team!” The other party just gave the details concisely. “The mission this time is a S- level mission. Please be well-prepared for it.”

“….” Initially Lu Anwei wanted to refuse, but agreed after recalling Qin Shuhan, “Got it! I am willing to go on the mission but as I’m also on security detail now in S city, I need you to find someone reliable to replace me.”

“S city?” The other party thought for a moment before answering, “There is an extremely outstanding team member in S city right now. I’ll send his details to your phone and let him know now that you will be meeting him an hour later! I’ll send someone over to pick you up at 9AM tomorrow.”

“Okay. Got it.” Lu Anwei replied. He looked back in the direction of Qin Shuhan’s house. The farewell this time may be for a lifetime. I’m wishing her much happiness……


Concurrently, in a debauched and corrupted environment of a bar downtown of S city, the bodies of young men and women were tipsy swaying on the dance floor, their expression dazed and confused as though they were enjoying the present mood. In a luxurious private room of this bar, two groups of people were conducting some kind of illegal transaction.

“Not bad. It’s authentic.” The male standing at the table licked the white powder on his fingertips clean. He then said to the person seated on the sofa, “The purity is very high!:

“How is it? Goods from me, the Xue family’s third young master, are the best in the entire S city!” The fat man who was called Third Xue was in his forties and dressed in an unbuttoned loud jacket. A gold chain hung around his neck. At this moment, he seemed pleased with himself, “I wonder if it is to Boss Du’s satisfaction?”

“Hng.” The man who was known as Boss Du appeared to be younger than 30 years of age. He wore a white suit and had a slender figure. He had beautiful feminine facial features. His pair of eyes was penetrating as though he could see through one’s thoughts. At this moment, he sneered and gestured to his underling who was next to him with his finger.

That underling nodded and placed a black suitcase on the table.

“HAHAHAHA!” Third Xue started laughing heartily after seeing the suitcase, “Boss Du is indeed a straightforward person ah!” After saying that, he opened the suitcase impatiently. However, after opening the suitcase, the expression on Third Xue turned ugly. The suitcase, which was supposed to be filled with red banknotes, was instead filled with joss paper. Slamming the table, he reached for an item at this waist, “Damn it! You dare to play with me!”

Unfortunately, before he could take it out, a ‘swoosh’ sounded and a bloody hole appeared in the skull of Third Xue. Boss Du who was wearing a white suit, puffed on a cigarette, “Fitting on a muffler makes it so convenient ah!”

The underlings were all muddled after seeing their own family’s big boss being killed, however before they could react, all of them were silenced.

“Let’s go!” Boss Du took the lead and got up first. His black- suited underlings standing behind him picked up the goods that they just received today. The man who tested the goods shook his head and placed Boss’ business card on Third Xue’s forehead covering the unsightly bloody hole. After doing this, the man quickened his footsteps to keep up with his Boss. Signing off after killing someone has always been the signature of Boss Du.

After approximately half an hour, the door was pushed open once more. Seeing an entire room filled with corpses, the person who came could not help cursing, “Damn it! Late again!” He entered the room and stretched out his hand to take the business card on Third Xue’s forehead. The man then placed the business card into his pocket and also left. Not long after, his phone rang displaying an unfamiliar number. When the man picked up the phone, his tone was very guarded, “Hello?”

“Number 77436?” The other party asked.

“Speaking.” The man responded and guessed, “You must be the one who wanted me to take over the security detail.” He has already received the organisation’s phone call an hour ago.

“That’s right!”

“Who would I be protecting?” The man asked.

“Lu Anran!” The other party replied firmly.

“Who?” The man was noticeably shocked. “Lu Anran? That Lu Anran from Lu Food and Beverages Corporation?” This little mushroom really makes others worry ah!

“Yes!” The other party answered and said, “The protection task will be handed over from 8AM tomorrow morning.”

“Got it.” The man replied and hung up. Sighing, he went around in a few circles before turning into another private room where some of his friends whom he usually played around with were waiting for him.

“Why did you take so long?” One of his friends seemed to be a little discontented, “You pissed blood ah!”

“Can’t you talk properly?” The man was a little embarrassed. Who pissed blood ah!

“Young Master Xue, quickly accept your penalty of three drinks!” Another friend said.

“No. I still have something to do. I’m leaving first.” The man refused. He has an assignment tomorrow so he cannot drink today.

“Xue Dingan! You are really disappointing!” Another friend also started to grumble. “You were the one who clearly called us all out!”

“Sorry everyone, something came up unexpectedly. Bye bye!” After saying that, he took his jacket and left straightaway.
T/N: New character! Boss Du!!!

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  1. Nuuuu I wanted Lu Anwei’s romance story to be finished already. Really not liking the this side story at all. Just us too stupid and drawn out.

    Oh well at least the main character is still really likable.

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