Rebirth: Chapter 80 (Part 2)

Chapter 80: Disappointment, Anhua was beaten

(Part 2)

“You……” Lu Anxin felt as though her reasoning was dissipating little by little. She really and truly hated living in such a family. Lu Anxin cursed repeatedly with tears in both eyes as she gnashed her teeth, “Why don’t you just go and die!” If Lu Anhua died, if their family only had her as their only child, then everything would definitely be different! She would be valued like Lu Anran, would not have the same worth as commodities from birth, and destined to be used as a stepping stone for her whole life!

“How can you talk to your older brother like that!” Liu Yue was unhappy after hearing Lu Anxin talking to Lu Anhua in this way, so she rushed out and gave Lu Anxin a slap across her face, “What’s wrong with your bro asking you to write a report? I’m telling you! If this report is not well written, see how I sort you out when I come home!” How dare this bitch curse her son? She really looking for death!

“How annoying!” Lu Anhua grabbed his hair irritably. Without even looking at Lu Anxin who was struck, he turned around and headed for the door. Taking out his favourite Oxford shoes from the shoe cabinet, he said, “I’m leaving!”

“Come back home soon ah!” When facing her son, Liu Yue was full of smiles.

“I know! So annoying!” Lu Anhua wore his shoes and was about to open the door.

“Where are you going?” Hearing the noise, Lu Junan came out from his study and walked towards the front of the door.

“Going out for a while to meet a friend.” Lu Anhua was not as arrogant as before when confronted by Lu Junan.

“Pa” Lu Junan immediately slapped Lu Anhua a slap across his face. This slap was even heavier than Liu Yue’s. This one strike made Lu Anhua promptly fall to the ground and knocked his head against the corner of the shoe cabinet. Blood oozed out from his forehead.

“Anhua!” Upon seeing this, Liu Yue hurriedly helped up Lu Anhua. Turning to look at Lu Junan with a face full of astonishment, “Why are you hitting your son ah!”

“From today onwards, you are strictly forbidden to step out of this house! I will request a month leave of absence from the company on your behalf. If you dare to step one step out of this house, I’ll break off our father- son relationship!” Both eyes of Lu Junan were red, and his words were also ruthless.

It was the first time that Liu Yue and Lu Anhua see this side of Lu Junan. The mother and son pair went speechless instantly and was frightened till they were shivering. Lu Anhua was so afraid that he did not even dare to whine in pain. Lowering his head, he did not dare to look at Lu Junan, allowing the blood to flow down his cheeks.

“Truly a bunch of good- for- nothings!” The more Lu Junan sees Lu Anhua, the angrier he felt. Lifting his foot, he kicked Lu Anhua’s stomach.

Lu Anhua fell over again when he was kicked. This time, even Liu Yue did not dare to help him up again, so he could only pull himself up pathetically and pushed all these grievances and hatred on to Lu Anran. Sooner or later, he will settle this debt.

Coincidentally, at this time, Lu Anxin’s phone rang signalling a text message. Lu Anxin hurriedly switched off the ringtone and discovered it was a harassment message from Yue Corporation’s Eldest Young Master.

“Who is it?” Lu Junan turned his face and asked impatiently.

“It’s……” Lu Anxin looked that Lu Anhua whose face was covered with blood, and Liu Yue who did not dare to move after being scolded and said, “It’s Young Master Long.”

Hearing that it was Young Master Long who sent Lu Anxin a message, Lu Junan’s expression eased up a great deal, “Go back to your room to rest! Remember to write the report for your bro.”

“En……” Although she was unwilling in her heart, she had no choice. Who asked her brother to be a good-for-nothing?!

“Anxin, you must firmly grasp onto Young Master Long!” Lu Junan repeatedly urged, “You must make him my, Lu Junan’s, son-in-law!”

“I know.” Lu Anxin felt a little guilty, but she did not express outwardly.

“Go back to your room!” Lu Junan massaged his swollen temples.

“Mm.” Lu Anxin nodded and returned to her room, closing the door tightly. She was really really jealous of Lu Anran and at the same time, she hates Lu Anran! Why did she have all of the advantages? Why was life so unfair?

