Rebirth: Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Domineering, Shuhan’s heartache

Lu Anran returned to her own room, ignoring all the bickering outside. She knows that her attitude today was somewhat overbearing, but she had no choice. If she did not thoroughly end Lu Junan’s family’s wishful thinking, there would only be endless trouble in future. Lu Junan’s family were all wolves with savage hearts1.
1 wildly ambitious

For the sake of Grandpa’s health, she could not expose it directly, furthermore, she did not have any evidence. If she jumped out now and say that she went back in time and whatnots, not only will no one trust her, she will not be able to predict what will happen in future! Besides, she has yet to catch that mysterious person lurking behind the scenes! But…… That mysterious person ought to have planned out something already……

It has already been so long since the time when she was kidnapped till now, and the opponent has not taken any action yet. Lu Anran kept feeling it was like the calm before a storm…… Recalling the events in her previous lifetime, and calculating that major incident, Lu Anran took out her phone to flip through her calendar. There is still 1.5 years left…… In this 1.5 years, she must be extremely and absolutely careful…… As long as she could hold out till then…… The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth lifted slightly. No matter who it was, they would have to measure their own worth before even thinking of moving against her!

While Lu Anran was contemplating deeply, her phone suddenly rang giving her a fright. After picking it up, she heard a familiar voice.

“Anran, have you finished your homework?” Qin Shuhan has been hesitating, not knowing how to approach her. She originally wanted to call last night but dragged it out till today. She has been feeling ill at ease for the entire day and all her thoughts has been occupied with that photo of Lu Anwei.

“Teacher Qin ah! No, I haven’t started. Just finished eating dinner. What’s up?” Lu Anran could roughly guess the reason.

“Ah…… Did I disturb you……” Qin Shuhan was still hesitating about how to approach the topic.

“It’s alright.” Lu Anran said, “What’s the matter Teacher Qin?”

“This…… I……” Qin Shuhan hesitated for a moment before gritting her teeth and said, “I want to ask about that photo in your phone…..”

“That two that I took for you?” Lu Anran asked knowingly.

“No… Not those!” Qin Shuhan hurriedly waved her hand and said, “It’s……It’s that photo of Lu Anwei……”

“Bro Anwei?” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth rose slightly, “What’s wrong with Bro Anwei?”

“I……” Qin Shuhan was still a little embarrassed, “I’m just asking casually.”

“Oh! That’s alright. Bro Anwei is fine.” Lu Anran could not help teasing Qin Shuhan, “just that ah……”

“Just that what?” Qin Shuhan sounded somewhat worried.

“Ahem……” Lu Anran concealed her laughter with one hand and stopped her playful mood before saying, “Just that a few days ago, Bro Anwei was not doing so well!”

“Few days ago?” Qin Shuhan pondered, “Because of the matter of his comrade dying in the line of duty?”

“No ah!” Lu Anran explained, “It’s before that, that time when I met you at the dessert shop!”

“……” Qin Shuhan immediately felt guilty after hearing this, “That time….. What happened that time?”

“That time…… Bro Anwei stayed out all night. When he returned, he was like he discarded his soul and did not eat or drink anything for three whole days.” Until now, whenever Lu Anran recalled, she could not help but frown, “I still have the photo of him that I took that time in my phone! I have never seen him looking so badly battered before……”

After hearing that Qin Shuhan covered her mouth with her hand in disbelief with wide eyes.

“Also don’t know who has hurt him……” Some resentment seeped through when Lu Anran said this phrase, “My Bro Anwei is such a good person……”

Qin Shuhan did not dare to cry out loud as tears flooded the rim of her eyes. She ended up hurting him after all…… She never thought that she would hurt him so deeply, so badly…… It was like she was holding a double-edged sword that was stabbing herself with till she was riddled with scars after hurting Lu Anwei so badly.

“After that, I heard a little from Bro Anwei. Seems like he fell in love with someone and was toyed with or something……” At this moment, Lu Anran could guess the expression Qin Shuhan had over the phone.

“Fell in love?” Qin Shuhan was even more shocked. Anwei loves her? But…… But Lu Anwei has never said that he loved her ah……

“Yes ah!” Once Lu Anran heard this phrase, she immediately knew that Lu Anwei definitely did not make his intentions clear and had a headache. This Bro Anwei is really…… Does he not know how to confess properly? I. LOVE. YOU. Three words. How simple ah!

Complex feelings welled up in Qin Shuhan, “Anran, I…… I need to go. I’ll hang up first……”

“OK!” Lu Anran knew that what she said was enough, so she said her goodbyes and hung up the phone. After stretching her body, she started on her homework.

Qin Shuhan hung up, and continued sitting there staring blankly out of the window. Does he love me?At this time, the afterglow of sunset lingered on the horizon. Qin Shuhan’s heart was in a mess as she sat at the window. Even after a full moon hung on the night sky, Qin Shuhan felt that her heart was still in a mess such that she could not even make sense of it.

She has always thought that Lu Anwei did not love her and those words he said were out of a man’s perspective of wanting to assume responsibility for her. But today, Lu Anran actually told her that Lu Anwei loves her! Does he love her? Qin Shuhan was very afraid.

