Rebirth: Chapter 80 (Part 1)

Chapter 80: Disappointment, Anhua was beaten

(Part 1)

“$2 MILLION?” Lu Junan was stunned. This was asking for their life ah!

“$2 MILLION!” Liu Yue was evidently more shocked than Lu Junan, “We don’t have that much money! We are not contributing!”

“Not contributing?” Lu Jianhao sneered, “Could it be that just now your each and every sentence of ‘for the sake of Anran’ was to deceive me?”

“I……” Liu Yue went silent. Who wants to think for the sake of that slut? If it was not for her own treasured son!

“Grandpa…… You have misunderstood!” Lu Anxin hurriedly said, “We…… We are indeed thinking for the benefit of Anran ah! Only that our family really cannot afford to take out so much money ah!” $2 million is not a small amount of money! Lu Anhua only knows how to spend extravagantly every day. Lu Junan keeps a mistress outside. Liu Yue also only knows how to buy and buy and buy, so their family merely looked luxurious and was instead already an empty shell on the inside. If it was not for this, they would not be so pressed as to let Lu Anhua get involved in that new store.

“No, nevermind!” Lu Jianhao scoffed, “I’ll pay for all of you first. Lianxin, jot it down. Lu Junan’s and his wife’s monthly salary of $20 000 will be reduced to $10 000. Lu Anhua’s and Lu Anxin’s monthly salary will change from $15 000 to $7000! Whenever they have finish paying up $2 million is whenever their salaries will resume back to normal!”

“What?” Lu Junan was stunned. To actually cut their family’s salaries in half! How can he do that!

“If you are unwilling, then take $2 million out now!” Lu Jianhao said sternly.

After Lu Jianhao said that, no one in Lu Junan’s family dared to retort back.

Lu Anhua was unwilling to let go, but he also did not say anything, after all he could still rely on the PR department’s profits to squander freely. It was just that he felt a little dissatisfied that’s all.

Lu Anxin gnawed on her lower lip. Why does she need to use her salary to support Lu Anran that slut! She’s not satisfied! Why! How can she survive with only $7000 a month ah! But Lu Anxin did not say anything. She was very clear in her heart that whatever she said now would only make Lu Jianhao even angrier so she might as well stay quiet obediently.

Lu Jianhao took in all the expressions of Lu Junan’s family and a flash of disappointment involuntarily rose, “Also, Lianxin just mentioned that Anhua claimed an invoice of $380 000! Where did you spend this money on?”

“I……” Lu Anhua never imagined that Lu Jianhao would suddenly ask about this. His heart pounded heavily as his eyes flickered evasively, “I… I was entertaining clients……”

“Entertaining which client?” Lu Jianhao questioned closely.

“I……” Lu Anhua became muddled in an instant. How would he be entertaining any clients ah! In his haste, he caught a glimpse of his little sister next to him and immediately said, “It’s Yue Corporation. Recently, we are wanting to sign a direct contract with them for fruits and vegetables but there are many competitors and the business manager of the other party is an ‘old pro.’ So, I have spent a lot of money on him.”

After hearing Lu Anhua’s words, Lu Anxin’s expression turned ashen. She has been the one doing the follow- up trade talks for this project. For two whole months, she has been accompanying with her smiling face every day, even took the initiative to have a good relationship with the princess of Yue Corporation, and endured the harassment of the Eldest Young Master of Yue Corporation just to sign this contract. In the end, it was taken by Lu Anhua as his own work! Lu Anxin clenched both her fists tightly under the table.

“……” Lu Jianhao noticed the change in Lu Anxin’s expression, but he did not point it out, “Write up a detailed report and send it to my mailbox by noon tomorrow! Include how you spent this $380 000. Write it all out clearly one by one for me to understand! And not one cent less!”

“Understood Grandpa!” Lu Anhua could not help breathing a sigh of relief.

“I’m going back to my study!” Lu Jianhao stood up. With his back facing the dining table, he left a sentence before leaving, “Junan ah…… I am very disappointed in you……” After saying that, he left the dining room without turning back his head.

Due to Lu Jianhao’s departure, the entire dining table became very silent. Everyone has lost their appetites. After being massively humiliated, Lu Junan’s family felt too ashamed to continue staying on, so they randomly found an excuse to bid goodbye and leave. On the way home, the family of four were like frozen eggplants.

After finally reaching home, and the door was closed, Lu Anhua went back to his room to change into another attire to go out.

“Bro? Why are you going out?” Seeing that Lu Anhua was about to go out, Lu Anxin asked.

“I’m meeting my friends to go out and play!” Lu Anhua whistled. He was bullied at the old Lu Residence today, so he needs to regain his confidence in front of his friends ah!

“What about your report?” Lu Anxin’s expression changed.

“Naturally it will be written by you ah!” Lu Anhua had an appearance of regarding it as a matter of course, “Yue Corporation’s contract has always been followed up by you. How would I know about it! Oh right, don’t forget to fabricate how the $380 000 was spent.”

“You……” Lu Anxin was so angry that she was trembling all over, “Clearly, you knew that the contract has always been followed up by me! Why did you shamelessly boast about how hard you have worked?! Do you even know that for this contract, I……”

“Aiya! What’s the matter ah?” Lu Anhua interrupted Lu Anxin and rolled his eyes, “Don’t forget I am the hope of this family! I’m only taking over your contract, not as though I am doing anything to you!”

“What kind of ‘hope’ are you!” Lu Anxin exploded, “Other than eating, drinking and being merry, what else do you know? Besides causing trouble, and sleeping with the company employees, what else have you achieved?! Every time you make a mistake, I have to be the one to bear it! It has always been like that since young! Why should I!”

“Why are you being so annoying ah? Typical woman, so gossipy and meddlesome all the time! If I tell you to something, just do it!” Lu Anhua rebuked as he turned angry from embarrassment, “Could it be that until now you can’t see your own status clearly? You are just a stepping stone for Dad and me!”


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  1. I would have rather shifted to some other corporation, and would do work there, away from jealousy, away from family pressures.


  2. Anxin will probably roll over and write up the report. But Jianhao just needs to compare it to the expense vouchers Anhua must have submitted to Lianxin; then, Anhua’s peculation will be obvious and documented. Hopefully, Anhua gets fired after that.

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