Rebirth: Chapter 77 (Part 2)

Chapter 77: Need surgery, dreamt of him

(Part 2)

This matter was settled in this manner. After dinner, Lu Jianhao went to his study and was accompanied by Uncle Lu as per usual. Lu Anran returned to her room. It was just the first day of school, so there was not much homework. After half an hour, Lu Anran finished all her homework and began to edit a feasible decoration plan on her laptop. According to Ji Rou’s design, Lu Anran first proposed several requirements of the building materials, then she attached the drawing design with a text description. After three hours of editing the decoration plan, Lu Anran sent it to Ji Rou’s email instead of sending it directly to Lu Jianhao. At this time, Ji Rou was using her computer to look up some information. After receiving an email notification, she carefully looked over Lu Anran’s proposal once before going to Lu Anran’s room to point out some unclear and irrational areas. Lu Anran listened and earnestly edited the plan once more.

Ji Rou sat at her side, giving her pointers from time to time, even the formatting and other key elements of the plan were amended together. It took another three more hours for Lu Anran to come up with a proposal that was up to standard, before she finally sent both the plan and proposal to Lu Jianhao’s mailbox.

When she was done, it was late at night and was time for bed. Lu Anran massaged her sore shoulders and neck, said goodnight to Ji Rou before going to take a hot bath. It was only after doing one round of forward stretches to loosen up her muscles, did she then sit back in front of her desk to record in her diary today’s happenings and her feelings. When she placed her diary back in her drawer, her fingers touched something cold, astonishing Lu Anran. Taking out the silver box that was in her drawer and opening it, in that silver box was a half face mask that appeared vividly before one’s eyes. It was exquisitely crafted and lavishly styled. Lu Anran reached out to caress the decorative pattern on the mask and a pair of tender and affectionate eyes emerged before her eyes again. Her thoughts could not help drifting away……

Who on earth was that guy?

“No!” Shaking her head firmly, she threw the image of that guy out of her mind. Why did she think of that guy again? She placed the mask back into the box and into the drawer once more. Lu Anran angrily slammed the drawer shut. Hasn’t she already decided? To never believe in love or whatever anymore. She only needs to protect the Lu Corporation and that’s good enough for her!

“Sleep! Sleep!” Muttering as though she was hypnotising herself, Lu Anran switched off her lights and buried herself under her quilt. Perhaps she was indeed too tired, Lu Anran slept soundly after three to five minutes. In her dream, she dreamt of that guy again. The two were dancing amongst the music. Both of them gazed into each other’s eyes. Lu Anran could not see his face as he was still wearing a mask. Once the music ended, as she reached out to touch his mask, the guy retreated a few steps and silently shook his head.

“Oi! Who on earth are you ?” Lu Anran wanted to know the other party’s identity but he did not give her a chance to ask further. He was looking at her, but his image was moving further and further away, and was fading away until he completely disappeared in front of her eyes.


When the alarm from her mobile phone rang, Lu Anran was roused suddenly from her dream. Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes and her somewhat swollen temples. She seemed to have dreamt of something, but she could not remember what it was…… No matter how she tried to recall, she could not remember……

After taking a deep breath and stretching lazily, Lu Anran flung back her head and decided to ignore it. After showering, she changed into sports clothes. Lu Anhu will begin to teach her self- defence starting from today which she has been looking forward to.

By the time she reached the courtyard, Lu Anhu has already completed his one-hour of warming up. When he noticed Lu Anran arrival, he said, “Let’s warm up first.”

Lu Anran nodded and begin to exercise starting from her neck. After about 10 minutes of warm-up, when she felt her body has indeed started to heat up, Lu Anran nodded to Lu Anhu indicating that she was ready.

Lu Anhu then began teaching officially, “Let’s start from the basics! The military training in our school teaches the most basic of military boxing. Generally, military boxing is a combination of punching, kicking, knife grabbing and other fighting movements. I have been practicing since I was a child and think that it is relatively basic. At this age, you have already missed the best timing to learn martial arts so it’s better to teach you something more acceptable.”

“Anhu, what else have you learnt other than military boxing?” Lu Anhu curiously asked.

“My brother and I mainly learnt Ba Ji Quan1.” Lu Anhu said, “But it is too early for you to learn that, you should learn military boxing first!”
1 Ba Ji Quan (八极拳) or ‘Eight Extremes Fist’ is a martial arts boxing move

“Mm.” Lu Anran nodded.

“There are three sets of military boxing. Our military training only teaches the first section of the first set. The first set of military boxing has some use in self- defence. Its movements are relatively basic and are all fixed routines that are made up of basic combat movements and can also strengthen the body. I’ll teach you this first!”

“Okay!” Lu Anran agreed and began to seriously learn each and every move.

A one- on- one explanation by an instructor and personally guided with past experiences of Lu Anhu made learning undeniably quicker than the school’s military training. In just one morning, she has already learnt all 16 moves in the first set. Although the moves were not up to standard, and were inconsistent, but it was quite good progress for the first day of training.


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  1. Thought she hadn’t been all that impressed by her “mystery” dance partner, but who wouldn’t fall in love under such circumstances? Hope she remembers a bit more to be able to figure it all out soon… thanks for the update!

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