Rebirth: Chapter 67 (Part 2)

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Chapter 67: Straightforward, Not allowed to fail

(Part 2)

Even though he said that he will no longer bother her, but Lu Anran was going to start high school the day after tomorrow and Qin Shuhan will still continue to come and tutor her. So, she just does not believe that she would not be able to bring both of them together! As Lu Anran thought about this, she smugly smiled to herself, drank finished the remaining coffee in one gulp, and then returned back to her room to continue working.

In the latter part of September, the Long Corporation’s shopping centre will be built and at that time the interior decorations of the shop will also immediately begin. So, it is vital that she more or less finish deciding on the menu by mid-September, and which consumer group she is going to target before she determines the exact arrangements for the interior decorations. Also, before mid-September it is essential that she plan out every detail of the interior decoration as so not to delay the starting of the decorations of the shop at the end of September.

So, right now for Lu Anran, time was her life, she has no time to waste on unimportant things. Sitting at her table, Lu Anran continued to skim through the web, a small window which suddenly popped out, attracted her attention. It is a game advertisement, probably targeting gamers who wish to earn money through playing games. The advertisement states that when players accumulate sufficient points to achieve the goal set by the game organizers within the time limit, the players can split the prize money between themselves.

Lu Anran stared attentively at this flashing gold advertisement and an idea slowly formed in her head, but she would still need some time to work out the actual details.

“If this plan really works, then it’s not a bad idea!” Lu Anran’s eyes sparkled brightly and proceeded to write down the idea into her little book.

After recording it down, Lu Anran open up the JPEG file on the computer desktop, which depicts a 2D sketch of the Long Corporation shopping centre. Lu Anran reached out a finger to poke the red dot in the picture, this is the position of Lu Corporation’s 100th new branch, perhaps she could release some articles about the geographical location of this shop….

At the same time, there was also another person looking at the sketch of Long Corporation’s shopping centre, it was the legitimate heir to Long Corporation – Long Yuxing.

Sitting in front of the desk, Long Yuxing carefully surveyed the sketch which he had drawn himself. From the site selection to the development of the area to designing the shopping centre, everything was done by himself. When he first wanted to come to S city, the entire family opposed against his decision, but in order for him to pursue his bride from a childhood promise, he resolutely rebelled against the whole family and insisted on opening the branch shop in S City.

This time was his only chance to prove to the family that he, Long Yuxing, as the legitimate heir of Long Corporation does not need to rely on the DNA in his body to prove his pure blood linage, but it was because he, Long Yuxing has the ability to personally take complete charge!

Also, those old fools who were hiding in the shadows ready to give him a lethal blow at any time! Just wait until he takes over the helm of Long Corporation, he will definitely ruthlessly drive them out one by one! He will definitely investigate clearly the truth about his parents’ death, he does not believe that his parents were only victims of criminals who robbed the hotel they stayed in during their business trip! That was absolutely impossible! Thinking about this, Long Yuxing’s heart wrenched painfully.

“Dang dang dang” three polite knocks sounded at the door, before Ah Sen opened it and walked in. “Young Master, the student union will be holding a meeting tomorrow, it’s time for you to rest.” It was almost the wee hours of the morning, Young Master should go to bed.

“I know.” Long Yuxing casually replied, but his eyes did not hold a single shed of sleepiness, rather only held monstrous hatred.

“Young Master, in another two days you would be seeing Miss Anran.” Ah Sen laughed. The student union has the power to come into contact with the new students and welcome them first. For their Young Master to unprecedentedly join this kind of boring organization, it was because Long Yuxing do not wish for anybody else to come into contact with his little promised bride before him! Although in the business world Young Master carries out his action plans swiftly, leaving him in awe, but in terms of relationship, Young Master was like a little child. These two different sides of him have a kind of cute contrast!

Hearing Ah Sen mention Lu Anran, the hatred in Long Yuxing’s eyes gradually faded and a smile involuntarily appeared. They will meet the day after tomorrow making him wonder about Lu Anran’s appearance when she appears in front of him… At this moment, Long Yuxing seemed to be reminded of something, as his smile disappeared, he asked Ah Sen, “how’s the matter with Dawn Alliance going?”

“It’s almost settled.” At the mention of the mission, Ah Sen became very serious. “80% of Dawn Alliance high-ranking members have already been bought over by us, and on November 10th Dawn Alliance will officially choose and appoint its next leader. At that time, our people will be pushed up to the leadership seat.

“En.” Long Yuxing nodded, “got it.”

When Ah Sen observed that Long Yuxing no longer intend to say anything more, he opened the door, took the tray from the maid standing outside, and then walked to the front of Long Yuxing desk to set down a glass of hot milk. “Young Master, I’ll excuse myself first, please call me if you are in need of anything.”

“En.” Long Yuxing replied and did not say anything else. He continued to look at the 2D sketch of the Long Corporation shopping centre and at the same time opened an English statistical type of application and entered some numbers.

The old fools in Long Corporation had tightly withheld much of the capital that he can use this time, if he had not come up with the idea with letting other companies bid for the five outlets location just in time, he would have ran out of money just by constructing the shopping centre! Since they could interfere from this point, then they would most certainly be able to find other ways to pick fault with him. Right now, Long Yuxing was considering where they will start to meddle from and put in preventive measures.

From both directions of S City, one man and one woman facing the 2D sketch of Long Corporation shopping centre said a sentence in unison, “Failure is not an option for this tough battle…I will definitely succeed!

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  1. What if–hear me out–what if when she kisses someone she can see flashes of their life the way she can see an animal’s?! Her stupid past-life ex better not try!

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  2. Aquí me rindo con esta novela… me desagrada demasiado la profesora Qin. También mientras más leo sobre Anran, más estupida me parece, su gran plan para desvelar al enemigo oculto no tiene ni pies ni cabeza, sólo parece una enferma masoquista que le gusta jugar con el peligro, y su tendencia a querer controlar y manipular la vida de las personas cercanas a ella es enfermiza…

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