Rebirth: Chapter 71 (Part 1)

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Chapter 71: Selection of class monitor by lots, domineering declaration

(Part 1)

“BANG.” Lu Rui smashed his thick English lesson plan on the desk of the podium and repeated his words in a stern tone, “Do you all understand?”

It was so scary that the trembling astute students immediately answered as one, “Understood!”

“Good!” Lu Rui nodded in satisfaction, “Anyone wants to volunteer themselves for the role of a monitor?”

The entire class was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. With this kind of form teacher, who wants to be a class monitor ah! It’s also possible that one might get beaten up!

“None?” Lu Rui’s gaze swept over everyone, “You can also recommend!”

The class remained quiet. Recommend? Isn’t this causing harm to others…… All of them were classmates, there was no need to be so cruel……

“In that case.” Lu Rui flipped open the roll which was just given to him. The sheet of paper was still warm. “All of your student handbooks have an allocated student number. Since no one wants to volunteer or recommend anyone, then No. 1 and 7 will be the class monitors! No. 1 and 7 stand up!”

“Ay…..” Qin Shumo thought it was such a hassle but who asked him to be allocated No. 1? So, he stood up, “I am No. 1.”

“Mm!” Lu Rui nodded, “What about No. 7?”

“Tea…… Teacher……” A gentle and frail- looking glasses guy with a buzz cut slowly stood up. “I…I am No. 7.” He looked pale. It appeared he was frightened by Lu Rui just now as he stuttered, and his legs trembled slightly.

“Why is No. 7 also a male?” Lu Rui frowned, “Then forget about No. 7! No. 17 stand up!”

Hearing that he was changing No. 7, the guy sat down with a sigh of relief.

“Anran, you are No. 17!” Ji Ling said in surprise after catching sight of Lu Anran’s handbook.

“Uh……” Lu Anran raised her eyebrows and could only stand up resigning to fate. “Teacher, I’m No. 17.”

“Mm!” Lu Rui nodded. “Both of you introduce yourselves!”

“Hello everyone, I’m Qin Shumo. I graduated from First High’s affiliated First Middle.” Qin Shumo was initially against being a class monitor, but when he saw that Lu Anran was the other female class monitor, the displeasure in his heart immediately dissipated. “My hobbies are reading and soccer. I hope that I can make some beautiful memories with everyone.”

“It’s Qin Shumo ey! That person who topped the entrance examination?”

“OMG! He’s in the same class as us? Shouldn’t he be in Class A?”

“This class monitor is so handsome ah! My class monitor in middle school was a toad with glasses!”

“As expected, even wearing glasses depends who is wearing it ah!”

“To see the legendary genius on the first day! So damn lucky!”

“Genius? What genius?”

“His entrance exam scores were a whole 20 points higher than the second place. When he was at the affiliated First Middle, he was hailed as a rarely seen top student that appears only once every ten thousand years.”

“So awesome!”

“Isn’t it! And so handsome!”


The students began to whisper to one another after Qin Shumo introduced himself. At First High, grades were power. The 20-point gap between the top student Qin Shumo and the second place was already a well- known fact when they were in middle school. Now it was being spread as miraculous again. Those who thought that being allocated to Class D was because they were weak students, all heaved a sigh of relief. Even the top student in the entire school was in Class D, what else would they be afraid of ah?

“Quiet down! Quiet down!” Lu Rui knocked on the table with his knuckles. “Female class monitor introduce yourself!”

“I’m Lu Anran. I graduated from Yinghua Middle School.” Lu Anran smiled politely. This was her second time being appointed as a class monitor. After all, she already had the experience of being one for a hundred days, so she was not so flustered like the first time, “Cooking is my hobby. Kindly advise me lots in future.”

As soon as Lu Anran’s name was exposed, the whole class was shocked. In S city, who does not know of Lu Corporation? And who does not know of Lu Corporation’s princess, Lu Anran?! Even if they were not interested, they would also know due to the consecutive earth- shattering bombardments by the press over the last few months ah! They would never have imagined the princess of Lu Corporation would be in the same class as them. The entire Class D burst into an uproar.

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  1. Whew! All caught up with a month’s worth of updates and what a development! Can’t wait to see how her HS encounters with the Chu-backstabber will be like…


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