Rebirth: Chapter 79 (Part 2)

Chapter 79: Poor upbringing, two million

(Part 2)

“Second Aunt.” Lu Anxin argued with an ugly expression, “Our family is not well- off either. Sometimes we also have to pay out of our own pockets when treating clients to a meal and whatnots! Where would we find the extra cash to support Anran’s new store ah! Also, this 100th branch store would be opened at Xin Dong, plus it would be located in the shopping mall of Long Corporation, so even if we were to contribute money, it would also be an utterly inadequate measure ah!”

“Pay out of your own pockets?” It was as though Xu Lianxin had heard a joke, “When our accounting department settle the accounts every month, your PR department spends the most money! Don’t even talk about anyone else, just Lu Anhua alone! Last month, we received his expense claim of $380 000! I really want to ask right here. Lu Corporation has not signed any large deals recently ah! How did this $380 000 come about?”

Hearing Xu Lianxin’s question, Lu Anhua suddenly lost his voice. He could spend $50 000 to $60 000 in just one night at the nightclub. This $380 000 was signed when he went out drinking and playing with his friends and buddies. He was the Young Master of Lu Corporation! If he goes out and spends on a budget, he would become a joke ah!

“All of you stop quarrelling!” Lu Jianfeng had a headache from all of the squabble. Looking at Lu Junfeng who had remained silent throughout, he asked, “Junfeng, what’s your opinion?”

“Me?” After being named, Lu Junfeng placed the bamboo slice that was between his chopsticks into his mouth and chewed carefully, as though he did not mind being the focus of attention. It was only until he swallowed the bamboo slice that Lu Junfeng slowly said, “I support Anran’s view!”

“Second Bro!” Lu Junan was evidently unsatisfied with Lu Junfeng’s stance, “What do you mean by this?”

“It means exactly what it means!” Lu Junfeng placed his chopsticks on the table and said, “Dad, Anran has expressed very clearly with her first sentence. Never suspect the man one uses, never use the man one suspects. At that time, you handed over the management rights of the store to Anran. If Anhua was to help out now, then undoubtedly the management rights that was supposedly Anran’s would be shared with Anhua. To Anran, she would definitely be sad, and feel that you don’t trust her! Standing from Anran’s viewpoint, I don’t think Anhua will be able to help out with anything!”

“Why wouldn’t I be able to help out!” Lu Anhua defended himself unconvincingly.

“You, shut up!” Lu Jianhao glared at Lu Anhua and said, “Junfeng, continue on!”

“Mm.” Lu Junfeng nodded and continued, “This store needs a completely new management model. Everything is done through trial- and- error. During this process, the worst fear is a difference in opinion. It is still okay if Anran is the only one managing! But if Anhua also joins in and both their opinions diverge, Anhua feels that he is the older brother and Anran should listen to him, while Anran has a stubborn personality and feels that she is right and that Anhua should listen to her…… With infighting at the leadership level, what would the employees at the lower level do? So, I support Anran’s stance.
Since Dad has already handed over the rights to Anran, then we should trust her and give her our full support! Anming has also said it previously, Anran has only started to manage the new store, and there are many areas that need financial support. The amount of money that Lu Corporation can allocate is also limited. Although I don’t have that much money as well, I would like to make a contribution. Before coming, I have already discussed with Lianxin and we can take out $1 million to help Anran. Even though it is not much, it can be considered a gesture. In addition, I am going to transfer Anming to the new store as a manager to assist Anran. Anming will abide by all of Anran’s decisions.” After saying these, Lu Junfeng shot a glance at Lu Junan’s family and said, “So, if Anhua really wants to help Anran, why don’t he transfer over to be a manager as well ah!”

“Be what manager? I won’t do it!” Lu Anhua directly refused. What he wanted was the management rights in Lu Anran’s hands, fame and wealth! Not some managerial position! Without even thinking, Lu Anhua rejected it cleanly.

Hearing the blunt rejection of Lu Anhua, Lu Jianhao stiffened. After all, he was a person who has seen much of the world and now thoroughly understood the schemes and trickeries of Lu Junan’s family.

“I think OK!” Lu Anming nodded, “Anyway there’s Dad and Elder Bro at the R&D department so I can be at ease! On the other hand, since Anran is by herself, I will do my very best once I am transferred and help out as much as I can!”

“Junfeng and all are contributing $1 million and are letting Anming to help out.” Lu Jianhao looked at Lu Junan, “I don’t think Anhua is willing to go over to Anran’s side so all of you will contribute $2 million!”
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