Rebirth: Chapter 71 (Part 2)

Chapter 71: Selection of class monitor by lots, domineering declaration

(Part 2)

Initially just based on her appearance, they felt that the girl looked familiar but after hearing her name, they intuitively recalled the news on magazine covers. An honourable young miss with such high social status! Some students frowned after they got over their shock and were concerned if they would be able to get along well with her.

Lu Anran stopped talking after introducing herself.

Lu Rui knocked on the table with his knuckles again and the noisy classroom became silent once more, “Both of you sit down!” After Lu Anran and Qin Shumo have sat down, Lu Rui looked around and continued speaking, “The seating arrangement will be fixed according to today’s seating positions! I’ll change it whenever I’m in a better mood!”

Ignoring the students’ flabbergasted gazes, Lu Rui raised his wrist to look at his watch, “It’s almost time. All students are to assemble in the hall. The two monitors will lead the way. In future, for every assembly, both genders will form a line each under the supervision of both monitors. I’m only saying this once!” After saying that, Lu Rui childishly stuck out his tongue, “What a bother! Go now. Go downstairs by yourselves and queue up properly. Recognise your own monitors, and don’t stand in another class by mistake. Class monitors, bring the students back after the meeting in the hall.” After saying that, he disappeared from everyone’s sight with his English books and teaching plans.

The classroom became noisy once more. Everyone felt that this form teacher, Lu Rui, was extremely unreliable. There were even some who wanted to transfer classes but was a little reluctant to give up being in the same class as the top student of the school…….

Qin Shumo and Lu Anran exchanged a glance and shrugged their shoulders helplessly. They then got up and started directing everyone to line up, before heading downstairs to assemble. After counting the number of people present, the other three classes were already standing in rows and were about to head downstairs. Every class had their form teachers personally counting the number of students present, and keeping them in line. Only Class D was managed by the two class monitors, Lu Anran and Qin Shumo.

After standing in line, Class A started moving towards the hall with Class D being the last to move off. Both Lu Anran and Qin Shumo stood in front of the line. When they reached the entrance of the hall, Lu Anran suddenly stopped walking.

“Anran? What’s wrong?” Ji Ling, who was following closely behind Lu Anran, accidentally bumped into Lu Anran’s back, “Are you okay?”

“No…… Nothing……” Lu Anran lowered her head slightly, took a deep breath, and continued to lead her classmates forward.

The whole assembly hall was very spacious and could easily accommodate thousands of people. Generally, school reports, meetings, celebratory dance performances and whatnots were held on the half- metre tall stage in front of the hall. Below the stage, a red carpet paved the road and about two metres away were rows and rows of benches that were horizontally arranged in a uniform manner. Each bench could seat three people.

The first-years sat in their classes and a few students talked quietly among themselves. When it was time, the school leader went on the stage to give a talk. First, congratulations were given to all first-year students who passed First High’s entrance exam. Following that was the dissemination of the spirit of the school motto. After several school rules were announced, eight youths wearing camouflage clothes came up the stage. These eight youths were military training instructors for Class A to Class D. After introducing the instructors, another eight youths wearing the summer uniform of S city’s First High came onstage. These eight students were all part of the student union. Four of them were males and four were females. Similar to a teaching assistant, their job was to assist in the studies of Class A to Class D. At the same time, they also need to look out for capable new students, carefully nurture them and invite them to join the student union when they are in their second year.

“Hello everyone, I’m Tian Tian1 from Class 2A, who has just joined the publicity department of the student union. Like her name, the first student union member to introduce herself was no more than 1.6 m tall. She tied a bun on her head and had a pair of large expressive eyes. Her little girl’s voice was an au naturel sweet baby voice that made anyone who was listening to it feel extremely comfortable. “I will be in charge of Class A. I hope that I will be of help to everyone!” She shyly but wittily stuck out her tongue. She was like a neighbour’s little sister, making one unconsciously want to be close to her and care for her.

1 Tian Tian (田甜)’s first name is Tian (甜) which also mean sweet.

After Tian Tian has introduced herself, the rest of the student union members started to introduce themselves. When it was the turns of the last two students, exclamations echoed around the venue. The girl was beautiful and dignified while the guy was brilliant and dashing. They really looked like a golden couple ah! Their looks were the best among the four pairs!

“Hello everyone, I am Yue Ningshan from Class 2B. I’m part of the student union’s recreation department.” The slender girl was 1.65m tall, her beautiful long dark hair draped over her shoulders, and had soft and graceful features. With a single glance, one knew that she does dancing. She had a quietly elegant temperament and seemed aloof, free of worldly concerns. There was a sort of feeling as though a celestial fairy has mistakenly descended on earth. “I’m in charge of Class D. Class D, please guide me well.” Her gentle smile was like a spring breeze, making one feel extremely at ease. After her self- introduction, Yue Ningshan turned and handed over the microphone to the last male student. The fingers of both students brushed against each other causing Yue Ningshan to hurriedly lower her head as she blushed.

“I’m from Class 3A and the vice president of the student union.” The last guy to introduce himself was the only third year student. He was 1.79m tall and his short hair looked neat and tidy. He had brown eyes and the fingers that was holding the microphone was fair and had clearly defined joints. His gentlemanly mannerism emitted his good family upbringing and his low melodious voice was magnetic and pleasing to the ear. Just listening to his voice made many of the girls who were sitting in the audience blush.

After looking around and finding the person in his heart, the corners of the guy’s mouth formed a perfect arc. “I’m the Teaching assistant for Class D. I’m very busy, so don’t bother me with minor issues!” His lofty and domineering declaration not only did not arouse disgust instead it increased the admiration the girls had for him. The previous seven members of the student union all said that they would try their best to assist the new students and hope to get along well and whatnots. But everyone in the audience knows that second- and third-year students were all very devoted to their studies, who would have time to care about first years? Although on the surface it was “assist”, in actuality they were just going through a process. For this senior to speak so frankly, it left a really good impression on everyone!

“Senior! What’s your name?” Seeing that the guy was about to walk off the stage, a girl in Class A who was seated in the front row asked in haste.

The guy lifted his gaze towards a certain beautiful figure on the other side of the assembly hall. He replied with a smile on his face, “My name is Long Yuxing!”

T/n: Omg.. the description in this chapter just took so darn long. Hope you have enjoyed the chapter~!


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