In the living room, the more Lu Junan sees the mother-son pair, the angrier he felt. Why did he marry this kind of woman? And gave birth to such a useless trash! Such bad luck!

“Liu Yue, I’m warning you! If you dare to let him out, then don’t blame me for not taking into consideration the many years of our husband-wife relationship!” Lu Junan said ruthlessly.

“But……” Liu Yue also knew what Lu Junan meant and her expression could not help turning pale. She turned to look at her son’s face that was full of blood, clenched her teeth, and just barely managing to refrain from pleading on behalf of her son.

“Call the doctor to come over and deal with it!” Taking the coat that was hung at the door, Lu Junan draped it over his shoulders, “I won’t be coming home today.” The more he looked at his mother-son pair, the angrier he felt. This family really did not feel a tiny bit like a home at all! It would be better to go to that one in the downtown area!

“Hubby……” Naturally Liu Yue knew where Lu Junan was going and wanted to persuade him to stay but when she saw the wrath in Lu Junan’s eyes, she could only stay silent, not daring to utter a single word. With a tummy full of grievances, she had nowhere to begin talking about it.
T/N: I don’t know…… I just feel so sorry for LAX 😕

10 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 80 (Part 2)

  1. Lu Anxin is such a devastatingly bad character and I’m not blaming her but rather the author, she has too high qualification for one dimensional canon fodder, a 16 yo’ graduated from business school with honor and already working, and here’s the mc barely passed middle school. I mean I know this kinda novel always exagerating but still there’s need to be some balance. Every time the author gushing other ‘genius’ character like Qin Shuhan who suppose to be genius teacher I thought but LAX at 16 yo’ already got master’s degree, or when Qin Shumo was said to be rarely seen top student in 10000 years (lol) but LAX at 16 yo’ already got master’s degree, basically everytime a ‘genius’ character appear I thought but LAX at 16 yo’ already got master’s degree. Lol lol lol!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I do agree with you. However, I feel that any bad ending that might come in LAX’s way is her just fruit. Even though she was born in unfavorable circumstances and gets no results despite her hardwork, it still can’t be denied that she is scheming to use the very unfavorable circumstances to climb higher. Instead of using her high qualifications to pave a better way for herself, she uses them to add road blocks to MC’S way.
      There’s a dialogue from Bollywood fim Race (part 1), “I could never win because you always focused on making me lose and I never lost because I focused on winning”- pardon my bad translation from Hindi.


      1. Oml Bollywood reference. Never thought I’d see it here… Hehe.
        But isn’t the dialogue “You never won because you focused on making me lose, and I never lost because I was focused on winning against the odds.”???


  2. It’s a shame. LAX is pitiful, but I have a feeling that she will have a bad ending. Even though her family is terrible, she still blames Lu Anran. Unless there is some great character development, she is most likely going to end up causing trouble for Lu Anran…

    Liked by 5 people

      1. I actually understand LAX. Think about it from this perspective, if grow up in a negative, emotionally and verbally abusive household, you actually don’t know better. All you have been taught is to give way for your brother and to be stepped on by your family. You aren’t shown love and support but seen as a commodity, just an object. That type of environment is not conducive to an emotionally stable or healthy human being. It twists and warps your sense of self worth, such that if you see someone else, similarly to you, being treated better, you become jealous and your hatred is directed to that person.

        I work with emotionally abused kids and we see this a lot, their upbringing (amongst other terrible circumstances ) results in bullying of others and transference of hate to others. It’s so sad and it hurts my heart every day. I wish I could give them the love and support to make them feel worthy.


  3. I really do feel some pity for LAX, she never asked for this kind of family but she has to play the hand she was dealt. All she wants is love and acknowledgement but unfortunately that’s a luxury she can’t afford. Everybody in her family puts pressure on her to do the job but gives the credit to her brother once the work is done and that is something that is frustrating.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! Yeah, LAX is really pitiful. I’m surprised no one from the Lu family has said or done anything about the way she’s treated.

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  5. LAX is pitiful.. her family treats her like shit which made her develop her hatred and envy for Lu Anran.
    Should’ve ditched her disgusting family and do her own stuff cause she’s got much degree and shit but yet she is doing nothing right now.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 5 people

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