Rebirth: Chapter 70 (Part 2)

Chapter 70: High school enrolment, chaos in class allocation

(Part 2)

Lu Anhu’s strong tug pulled Lu Anran back to reality. Her foot will step into First High’s campus in the next second. She was no longer the her from the previous lifetime. She would never allow the tragedy of her previous life to replay again in this lifetime!

Running to the registration area with Lu Anhu, the place was already filled with long queues of people. The two of them stood at the end of a line which had about 30 people. Lu Anran caught her breath, looked in front and then calmed her jittery palpitations. After waiting for about over 10 minutes, it was finally Lu Anran’s and Lu Anhu’s turns, but there was still a long line behind them. Looks like everyone was a little late due to the traffic jam on the roads today.

First was submission of proof, then signing and confirming their names. Following that, they had to go to the next table to collect their new books and their student ID from a member of the student union. After collecting everything, they went onto the next table to collect some forms that they will need to fill in, and materials for their classes.

After Lu Anran completed this process, she flipped through the class arrangements. Lu Anran saw a somewhat hasty scribble of ‘D’ in black and remembered that she was also in this class in her previous lifetime. However, because Chu Yao was in Class A, and she wanted to be in the same class as her, she was transferred to Class A after much coaxing and persistent pestering.

“You are in Class D?” Lu Anhu frowned slightly, “Then I’ll try to transfer to Class D!” His original purpose was to protect Lu Anran.

“You are in Class A ah!” Lu Anran caught sight of the letter on Lu Anhu’s class arrangement notice. “It’s better for you not to transfer! If I’m not mistaken, Chu Yao is also in Class A so stay and keep an eye on her for me!”

“Sure…..” Lu Anhu nodded. On campus, the greatest danger to Lu Anran should originate from this Chu Yao or whatever!

“Lu Anran……” A guy who passed by called out Lu Anran’s name gently.

“……”Lu Anran was stunned and stopped walking to look at the back figure of the guy. He wore the summer uniform of First High and seemed like a senior. The view of his back was rather familiar, but Lu Anran could not remember where she had seen this figure before.

“What’s wrong?” Noticing that Lu Anran has stopped walking, Lu Anhu asked, “What are you staring blankly at?”

“Ah?” Lu Anran recovered from her daze, “Uh…… Nothing much. Let’s go!”

The two of them found their classes quite easily by following signs and directions by the student union members. Seeing two familiar people in her class, Lu Anran’s mood changed for the better almost immediately and the matter of meeting a weird guy on the way to class was forgotten.

“Anran!” Spotting that Lu Anran was also allocated to Class D and was still classmates with herself, Ji Ling rushed out to give Lu Anran a bear hug and started to happily pull on both hands of Lu Anran while skipping. “SO HAPPY! WE ARE IN THE SAME CLASS AGAIN!”

“Yes!” Lu Anran was also very pleased. She followed Ji Ling and sat in an empty seat. The two of them sat next to each other near the windows and continued chatting. When she became aware that someone behind her was constantly gazing at her, Lu Anran turned around curiously and made eye contact with the guy sitting behind her. Smelling the light scent of black tea coming from the guy, Lu Anran recalled the guy’s identity, “Qin Shumo?”

“You still remember me ah!” Qin Shumo smiled brightly. Evidently, he was very happy that Lu Anran still remembered who he was.

“Yes ah! How fated! We are in the same classroom again!” Lu Anran grinned and then puzzledly creased her eyebrows, “But aren’t you the top student for First High’s entrance exam? Why are you in Class D? Shouldn’t you be in Class A?”

“First-years in First High are not assigned based on grades. It is only in third year that they will be assigned to class based on grades. They try to balance the average results of all first- year classes, so I have been allocated to Class D!” Qin Shumo explained smilingly.

“Like this ah!” Lu Anran joked, “Would be good if we could seat near each other later when seats are arranged.”

“Mm?” Qin Shumo’s eyes could not help but brighten. What does this mean? Can he fantasize a little?

“So that I can ask you for help at any time when I don’t know something!” Lu Anran still remembered this was how Lin Da help her in middle school. Thinking of Lin Da, Lu Anran was a little worried. Although she knows that Lin Da was now studying in a closed mysterious academy, she has already sent Lin Da seven emails. Like a stone was dropped into the bottomless ocean, all had no replies. Since Lin Da has left two months ago, the only phone call she received was when Lin Da called her to tell her that she has arrived safely. Lu Anran was inevitably worried.

“So it’s like that ah……” Qin Shumo smiled. A touch of faint disappointment flashed through his eyes.

“Mm?” Lu Anran did not understand what Qin Shumo meant with his words. Tilting her head, she looked at Qin Shumo, anticipating a further explanation from him.

Qin Shumo was unable to think up a good reason for a moment and was quite vexed. Thankfully the form teacher walked in alleviating Qin Shumo’s embarrassment.

“En…… All quiet down!” The form teacher was a handsome man of about 30 years old. He wore a white shirt and dark- coloured suit pants. His hair was a little messy and though he was handsome, he often gave others an impression that he has not had sufficient sleep and was irritable.

The noisy classroom became silent in an instant with the appearance of the form teacher.

“My surname is Lu, name is Lu Rui. I’ll be your form teacher till you reach second year. The main subject I’ll be teaching is English. I don’t care about other subjects, but every time your English score is below the class average, you will copy questions that you answered wrongly twenty times and the vocabulary that you spelt wrongly a hundred times.” Lu Rui glanced at all the students in the class. “I hate troublesome things. For all matters, get your class monitor to settle it. Choose two class monitors, one male and one female. At the same time, the monitor will also be the representative of the English class. The male monitor will oversee attendance and penalty. The female monitor will oversee distributing and receiving all assignments. Do you all understand?”

“Under….. Understood…..” The replies were very few and very weak. Lu Rui’s words probably have not sunk in for everyone yet. They all say that First High’s students were elites and First High’s teachers were cream of the crop…… But this Teacher Lu Rui…… Why was their impression of him so far from what they imagined……


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