Rebirth: Chapter 68 (Part 1)

Chapter 68: taste testing starts, Ji Rou’s grievances

(Part 1)

The next morning, Lu Anran punctually appeared in the downstairs dining room and the other people also arrived right on schedule.

“Yo!” Xue Dingan waved his hand in greeting, “little mushroom!”

“Tsk….” Lu Anming punched his arm, “why are you calling my little sis ‘little mushroom’!”

“Secret!” Xue Dingan giggled, “you jealous ah!”

“Jealous your head!” Lu Anming and Xue Dingan were childhood friends who played together from young, so there were times that whenever they spoke to each other, they always tried to irritate each other by bickering non-stop with one another, neither letting the other party win. But in reality, they were really good friends.

Lu Anran stood with her arms akimbo and looked at Lu Anwei, she was actually still a little worried about Lu Anwei. Lu Anwei was wearing a casual styled suit matched with the sunglassed gifted to him by Artha, and from the angle when Lu Anran raised her head, she could see that behind Lu Anwei’s eyes were red and swollen behind his sunglasses. From this, Lu Anran understood what happened immediately and her heart ached for this older male cousin of hers…..

“Since everyone is all present already, let’s go!” Lu Anran was not willing to waste anymore time. “Today is Uncle Zhang’s off day, which one of you can drive? I have Uncle Zhang’s car keys.” Lu Anran jiggled the car keys in her hands.

“I’ll drive!” Xue Dingan was quite confident in his driving skills.

This group of four people took advantage of the fresh morning air to embark on to this difficult “journey”……

They first one by one ate at the breakfast restaurants, in total eating across seven restaurants. As Lu Anwei and co. ate, Lu Anran was at the side recording down their opinions as well as the specialities of these famous breakfast restaurants.

When the three people finished eating at the seven breakfast restaurants, they all thought that the taste testing was over, but with a wave of Lu Anran’s little hand, “let’s go, it’s time to eat main course!”

“Urg……” All the three guys were all stunned, they have already eaten a whole tummy full of all different types of breakfast specials and now she was telling them to eat the main course. She might as well just twist off their necks and directly poured in all these dishes, it’s faster!

“I already told you guys at their first restaurant not to eat too much!” Lu Anran crossed her arms and helplessly shook her head. “Since all of you don’t feel so well, then walk to the next restaurant!” Lu Anran look at the route she drew out in her book and said, “We can reach the next restaurant after going through this park.”

“This park is pretty big ah!” Lu Anming took a glance and said, “let’s go! It should be able to aid lots in our digestion!”

The four people left the car where it was, making sure that it’s locked and proceeded to walk through the park, towards their destination. As they walked, Xue Dingan asked idly, “how many restaurants are you planning to taste test today?”

“Seventeen restaurants.” Lu Anran flip her book and said, “the next restaurant has three signature dishes, we’ll leave immediately after eating!”

“Seventeen restaurants, we just ate seven restaurants, so there’s only ten remaining?” Lu Anming said. “Five restaurants for lunch and dinner each, makes ten.” After all Lu Anran only orders the signature dishes and every restaurant only have so many speciality dishes, all they need to do is casually taste each one.

“Hng!” Lu Anran snorted in laughter and rolled her eyes at Lu Anming, “naïve!”

“En?” Lu Anming and co. were all surprised, and they all gazed at Lu Anran waiting for her to continue her sentence.

“The previous seven shops were breakfast restaurants; the other seventeen shops are main course restaurants!” Lu Anran chuckled and said.

“We still need to eat seventeen main course signature dishes!” Xue Dingan’s facial expression did not look very good.

“It’s seventeen main course restaurants.” Lu Anran corrected Xue Dingan’s words unobtrusively.

“What else do we have other than the main course restaurants?” Lu Anwei could hear that there was more to Lu Anran’s words than it meets the ear.

“There are still seven deserts stores.” Lu Anran grin like a little fox, and her eyes were curved like crescent moon, full of little schemes. “Eight winery shops!”

“…..” Xue Dingan was really regretting it now, why did he insist on wanting to eat a meal of Lu Anran! What should he do now, it’s not just one meal….Xue Dingan felt as if his whole tummy was churning.

14 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 68 (Part 1)

  1. This part of the story doesn’t make any sense! Ugh, no person in the food industry would ever eat so many meals in a day. I know this is meant to be silly and light hearted but it’s no feasible and a waste of food.


  2. Caught up! Much better than the manhua… well, more informative. I’m glad I decided to look the novel up! Thanks for the chapter. I feel sick just thinking about all the food they’re eating… @@

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