Rebirth: Chapter 74 (Part 2)

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Chapter 74: Anwei’s memory, Shuhan goes for a checkup

(Part 2)

“I am.” Lu Anran replied. “There’s one more!” She looked into the classroom but did not see Qin Shumo’s figure, “Seems like he’s not here yet.”

“Oh.” Long Yuxing responded casually and solemnly extended his hand to Lu Anran, “I’m Long, Yu, Xing!”

“Hello.” She politely returned his handshake, “I’m Lu Anran.”

“I know.” Long Yuxing smiled dotingly, “Feel free to come to me whenever you have problems.”

“En…… Thank you Senior Long.” Lu Anran felt that Long Yuxing was really a warm- hearted and good person! She did not even think it was strange that Long Yuxing recognised her. There were so many people who knew her in S city…… Lu Anran burst into a smile. To people who are nice to her, Lu Anran was always generous with her sincere smile and this Senior Long has always given her a feeling of reassurance and an inexplicable sense of familiarity……

Seeing Lu Anran’s smile, Long Yuxing could not help patting Lu Anran’s head gently again.

“Long…… Senior Long…..” Lu Anran once again avoided Long Yuxing’s hand. Why does this Senior like to pat her head so much ah……

“Lu Anran?” As soon as he arrived at the classroom, he saw Lu Anran talking god knows what with another guy. The back of the guy was facing him. Although he could not see the guy’s appearance, that smile on Lu Anran’s face made him feel uneasy, especially when the guy placed his hand on Lu Anran’s head, Qin Shumo felt a distinct rise in his blood pressure.

“Qin Shumo, you are here!” Noticing Qin Shumo, Lu Anran waved and said, “Senior Long, this is the other monitor in our class, Qin Shumo.”

“Hello.” Long Yuxing clearly did not like this Qin Shumo who appeared out of nowhere.

“Hello!” It was also obvious that Qin Shumo disliked Long Yuxing. With a single heated eye exchange, both parties were aware of the other sides’ displeasure but neither said anything much.

“It’s almost time for class to start, I’m leaving first.” Long Yuxing caressed Lu Anran’s head again before striding away.

“OK!” Lu Anran waved. Seeing Long Yuxing leaving, Lu Anran rubbed her head strangely. Why did this Senior Long like to rub her head even though they were meeting for the first time ah!

At this time, Ji Ling also ran to the classroom while gasping, “Safe~! Phew…… Was almost late!”

Lu Anran puzzledly placed her hand on top of Ji Ling’s head. She also liked patting Ji Ling’s head because Ji Ling was tiny, looked kind of cute and nice to stroke…….

“Anran! I’ve already said it many times! Don’t touch my head la!” Ji Ling protested while baring her fangs and brandishing her claws, “I won’t be able to grow taller la!”

“…” Lu Anran silently thought to herself. That’s right, that’s right! This kind of resistance with such useless threatening gestures was also very cute…… Could it be Senior Long also felt that her shorty self was also a pushover? It can’t be right……

“What’s wrong? What are you in daze for?” Seeing Lu Anran staring blankly, Qin Shumo did not know if it was because of that Senior Long, and his heart felt somewhat disturbed, so he reminded, “Class is starting. Hurry and return to your seat!”

“Mm!” Lu Anran who was reminded hurriedly went back to her seat with Ji Ling.

As soon as she got to her seat, Lu Rui stepped into the classroom just as the bell went off, “The first period is English. Open your book.”

First period’s lesson was by the English teacher who left a bad impression on everyone yesterday. Although the students were somewhat discontented, they still obediently flipped open their books. Lu Anran followed Qin Shuhan’s advice from yesterday and was very attentive in this class, carefully recording every word of Lu Rui’s. This Lu Rui was indeed a person that was super adverse to troublesome matters. His entire lesson were all points to note, without any superfluous nonsense.

His professional attitude and clear articulation also forced the students to surrender. Although this form teacher’s usual attitude was annoying, but he was really good at teaching.

The second period was Chinese, third was Geography and the fourth was History. After a brief introduction, the teachers began their normal lessons, delegating homework and selecting the subject representatives before the end of class.

After the fourth period was lunch break. At noon, Lu Anran, Lu Anhu, Ji Ling, and Qin Shumo went to the cafeteria to eat. The four of them just happened to occupy a table for four. Everyone ate and chatted. The cafeteria of First High was rather fair, the food was cheaply priced and edible, or at least Lu Anran thought it was acceptable.

At the same time, Lu Anwei who accompanied Uncle Lu to the hospital, has also bought two boxes of milk and bread as he continued to sit at the entrance of the Doppler ultrasound room. Uncle Lu had a routine blood test and just went into the third Doppler ultrasound room. Uncle Lu would be able to eat something when he comes out since Uncle Lu was not allowed to eat breakfast this morning as he was going for the blood test. While waiting, Lu Anwei found a corner to eat his share of bread and milk.

At this time, Qin Shuhan walked out from the sixth Doppler ultrasound room holding an ultrasound report, met with Mother Qin who was waiting for her outside, and went back to gynaecology consulting room once more with the ultrasound report, brushing past the Lu Anwei who was eating his bread in a corner.
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