Rebirth: Chapter 79 (Part 1)

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Just a note, if Lu Jianfeng pops up, it should be Lu Jianhao, which is Lu Anran’s grandpa! I think the author got confused (so we got confused too…), because she keeps on mixing up the names.

Chapter 79: Poor upbringing, two million

(Part 1)

“I don’t feel that it was too much at all ah!” Lu Anming shrugged expressing his objection.

“I also don’t think there was anything wrong.” Lu Anshuo was of the same opinion as Lu Anming.

“Second Bro, look at your two sons!” Lu Anming became furious and spat contemptuously, “It’s already like this, but all of you all still being blindly partial to Lu Anran! I think none of you sincerely have Anran’s best interests at heart! Everyone is only spoiling Anran, see how unruly she has become ah!” Lu Junan smack the table and shouted angrily, “Looks like all of you want to ruin Anran ah!”

“Speaking of wanting to ruin Anran, how can we be comparable to Third Bro, you ah!” Xu Lianxin rolled her eyes disdainfully. “Didn’t Third Bro keep on sending all kinds of games, manga, and toys to Anran previously? If Anran didn’t become more mature and can now focus seriously, it will be hard to tell what kind of second-generation ancestor she would have turn into!”

“You……” These words made Lu Junan feel guilty instantly and he became angry out of embarrassment, but because he was good at keeping his composure, he managed to suppress this anger.

“Xu Lianxin! You need to watch your words when you talk! Junan did that for the sake of Anran ah!” Liu Yue’s expression was clearly more embarrassed than Lu Junan’s. She was hurling all kinds of abuse as soon as she got up and looked a bit like a guilty person who is protesting one’s innocence too much, “Everyone in our family are totally devoted to Anran ah!”

“Liu Yue! To borrow Lu Anran’s words!” Xu Lianxin rolled her eyes and sneered, “I am your second sister-in-law, be more respectful when speaking! Stop naming everyone here and there! I think your upbringing is not much better than Anran’s ah! Still dare to criticise Anran for having poor upbringing! Hmph! What a joke!”

“You!” Aggravated by Xu Lianxin, Liu Yue turned speechless.

“I what I!” Xu Lianxin mocked, “You still want to let Anhua get involved with the new store at Xin Dong? Anhua has not even made any great achievement in his present department ah! He can’t even do well in the PR department and still want to intervene in Anran’s store, your hands are really stretching quite far ah!”

“What nonsense are you blabbing about!” Liu Yue’s face expressed her frustration. She knows better than anyone how her own son is like but that’s her son ah! Her son is the best! It’s only because he was unlucky that he did not succeed! It’s all because Lu Jianhao didn’t give her son a chance otherwise, the outcome today will definitely be different! After all, how can her son be worse than the daughter that slut Ji Rou gave birth to? The child she gave birth to, was a son!! That’s a whole lot better than Lu Anran this money-losing commodity!

Liu Yue quibbled on, “Anhua is just not suited for those. He is too talented to be wasted in public relations!” After saying this, Liu Yue also felt a burst of grievance. Her son is someone who will become an accomplished person in future!

“What do you mean by my nonsense?” Xu Lianxin harrumphed, “Since Anhua is not suited for public relations then just let him go out and learn through other work experience! Just nice, it can show just how capable your son is!

“Second Aunt, what you said is incorrect!” Originally Lu Anhua did not intend to speak out but since Xu Lianxin has already said so, he had to refute against it ah! No matter what he does not want to leave Lu Corporation! All his daily life and pleasure expenses now are all reimbursed to him through the public relations’ business travel expenses. If he really left Lu Corporation, how can he still squander and display his wealth in front of his friends?! No way! Absolutely not!

“I think my Mum’s suggestion is quite good!” Lu Anming snickered, “Anyway, you don’t like to stay in the PR department. Nine out of ten times you are not even around when I look for you.”

“Who…… Who said so!” Lu Anhua’s expression turned ashen and evaded by saying, “That’s because coincidentally, I had meetings with clients!”

“Hurhur……” Lu Anming lifted his eyebrows and with a tone full of mockery, he said, “How coincidental ah!”

“……” Being talked about in this way by Lu Anming, Lu Anhua blushed till the tips of his ears were red, but he still stubbornly said, “What do you know? You people at R&D department just need to sit there and idle, but us at the PR department have to go around bowing and scraping to others and make our clients satisfied ah!”

“That’s right ah!” Lu Anxin also spoke up for her own brother, “The PR department is really not easy. Bro Anming is not in the service department so naturally you are not clear, but the time taken every day to go about our business outside is quite long.”

“Exactly!” Lu Anhua felt justified at once, “I have never spoken about all my pains and suffering ah!”

“Anran has never spoken either ah!” Lu Anhu could not bear to listen any longer! How could this family be so shameless ah! He, as an outsider, should not have interrupted but he cannot take it anymore.

“We just think that she looked exhausted and wanted brother to help her out ah!” Lu Anxin showed a sad look, “Unfortunately, our goodwill was taken for ill intent! Perhaps it was even believed that we are scheming against her!”

“……” Lu Anhu was still going to say something to refute against that, but was stopped by Lu Anwei’s meaningful glance. After all they were not part of the Lu Corporation, so some words should not be said by them.

“Then we should really thank all of you ah!” The words that Lu Anhu could not say, Lu Anming did not need to bother and mocked them just like before, “I think when Anran start operating the store, the funds distributed by Lu Corporation would not be enough for her! Since all of you feel so sorry for Anran, let’s be more practical! How much funds can you give Anran?”

As soon as Lu Anming uttered these words, the entire family of Lu Junan immediately changed their tune and became silent. They were here to make a profit. Want them to contribute money? No frigging way!

“What?” Xu Lianxin smiled disdainfully, “Becoming silent once money is mentioned? Just now wasn’t every sentence uttered was for the benefit of Anran? Then you should put forward something more concrete ah!”
T/N: HAHAHAHA! Serve LJA & co. right 🙂 XLX’s family is so cunning 😉

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