Rebirth: Chapter 76 (Part 1)

Happy April’s fools day everyone~

Chapter 76: Military training starts, student president

(Part 1)

After lunch break, the students gathered at the drill ground in classes and officially begin military training.

The instructors who led Class D were surnamed Wu and Hao, and were youths in their twenties. They entered the army for less than two years, had tanned skin and were not considered tall. After a few sentences on the strict requirements of their appearances, they asked Lu Anran and Qin Shumo to lead their class to jog two laps around the drill ground. The drill ground of First High was of standard size, one lap around the tartan track in the drill ground was 400m, two laps were exactly 800m.

The speed that Lu Anran and Qin Shumo ran for the two laps was not very fast and were urged to speed up when they jogged past the instructors, but both Lu Anran and Qin Shumo did not increase their pace and remained as they were. After finishing the 800m, some of the girls’ face were red and out of breath.

After the jog and resting for five minutes, they stood at attention for an hour without moving. They could only feel sweat dripping down the brim of their hat and only dared to desperately blink to squeeze it out when it dripped into their eyes. After an hour, the backs of many students were soaked, even two girls with poorer physique fainted and were assisted to a shaded area to rest and rehydrate with water.

After an hour of standing at attention, the instructors ordered them to rest, and everyone began to complain repeatedly while gathering to find a shady place. Although it was already September, the afternoon sun was still intolerable ah!

After 15 minutes of rest, the students were asked by the instructors to gather and run 800m again. As soon as they heard it, the students who normally either read books or practiced questions started to complain repetitively but they still dragged their tired body to finish running the 800m. After a short 5 minutes rest, the instructors began to teach military boxing.

The two instructors, one would shout phrases while the other would demonstrate. Each movement made the students who have never done these, stare blankly. After demonstrating the first section of the first set, the instructors informed the students that they only need to learn the first section of the first set during the military training.

As the students have never learnt these things, each and every one of them were eager to have a go at military boxing. However, although this set of military boxing looked cool, it was not easy to practice. In the remaining time, the students were only taught two moves but until school was let out, there were still students who could not meet the standard.

The instructors initially corrected the students’ postures over and over again but then they became frustrated and in the end was amused and annoyed at the same time as they rubbed their temples speechlessly. This was First High ah! Aren’t they all the smartest students in S city? Why couldn’t they do these two moves well even though it was explained so many times…. So weird……

At this time, a girl wearing the summer uniform of First High jogged over and whispered something to the instructors. The instructors nodded in response and the girl began to jog away.

The bell rang on time signalling the end of school and after the instructors gathered the students, they said, “You are dismissed now, the two monitors are to go to the Student Union Activity Room on the third floor of the building for a meeting. The other students are to return to the classroom to get their backpacks and leave the school.”

When Lu Anran heard this, she could only exchange glances with Qin Shumo who stood close by and smiled bitterly.

“Anran……” Ji Ling put her hand on Lu Anran’s shoulder, “the task is difficult…… You have worked hard!”

“Ay…….” Lu Anran shook her head helplessly. She then cleared her throat, shouting to stop everyone who was about to leave, “Wait a minute.”

Hearing Lu Anran’s voice, everyone halted and turned around to look at her, “Class monitor, what’ wrong?”

“Don’t leave in a rush, do a few stretching exercises, and massage your legs and arms to alleviate muscle soreness. After showering at night, try to do a few more stretching exercises, otherwise all of you would definitely be in pain tomorrow!” Lu Anran shared her own valuable experiences. In the first few days of her morning exercises with Lu Anhu, if it was not for Lu Anhu’s daily supervision, making sure she does her stretches, she would definitely not do it.

After hearing that, her classmates started to exercise their hands and legs and did a few stretches before saying goodbye to one another and leaving. The two instructors who were still close by, nodded at each other and left silently. They still had to assemble! It was only when these students return home after school and finish their dinner that they officially begin their training.

After Lu Anran advised her classmates, she headed to the direction of the Student Union with Qin Shumo. At the entrance of the Student Union Activity Room, Lu Anran met Chu Yao again. After a few insincere conventional greetings, Lu Anran entered the Activity Room first. The Activity Room had a long oval table that was already filled with the eight student union members and two unfamiliar people – a male and a female who sat at the main host seats and appeared to be also part of the student union with quite high positions. Seeing that all the class monitors were present, the male student in a main host seat cleared his throat and said, “Since everyone’s here, I’ll briefly introduce myself. I am the president of the student union. My name is Feng Lixing. Next to me are the two vice- presidents – this is Long Yuxing who is in charge of Class D, whom all of you should recognise.” Feng Lixing lifted his finger and pointed to the right at the girl with a high ponytail wearing an old- fashioned round spectacles and said, “This is vice-president Huang Ying, the backbone of student union and a decathlon.”

Long Yuxing gently nodded and considered it a polite greeting while Huang Ying smiled and said to all the newly seated class monitors, “I’m Huang Ying, a third year. Not as great as what the president has made out to be.”

Huang Ying’s explanation made all the class monitors present laughed lightly. The original tense atmosphere gradually relaxed.

“Vice-president Huang is being modest right?” Feng Lixing joked and then lightly coughed, “Actually, the main aim of gathering everyone here was to first, give everyone an opportunity to get to know each other and second, tell everyone about the reform policy of the student union for this year.” Feng Lixing said, “This year, the student union will recruit a first-year student to join the student union.”

When Feng Lixing’s words fell, many people’s eyes brightened. One should know that the difference between First High’s student union and other high school’s was that there were large scholarship awards that was selected on basis of votes every year, they also have priority in taking part in domestic and international competitions, and were also guaranteed places in famous universities…… Being part of the student union will also add a lot of glory to their curriculum vitae.

The list in the previous lifetime had Chu Yao’s name. Lu Anran glanced at Chu Yao and the corners of her mouth lifted. She wondered if Chu Yao would be as lucky this year…… It did not matter to her who enters the student union, as long as it is not Chu Yao!
T/N: Two new characters! 😏

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  1. Is this type of physical training really a part of high school curriculum in Asia? Making the kids stand at attention under the hot afternoon sun sounds like harsh punishment… glad to have grown up in the US 😅

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    1. Depends on the school and nation, in the Philippines its either community service or ROTC(reserved officer’s training course). In korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. they don’t have military training, they have 2 yr military service.

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