Rebirth: Chapter 74 (Part 1)

Chapter 74: Anwei’s memory, Shuhan goes for a checkup

(Part 1)

He remembered the night before Geng Zheng’s wedding, the groom- to- be was drunk. Holding Lu Anwei’s hand, he said, “How I wish! How I wish that squad of brothers could attend my wedding…… Yet now there are only the two of us left!” Geng Zheng cried and laughed at the same time and said to Lu Anwei, “So many times, it has whizzed by my head ah! Other than my heart, there are no other places throughout my body that does not have bullet holes…. I have grown tired of it. I’m getting married, I have a wife, my wife is pregnant! Qiao Ying is already 3 months pregnant! In October. I’m going to be a father at the latest in October this year! ……I’ve already submitted my application and will be transferred to the local People’s Armed Police at the end of the year. It’s much safer to be part of the local armed police than what we are now. Bro! You’re the only brother I have left. Promise me! Don’t die!”

You’re the only brother I have left…… Don’t die……

Weren’t these words also Lu Anwei’s innermost thoughts?

When they went on a mission, when ever did they not have a close shave?

Geng Zheng had just been married for less than half a year, to die in the line duty, what is going to happen to his wife and kid? At the end, he could not wait for the birth of his child……

Lu Anwei could not cry even if he wanted to…… The ten comrades that year, each and every one of them have departed the world, leaving him all alone…… Lu Anwei’s hands trembled uncontrollably. He was so afraid, not that he was afraid of dying but he was afraid that if he and Qin Shuhan really got together, what will happen to her…. after he died?

The resignation that he spoke of previously was nothing but a deception. He knew deep down that he was still hoping for Qin Shuhan to change her mind, and constantly looking forward to building a family with Qin Shuhan. But after receiving today’s call, he truly has no more illusions and was really giving up.

The cost of being together was so great that all his fantasies and hopes has shattered in face of reality. He has always known, always known that in this lifetime, he was unable to give his beloved woman a peaceful and happy life but after meeting Qin Shuhan, he became greedy…… He could not see himself clearly…… He learnt to deceive himself……

But after today, reality gave him a staggering blow that severely woke him up. He has to really and truly let it go……

His mind replayed past scenes of him and Qin Shuhan. After tonight, the past would really become the past……

The next morning, everyone was somewhat surprised when Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu appeared on time at the dining table. They thought that Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu would shut themselves up in their room for several days……

“Bro Anwei…… You…… Are you alright…..?” Lu Anran asked.

“I’m fine.” Lu Anwei replied and said, “Aren’t I accompanying Uncle Lu to the hospital for a medical examination today?”

“Uh……” On contrary, Uncle Lu felt a little overwhelmed by unexpected favour, “This……”

“Go ahead!” Lu Anran thought that it was also good to have something to distract him.

“Anran, I’m full. Let’s go! It’s time to go to school.” Lu Anhu said after finish eating the porridge in his bowl.

“Okay.” Lu Anran also finished her porridge quickly and got up, carried her bag and went out with Lu Anhu. Uncle Zhang’s vacation has also ended, and today happened to be his first day back. When sending the two to school, the three of them also chatted casually along the way.

Lu Anran tentatively asked Lu Anhu, “Anhu…… Are you alright? …. I heard from my mother…..”

After hearing, Lu Anhu put on an ugly smile, “I’m fine. I’ve got used to it a long time ago.”

“……” Lu Anran could not help frowning in response and felt sorry for Lu Anhu who was of the same age as herself. She reached out to grasp Lu Anhu’s hand as a form of silent consolation and support.

“Anran……” Lu Anhu quietly called out.

“Hm?” Lu Anran looked at Lu Anhu.

Lu Anhu’s back was facing Lu Anran as he looked out of the window, watching the scenery fly past him, “I’ll definitely protect you well! Won’t let you die so easily!”

“En…… I believe you!” Lu Anran also knew that even though Lu Anhu have said that he was fine and was used to it, deep down inside he must have felt really bad……

When they arrived at the school, the duo entered the teaching building together. Lu Anhu walked Lu Anran to the entrance of Class D and left a sentence, “Wait for me after school” before turning to return to his class.

Gazing at the back figure of Lu Anhu, Lu Anran sighed heavily. Her distressed heart felt an oppressive pain. Just as she was feeling unhappy, there was a hand on her head.

For a moment Lu Anran felt ripples down her back, and immediately following that, her unease and distress magically disappeared. Lu Anran lifted her head and met a pair of very good- looking brown eyes.

“You are? Senior Long?” Lu Anran still remembered this person in front of her.

“What were you thinking of?” When Long Yuxing saw the hurt and sad expression on Lu Anran’s face, he could not help patting her head to comfort her.

Lu Anran avoided Long Yuxing’s hand and smiled embarrassedly, “Nothing much. Is there anything, Senior Long?”

“I’m in charge of Class D. So, I came over to meet Class D’s monitors.” Long Yuxing felt somewhat annoyed. Just because he wanted to see her, he even had to come up with this kind of pain in the ass excuse. So damn embarrassing.


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