Rebirth: Chapter 67 (Part 1)

Chapter 67: Straightforward, Not allowed to fail
(Part 1)

With one hand supporting her chin, and the other on the mouse as she scrolled through the webpage, Lu Anran pursed her lips, her expression a little grave, the opened notebook had full two pages of excepts recorded, but Lu Anran did not know how many of these could be used in the end. Turning over to the next page, Lu Anran buried her head and took notes again.

Lu Anran felt that more could be retained in her brain when she wrote it out by hand instead of typing. When the final plans are actually being made, Lu Anran would still obediently use Word Documents to type up a realistic plan.

Right now, the decoration style of the store is roughly settled, and which construction company to collaborate with can be left in the hands of Lu Corporation. At present, it was much more difficult to decide specific dishes. This afternoon, when she took Lu Anhu to visit a dozen stores, all of the vegetarian dishes were tasted by her personally. Although all were worthy of praise, but none had creativity. As for meat dishes, she did not taste a single bite, all were eaten by Lu Anhu. As he described them, Lu Anran relied on the memory of her previous lifetime, and guessed about 80 to 90%.

But as she simply did not taste it herself, Lu Anran did not dare to be 100% sure. Thinking about this, Lu Anran somewhat helplessly scraped gently on the tip of her tongue with her teeth. God gave her a chance to re-live her life, and also gave her a sensitive tongue, yet deprived her of the qualifications to assess meat dishes. Although Lu Anran was grateful from the bottom of her heart, but at the same time, she was rather puzzled. She does not know what she could do with such ability, and also does not know what heavens had in plan for her. The present her only wished to become strong enough to protect her mother, protect the entire Lu Corporation, and let everyone be wary of Lu Corporation such that they do not dare to act rashly.

Thinking of this, Lu Anran calmed her mind again, and continued surfing the web. Whenever she saw some useful information, she would jot it down in her little notebook.

For this 100th branch store of Lu Corporation, Lu Anran was planning to decorate it in an ancient style that will be popular two years later. Windows, black wooden tables and stools will all be included. The name of this 100th branch store must also be different from the previous 99 stores, it needs to give people a feeling of freshness. Without changing the reputation of Lu Corporation, the dishes must stand out from the masses.

Her temples had a slight jolting pain, and Lu Anran also felt more and more tired. She can only succeed in this battle and failure is unacceptable. In order to take a first step in truly consolidating one’s position in Lu family, she will need to operate this new store very impressively!

Going downstairs for a cup of coffee, Lu Anran sat at the table in the dining room on the first floor and drank her coffee while continuing to think. At this time, a person entered from the main door.

“Bro Anwei? You are back!” Lu Anran greeted Lu Anwei.

“En.” Lu Anwei’s voice was somewhat dispirited. He sat opposite Lu Anran, “Haven’t sleep yet?”

“Thinking about matters regarding the new store.” Lu Anran observed Lu Anwei’s expression, and took a sip of her coffee, “Teacher Qin rejected you again?”

“En……” Lu Anwei nodded without hiding it, “I proposed to her. She did not agree.”

“Propose?!” Lu Anran almost sprayed out the coffee in her mouth. So direct? So unexpected ah!

“I may have troubled her.” Lu Anwei guessed and said, “I will not bother her again in future.”

“You……” Lu Anran initially wanted to persuade him, but on a second thought, the corners of Lu Anran’s mouth raised, “You have made a very correct decision!”

Hearing Lu Anran saying the same thing, Lu Anwei was even more firm in his thoughts. He will never bother Qin Shuhan again, and will only protect her silently. As long as she is happy, it will not matter to him.

“Since you have also accepted it, then you should quickly rest!” Lu Anran urged, “You still have to accompany me out tomorrow morning!”

“Okay.” Lu Anwei hid away his hurt expression, and stood up, “You should also rest early.” Saying that, he went straight up to the second floor.

Lu Anran gazed at the sight of Lu Anwei’s back and shook her head helplessly. Lu Anwei had already done enough, to continue on would only antagonise the situation. In that case, then it was better for Lu Anwei to bide his time and just observe Qin Shuhan’s response. With this in mind, Lu Anran opened her cell phone’s gallery, found a few photos of Lu Anwei that she had taken when he was most frustrated and moved these photos to the top of the album.

4 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 67 (Part 1)

  1. She is going to get that notebook stolen! & she needs to stop meddling so much in other people’s non-love affairs.

    Also, Mr. Anwei, how do you plan on protecting someone from afar when you’ve already been assigned to protect your little cousin? Hm?

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  2. I do not understand why she is being so clueless the guy obviously loves you smh.

    Thanks for the chapter 😀
    Keep doing the good work. Merry Christmas to you!!!

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