Rebirth: Chapter 78 (Part 1)

Chapter 78: Third Uncle’s conspiracy, wishful thinking

(Part 1)

The whole morning of study was probably considered as the happiest period for the students. Everyone was still complaining to each other during lunch. In contrast to the Class D that Lu Anran advised specifically yesterday, the other first- year classes were moaning and groaning repeatedly, as though one needed to use their entire strength just to walk. All of these actions were observed by Class D students who were filled with gratitude towards their female class monitor.

The afternoon training was not much different to yesterday, except the second round of jogging was changed to marching.

School ended immediately after training. It was only when they reached home that they learnt that Uncle Lu’s medical report was out, and he had benign tumour. As it was discovered early, it will be fine as long as it was excised. After faxing the medical report over to the United States, and after Steve Hicks has arranged everything, Uncle Lu who was accompanied by his son, took an afternoon flight to the United States. Ji Rou has also arranged their pick- up and all other processes over at the United States’ side.

It seemed like Uncle Lu was crying before he left, but Lu Anran was not sure about the specifics and felt at ease, as long as Uncle Lu went for treatment. Uncle Lu’s pitiful appearance before his death materialised in front of her again and Lu Anran could not help but frown.

During dinner, it was rare that both Lu Junan’s and Lu Junfeng’s family were present. The last time that all of them gathered together was a few months ago……

It was evident that both Lu Anran and Lu Junan’s family hated each other but Lu Anran also did not feel like acknowledging them and did not really speak to them much. However, this does not mean that someone will leave her alone and not scheme against her.

“Anran ah! Are you able to cope with your new store?” Lu Junan pretended to look concerned.

Lu Anran stopped eating, “It’s okay.” As she spoke, Lu Anran wondered why Lu Junan was asking such a question and had an ominous premonition.

“Anran ah! You are only fifteen and it’s the first time you are managing a store. There will certainly be areas that you are uncertain about. This is such an important store!” Lu Junan’s wife, Liu Yue also said smilingly.

“I think it’s okay ah!” Lu Anran said feeling increasingly uneasy.

“Anran, don’t be stubborn now!” Lu Anxin put down her spoon and said, “You are in high school now and high school curriculum is so stressful. How can you do this alone? See how thin you have become these days. Have you been staying up late? As your older cousin sister, I feel so sorry for you!”

“Pfft……” Before Lu Anran could react, Lu Anhu spewed out first after hearing Lu Anxin’s words. Lu Anxin will feel sorry for Lu Anran? What a joke! He and Lu Anwei clearly saw it that day at that formal wear place! After coughing with one hand covering his mouth, he covered up and said in a flustered manner, “This soup is a little hot ah!”

“……” Everyone glanced over. This soup…… is hot?

Lu Junan ignored Lu Anhu and spoke once more, “Anran ah! Third Uncle knows that you won’t be able to manage yourself! Why don’t your Bro Anhua help you!”

“……” Lu Anran understood the kind of intentions they had. At this moment, she must cleanly and immediately reject their help and must not give this kind of shameless people a hint of hope, “No need. I don’t need the slightest bit of help! I can manage everything very well by myself!”

“You……” The entire family of Lu Junan knew that Lu Anran will not agree but they never thought that Lu Anran would reject so directly. Currently, the facial expression on each and every one of them have changed. Lu Junan gave a couple of cynical laughs and said, “Look at this child. Isn’t asking your Bro Anhua to help you for your own good and the benefit of Lu Corporation?”

For the damn benefit of Lu Corporation again?! Lu Anran instantly flared up after hearing this sentence. In her previous lifetime, it was because she believed in Lu Junan’s ‘for the benefit of Lu Corporation’ that she was so tragically harmed. Now he still dared to say another sentence of ‘for the benefit of Lu Corporation’! It was only for Lu Junan himself! Such a vile person! Hypocrite! Lu Anran was so angry that she clenched her teeth, but she still restrained her anger, “I don’t need Bro Anhua’s help. Besides, what can Bro Anhua do ah? Our store does not need public relations! It’s enough for Bro Anhua to work well in Lu Corporation!”

“You!” Listening to Lu Anran’s words about her own son, Liu Yue became unhappy. “Ji Rou, why can’t you take care of your daughter properly! Anhua is her older cousin brother in every other way. Such poor upbringing!”

“I……” Ji Rou wanted to say something but was bluntly interrupted by Anran.

“Indeed, Anran’s upbringing cannot be compared to Third Aunt’s family!” Lu Anran noticed Liu Yue’s distinctly smug expression and suddenly switched sides, “But Third Aunt, you should not forget that my mother is your eldest sister- in- law! Instead of addressing her as your ‘sister- in- law’, you address her disrespectfully by her name. You really think that we, a widow and child, are so easily bullied ah!”

“You!” Liu Yue’s expression had become so dark that it could not darken any further. She hurriedly looked towards Lu Jianhao, “Dad! Look at Lu Anran! She even looking down upon me, this Third Aunt! She……”

“ENOUGH!” Liu Yue’s words were interrupted by Lu Jianhao before she could finish, “Can’t we all properly eat a meal! Those who can’t, just leave!” He was originally already quite worried about Uncle Lu and was vexed inside. Why were these younger generations all still adding to his frustrations ah!

“I……” Liu Yue also felt aggrieved but since Lu Jianhao has already made his stance, she could not say anything further and could only glare at Lu Anran fiercely before burying her head down to eat her rice.

“Grandpa.” Lu Anxin was indeed the most intelligent of all in Lu Junan’s family and immediately realised that the key to this matter was still Lu Jianhao, “Grandpa, please don’t be angry! We were just being worried about Anran and considering for the sake of Anran! You also know that even though our family have a straightforward personality and speak bluntly, each and every one of us favours Anran and is concerned about Lu Corporation! All of us have seen how thin Anran has become and was worried that Anran was overworking herself that we thought of asking my brother to help out!” After saying these beautiful words, Lu Anxin quickly continued, “My brother is also your grandson ah! For Anhua to be positioned at Public Relations is somewhat like using a talented person in an insignificant position, so why not let him help Lu Anran out? Managing this new store at Xin Dong with Anran would also give him an opportunity to develop his skills ah!”

T/N: LAX is so sneaky!


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