Rebirth: Chapter 75 (Part 1)

…And another one!

Chapter 75 (Part 1)

Holding the report, Qin Shuhan went to the consulting room with Mother Qin. It was noon now and there were not many people in the consulting room. The female doctor took the report and said, “the fetus is 2 cm long. Its condition is very stable. Pay attention to avoid certain food, and don’t overtire yourself. You will have symptoms like fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea with vomiting. These are normal so you don’t have to worry. Remember to come back for regular check-ups.”

“How much will it harm the mother’s body if an abortion is done now?” Mother Qin asked.

“Mum!” Qin Shuhan immediately protected her own stomach, “I won’t abort the baby! Absolutely not!”

“You this child……” Mother Qin appeared to look embarrassed. Her 26- year- old daughter was having a child born out of wedlock and refused to name who the father is! If one must know, in this current society, a girl who is pregnant before marriage will be subjected to much disdain and attract much criticism, especially when there is no man around to take care of her. How could she allow this?

“This is MY child! I said I will raise him, so I will bring him up!” Qin Shuhan was full of determination.

Seeing her daughter’s resolute appearance, Mother Qin was very distressed. As a mother, which one did not want her own child to have a lifetime of happiness and peace? But…… This child with an unknown father was doomed to be a lifetime burden on Qin Shuhan ah! She was also a mother, she knows what it means for a woman to have a child. Her heart was also aching but thinking long term, she really did not want Qin Shuhan to give birth this burden, “Shuhan, listen to Mum. You are still young! You will still have children in future. In future, you can still get married and have kids. I think Xinhong is pretty good……”

“MUM!” Qin Shuhan firmly rejected Mother Qin, “It’s enough for me to have this child in this lifetime! No matter how great Bai Xinhong is, he is not the person I love! I won’t get married! I’m begging you! Don’t force me!”

“You……” Mother Qin did not know what else to say.

“This……” From the squabble between the mother-daughter pair, the female doctor generally understood the situation and said after hesitating for a moment, “From the blood test, the lady is nine weeks pregnant. If she was to get an abortion now, it will greatly harm to the pregnant lady and there is a small chance of a lifelong infertility.”

“This…….” Hearing the doctor’s words, Mother Qin also wavered.

“……” Qin Shuhan looked at Mother Qin, “Mum! Please!” She was 9 weeks pregnant, yet she did not have severe nausea, nor any other pregnancy symptoms so she knew that her child must be so sensible that he does not make trouble for her…… She really really loves this child…… really really loves…… She will spend the rest of her life loving this child, and make sure that this child grows up healthily and happily……

“I know……” Mother Qin drooped her shoulders powerlessly, “Let’s go……” She only applied for half-day leave from the school. As a teacher of an elite third year class, it was already very rare to get a half-day leave. Now that the wood has already been made into a boat1, she could only take one step at a time……
1. meaning what’s done cannot be undone

“Thank you Doc, bye!” Qin Shuhan smiled at the doctor before leaving the consulting room with Mother Qin.

The mother-daughter pair left the consulting room one after another. When they reached the hospital entrance, Qin Shuhan looked at Mother Qin, “Mum, let me drive you back to school.”

“No need. I’ll take a cab back to school myself.” Mother Qin refused Qin Shuhan. Her heart was still in a mess. Ever since Qin Shuhan told her that she was pregnant, her heart felt as though it was being crushed by boulders all the time making her unable to breathe, “You have also only asked for half-day leave. Sending me back is not on the way.”

“Mm.” Qin Shuhan also understood that it was best to let her mother calm down by herself now, so she also did not insist, “I’ll go and hail a cab for you.” After saying that, she went to the roadside to catch a cab. It was only about 5 to 6 minutes later that a taxi arrived. After Mother Qin got on the taxi, Qin Shuhan waved goodbye, “Mum, send me a text once you reach the school.” She then carefully noted down the taxi license plate number.

After seeing Mother Qin off, Qin Shuhan turned around and sighed. With a lowered head, she walked towards the carpark. She knew that her parents would not agree for her to have this chid, but things that she has already decided, cannot be easily changed. She loves Lu Anwei deeply. Since the both of them do not have a future, then she wants to keep this child. This was the most beautiful gift that heavens have given to her……

Thinking of Lu Anwei, Qin Shuhan recalled once more the photo in Lu Anran’s phone. Her heart involuntarily ached. Yesterday, because of Lu Anwei’s matter, she tossed and turned for the entire night, until the next morning where she was in a trance state of being half- asleep and half- awake. Maybe it was better to give Lu Anran a call tonight and ask about the photo…… Also don’t know how was Lu Anwei now? The death of a close buddy must be very painful for him…… but she could not help with anything…… With such thoughts, she reached carpark area. As she lifted her head up, she saw Lu Anwei’s figure. Lu Anwei also seemed to have noticed her as he was initially stunned but gave her a polite nod later.

It was as though something was stuck in her throat. Feeling the alienation from Lu Anwei, Qin Shuhan felt as though her entire self has fallen into a bottomless abyss.
T/N: So much agony. I thought QSH and LAW were going to meet in the hospital in the previous chapter. I think the author secretly hates this pairing. ( ̄y▽ ̄)╭ Ohohoho…..


8 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 75 (Part 1)

  1. I guess nobody cares, but the author is wrong about abortion being dangerous at 9 weeks. It’s still first trimester and completely safe to have an abortion.


  2. Thx 4 the chap guys:)

    Being a westerner, an American at that, it’s near impossible to sympathize with their whole situation. Even more so, to relate to. That’s…straight up, impossible. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s an eastern novel and that’s just a price you have to pay if you enjoy these novels. All this drama because of a complete lack of communication…yeah, we’re too beligerant as a society to understand why anybody would think this is a good choice. “Sit down and have a talk already, sheesh” continues to bellow in my mind and I have to keep pushing down the irritation that comes from them not doing so. Well, it’ll get resolved soon enough by them doing just that so, all I can do is focus on the rest of the story which, is why I’m reading this in the first place. I just hope not too many more chapters are wasted on their whole self-inflicted drama and the plots refocuses on our MC. There’s so much around her still waiting to be read about. The last thing I want to read about is the lack of communication of some side characters:)

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    1. Oh thank heavens, at least we know the ship WILL SAIL! I never understand why unwed pregnant mothers want to do it all on their own – it takes a village to raise a child, don’t be ashamed to get all the help you can, especially from the father!!!

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