Rebirth: Chapter 78 (Part 2)

Chapter 78: Third Uncle’s conspiracy, wishful thinking

(Part 2)

These words of Lu Anxin were really skilled ah! Every sentence was for Anran’s own good. If one did not know her character, even Lu Anran would be so moved to tears and would feel deeply grateful to her.

Listening to Lu Anxin’s words, Lu Jianhao’s thoughts had naturally also changed but as he still respected Lu Anran and so he asked Lu Anran, “Anran, what do you think?”

“I don’t need Bro Anhua’s help!” Lu Anran rejected directly without the slightest hesitation. Lu Anxin has said it beautifully, but Lu Anran understood Lu Anxin’s motive very well. Pleasantly speaking, it was to help, but on the flip side, it was to share the rights! If this store was managed well, the honour would be Lu Anhua’s. If it was managed badly, Lu Anhua merely came to help out and Lu Anran would be the scapegoat! This wishful thinking was calculated really well ah!

“Anran……” Lu Anxin also suppressed the anger within her and continued to pretend to coax her, “Your Bro Anhua has already worked in Lu Corporation for a few years and is also in the most challenging Public Relations department. Vegetable resellers, purchase channels and even advertising, your Bro Anhua is very familiar with all of them. With his help, your load will lighten and you can be more relaxed ah!”

“Yes ah!” Lu Anhua also became restless and could not help entering the conversation, “Anran, I’m also normally very busy ah! This is also for your sake and for the benefit of Lu Corporation ah!”

“Then you should just be busy with your own stuff!” Lu Anran could not help rolling her eyes.

“I……” Lu Anhua was choked by Lu Anran response, and suddenly felt flabbergasted. But, at the same time he repeatedly cursed Lu Anran in his heart for not knowing what was good for her.

“Anran, I think that your elder sister’s suggestion is quite good.” Lu Jianhao also felt that Lu Anran has lost some weight these days. He has also read Lu Anran’s decoration proposal which was done quite well. This made him very pleased, but Lu Anran was only fifteen-year-old after all and his heart ached for his own granddaughter.

The moment they heard Lu Jianhao saying so, Lu Junan’s family heaved a sigh of relief, especially Lu Anhua who almost burst out laughing, even the expression he looked at Lu Anran with was filled with arrogance and derision.

Lu Anran placed her chopsticks on the table and lifted her head to look at Lu Jianhao. She had a serious expression and her gaze was sincere, “Grandpa, if one doubts a person, do not use him; do not suspect a person one uses! If you doubt my ability, you can remove my management right at any time and your granddaughter will not say a single word! Since everyone in Lu Family is here today except my father, I, Lu Anran, will assert three points here.

Firstly, if you want me to manage this store, then this store will only be managed by me, Lu Anran! Those who are willing to assist me can give some advices and I will thank you as a younger generation! Those who wants to manage the store with me, don’t even think about it!

Secondly, if you want me to manage this store, then I will decide on everything, even if it is you Grandpa, you also cannot excessively interfere. I will consider your suggestions, but I may not abide by it!

Thirdly, Grandpa can withdraw my management rights easily with just one sentence, but I’ll set down this last sentence here. In the entire Lu Corporation, other than I, Lu Anran, there is no one other than me who can bear this weight!”

A mouthful of words was clearly and efficiently declared. Without giving anyone a chance to retort, Lu Anran continued, “I’m full! All of you, enjoy your meal!” After saying that, she got up to leave the table and went straight upstairs to her room.

After her departure, silence filled the air around the dining table. Ten minutes later, Liu Yue was the first to recover from her shock at Lu Anran’s announcement. She hit the table and angrily cursed, “Look at how spoilt Lu Anran is now! She’s simply out of control!”

“Exactly!” Lu Anhua was also utterly infuriated. The management rights to this store was originally his ah! It was this Lu Anran who hindered him that made him miss the opportunity. Now he was willing to eat humble pie and take the initiative to help Lu Anran to manage the store, but unexpectedly that bitch Lu Anran was not even deeply grateful to him! Damn it!

“Dad! Look at this Lu Anran! It’s all because Second Bro and family have spolit her!” Lu Junan did not forget to slander Lu Junfeng’s family.

“Precisely ah, Grandpa! If we don’t keep Anran in check sooner, then she will become uncontrollable ah! Only fifteen-year-old, yet she dares to be so aggressive in front of her elders!” Lu Anxin was itching for Lu Jianhao to fly into rage immediately and take back the management rights.

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