She was afraid that she was thinking too much. She was afraid that if she believed that Lu Anwei loves her now and she sinks deeper and deeper into greed only to find out that it was all only an illusion or a wishful thinking of hers…… So she was afraid… Afraid that she did not even dare to call Lu Anwei to confirm…… She was scared…… She did not know what the answer would be even if she really went to ask Lu Anwei herself. If Lu Anwei said he loved her, would it be because he just wanted to assume responsibility? If Lu Anwei really did not love her…… Qin Shuhan dared not and did not want to hear such cruel words. Even if she had prepared her heart for it, she was still afraid! She somewhat regretted calling Lu Anran. Because of this one phone call, she felt that she became a little greedy!

Qin Shuhan sat dazedly for hours in this position and did not even know when her book has fell out of her hands and landed on the ground.

“Dang Dang Dang” After three door knocks, Qin Shumo walked in. Seeing that Qin Shuhan was sitting at the window again, he could not help nagging, “Sis! Why are you sitting at the window again? If you want to sit by the window, you should close it ah!” As he passed Qin Shuhan to close the window, Qin Shumo noticed a figure downstairs and muttered, “Why is this man standing underneath our house again ah?”

“What?” Qin Shuhan asked again when she did not hear what her brother said.

“That man there ah!” Qin Shumo pointed at the dark figure under the window, “He has been coming daily these days. So weird! Wasn’t Dad talking about him yesterday as well? Dad suspects that he is some kind of criminal and even told us to be careful ah! You forgot ah Sis!”

Qin Shuhan’s thoughts were all full of Lu Anwei yesterday, how would she know what her father had said ah! Now when Qin Shumo asked, Qin Shuhan was also stunned and replied, “Oh….. I must have been distracted!”

“But ah! This person really has perservance!” Qin Shumo said, “He always stands there regardless of the weather.”

“Really?” Qin Shuhan replied casually and unintentionally took a look at that person, yet she could not move her gaze away with a mere glance!

“Sis! What’s wrong?” Noticing that Qin Shuhan was in a daze, Qin Shumo used his finger to poke Qin Shuhan’s head, “What are you staring blankly at?”

“Nothing……” Qin Shumo’s whole heart was flustered. Gazing at that figure, without knowing why, she felt that it was Lu Anwei…… Before she could even think it through, Qin Shuhan pushed Qin Shumo away, “I’m going out for a bit!”

“It’s already so late. Where are you going?” Qin Shumo was also surprised. This Qin Shuhan’s reaction was a little too exaggerated ah!

Qin Shuhan did not reply. Her mind was all a blank as she rushed out of the door and took the elevator to the ground floor. When she exited the building door, she saw a man standing under the dim street lamp with his eyes fixed onto a certain window above. Her heart seemed to start pounding uncontrollably, even her breathing pattern became rapid. Her body moved automatically, and directly rushed into the man’s embrace. Both her hands tightly encircled around the man’s waist. “Lu Anwei! Are you an idiot?”

Lu Anwei was also startled at this sudden embrace and almost instinctively flipped her over. Luckily, he restrained this instinct. Even though he was being scolded out of the blue, Lu Anwei did not retort back. That’s right, he was indeed not very smart otherwise, how could he unfathomably walk until here and stand underneath her apartment when he was just taking a stroll to relieve his boredom…… He must have troubled her! Lu Anwei frowned and said, “Sorry……”

“Are you an idiot? You are a big idiot!” Qin Shuhan tightened her hug until her arms and fingers were a little sore and painful then she reluctantly let go, revealing a crying face like a little kitten, “Why are you here?” Could it be that he doesn’t know one would easily misunderstand? Could it be that he doesn’t know one would overthink easily? What should she do if she really becomes greedier and greedier? If he becomes exasperated after she wilfully gets entangled up with him, she won’t take responsibility o!

“Sorry…… I won’t come again in future.” Lu Anwei was sad. As expected, has he troubled her?

“You!” After Qin Shuhan heard Lu Anwei, there was not a corresponding answer for a moment, so she could only angrily form fists with her two hands and pummel down on Lu Anwei’s shoulders one after another, “Stupid! Idiot! Fool!”

The blows of Qin Shuhan were like a massage to Lu Anwei and not a beating. A hit here and a hit there scratched and tickled his heart. After swallowing his saliva and clearing his throat, Liu Anwei grabbed Qin Shuhan’s hands and apologised solemnly, “Sorry, I didn’t know that it would cause you so much distress! I will never come again in future.” He has already decided that he would give up, didn’t he?

“……” Qin Shuhan whose fists were restrained, burst into flames of fury after hearing Lu Anwei’s words so she opened her mouth and ferociously bit down on Lu Anwei’s shoulders, only releasing him when her lower jaw started aching. By then, the anger in her heart had also more or less dissipated and now seeing the teeth marks and saliva on Lu Anwei’s shirt at the shoulder area, Qin Shuhan felt somewhat embarrassed.

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  1. Seriously,did she leave her common sense somewhere?Why get mad?Too much drama.All started because she didn’t let him say a thing,ah.His confession would be out of place since it’s after the deed but at least he can tel her his feelings but he was never given a chance to say a word at all.Hope this will be the last drama about the two.


    1. No you are the idiot QSH! Not Lu Anwei. This whole stupid plot wouldn’t have started if you ddnt push him away over your own stupid selfish misunderstanding. Literally had to skim read this chapter.

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  2. Haaaaah, finally, the dense couple makes some progress. 😤 Now, if only there was progress between Anran and her Prince Charming. 🙄

    Thanks for the chapter 💖

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