Rebirth: Chapter 70 (Part 1)

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Chapter 70: High school enrolment, chao in class allocation

(Part 1)

After last night’s cleansing by the heavy rain, the Sunday morning sky was particularly blue, and the smell of rain with earth made one feel energetic. Lu Anran who finished her morning exercise, wiped the sweat off her forehead with a towel.

“You haven’t trained in vain for these past two months. Your physique has clearly improved!” Lu Anhu said happily.

“Yeah!” Lu Anran also agreed with Lu Anhu. The first day she ran with Lu Anhu, she was so tired that she collapsed on the ground like a dead dog and could not even move just after half an hour of slow jogging. If Lu Anhu had not done some simple massages that relaxed her muscles that night, she might not be able to get up the next day! But it was different now. She ran for an hour today. Although she was somewhat tired, she also felt good after sweating it out. She was convinced that her physical condition was getting better. “Can I learn self- defense from you now?”

“Can!” Lu Anhu nodded and said, “Tomorrow morning we will start from the most basic military boxing.”

“Okay!” Lu Anran smiled, “Let’s go! Shower, then breakfast, by then it should be time to go to school.”

“Mm.” Lu Anhu nodded, “What are the arrangements to get there?”

“Uncle Zhang is still on vacation, so Bro Anwei will send us to school and then send Mum to the company.” Lu Anran said, “What time did Bro Anwei come home yesterday?”

“About 11PM. Didn’t see him buy any books, but he was drenched all over. When Eldest Aunt saw him, she personally prepared ginger soup for him, watched him drink it all and said a few words to him before turning into bed.” Lu Anhu shook his head. “I’m guessing that he definitely did not visit the bookstore.”

“Where do you think he went?” Lu Anran asked amusedly as she raised her eyebrows.

“You obviously know where. Why are you still asking me?” Lu Anhu poked Lu Anran’s head with his index finger.

“I just want to see if we have the same thinking or not!” Lu Anran rubbed the place that she was stabbed and said grinningly, “Shall we countdown on three, two, one and say it together?”

“Deal!” Lu Anhu agreed readily. “Three……”



The two of them counted backwards, each saying a number and spoke in unison, “Went to look for Teacher Qin!”

Hearing the other party saying the exact same thing, the duo started laughing at the same time. Actually, they were only half- correct. Since Lu Anwei has already decided not to intrude in Qin Shuhan’s life anymore, naturally he would not hastily rush to look for her. Instead he just stood under the window of her house just like he did previously, and dazedly stare at that beautiful silhouette……

Lu Anwei knew that this action of his was not very honourable and was a little like a peeping Tom, but he could not help it. He wanted to see her, wanted it so much that he was turning mad. He did not know if she was well, if she ate on time, if she paid attention to her own health. Now that the nights were turning cold, he was even worried if she would catch a cold. It was only when the lights in her room went out that Lu Anwei gently whispered “Goodnight……” to the air and returned back to Lu Residence.

When he was driving, Lu Anwei focused on the road in front of him. As all primary and middle schools in S city were enrolling today, even the wide roads were experiencing a bit of traffic jam. The original half- hour journey took 45 minutes to travel two- thirds of the distance. Finally, they reached on the dot at a place not far from the school gates of First High. As the car needed to turn back, Lu Anran and Lu Anhu alighted from the car. After getting down from the car, Lu Anran waved goodbye to Ji Rou and Lu Anwei who were still in the car, before running towards the school gates of First High with Lu Anhu.

Standing at the school gates, Lu Anran hesitated. The complex feelings in heart unexpectedly made her feel a fleeting moment of fear…… Fear of stepping forward one more step…… At that moment, it was as though she had returned to her previous lifetime where there were countless pairs of disdainful eyes sneering down at her……

“What are you doing standing here so foolishly?” Lu Anhu was a little confused when he noticed Lu Anran’s actions. They were going to be late. Why was she still so relaxed? So he held Lu Anran’s hand and ran forward.


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