Rebirth: Chapter 64 (Part 2)

This chapter part was longer than expected……._(:з)∠)_

Chapter 64: a bad feeling, go for a health check-up

(Part 2)

“I think….” Lu Anhu said and dragging out the sounds of his words.

“I shouldn’t be the only one who is trapped in this pit right…..” Lu Anhu smiled as he continued his sentence, the both of them bumped their fist together, and let out a strange laughter at the same time, “hehehehehehehe…….”

At that very same moment, Lu Anming, who was in the dining room downstairs, felt a chill go down his spine. He shivered and his chopsticks slipped from his hands onto the table, clattering loudly as it rolled down onto the floor.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Jianhao looked towards Lu Anming. “Such a big boy already, but can’t even hold chopsticks properly?”

“Hehe….” Lu Anming laughed embarrassed, “ I was just slightly distracted for a second….” Although his mouth was saying that, in his heart, he was filled with an inexplicable strong sense of uneasiness. He drank a few mouthful of soup with his spoon, but felt that his throat had tighten up so much so that he could not even taste anything. This one meal was full of fear and anxiety, on one hand he was reassuring himself it was an illusion, and on the other, he glanced around his surroundings from time to time, as if a knife was about fly at him from some corner if he let his guard down.

This kind of strange behaviour was observed by Lu Jianhao and led him to think if that perhaps his grandson was so unsettled because he was too tired, and under too much pressure. So, he decided that he was going to give Lu Anming a holiday leave. He cleared his throat and said, “Anming ah! How are you going with the things you are handling at the company?”

“Huh?” Lu Anming replied, startled. “The company ah! Oh…. Almost done! I won’t need to work overtime this weekend!” Seeing how school was about to restart, and that the busiest time was also over, all that remained were some loose ends that needed to be tied up. After finishing that, he would still have to arrange the Autumn food and beverage activities happening in October. In the whole of the second half of September, they would mainly market their products, which is the home grounds of Ji Rou’s advertising department, so their food product department is not as busy.

“En, tomorrow is Friday, you don’t need to go in. Just take a good rest! You can hand the rest of the company matters to Anshuo!” said Lu Jianhao.

“Got it.” Lu Anshuo nodded his head, he have already finished his work, it was nothing much helping Lu Anming to tie up the loose ends for him.

“Ai?” Lu Anming was shocked, why let him go on holiday when everything is going fine for him? Although he is also very happy to go on holiday lah! But this sudden happiness combined with his previous unease led Lu Anming to feel a little frightened.

“Just in time!” Lu Anran came down from second floor, ginning as she said, “Brother Anming can accompany me all day tomorrow! I need to do some inspections tomorrow!”

“Good idea!” Lu Jianhao nodded, “decorations for that branch restaurant in Xin Dong would need to start in the second half of September. It will also be good if Anming goes with Anran to take a look! Anming, you can directly charge the expenses of the inspections to the company’s account!” Actually, he was also thinking of asking Lu Anran about the progress on the preparations on the new shop, but since Lu Anran has her own ideas about it, then he will just leave it to her.

“Err….” Lu Anming’s eyelids started jumping violently, and as he met Lu Anran’s beaming eyes, the feeling of unease rose up once more in his heart. But looking at Lu Jianhao, Lu Anming could not disobey Grandpa’s words and could only brace himself, nodding in reply, “Ok….”

“Tomorrow Brother Anwei is also following me, Anhu is…..not feeling well.” Lu Anran said.

“En.” Lu Anwei put down his chopsticks, “are you going out tonight?”

“No, not going.” She has to look up on some information tonight, so she is not planning to go out.

“I’m going out for a bit tonight, not sure what time I’ll come home.” Lu Anwei said calmly.

“…..” Lu Anran instantly understood Lu Anwei’s intentions and nodded her head, “gogo!”

Lu Anming also have no more appetite, “I… I have already arranged to go shopping with Xue Ding An, and will come back at 12 o’clock.” After all, he was staying at Grandpa’s house tonight and Grandpa would not be very happy if he came home too late, and he also has to accompany Anran to go out tomorrow.

“Go then!” Initially, Lu Jianhao did not really like Lu Anming hanging out and playing around crazily with Xue Ding An, but since Xue Ding An saved Lu Anran, he can only turn a blind eye to them meeting up.

“Why don’t we let Big Brother Xue join us too!” said Lu Anran. “He saved me previously, I was also thinking of treating him to a meal!” If there were more people, she should be able to finish trying all of the foods at the rest of the restaurants on her written list tomorrow!

“Alright! I’ll ask him tonight!” Lu Anming smiled, if he pulled in Xue Ding An as well, his heart will be able to feel more at ease right?

“You guys can arrange by yourself!” Lu Jianhao put down his chopsticks, “I’m going upstairs!”

“Old Master, please slow down.” Uncle Lu who has always been standing at the side hurriedly gave him a hand.

Catching the sight of Uncle Lu, Lu Anran frown. “Uncle Lu, why haven’t you gone to the hospital for a checkup?”

Uncle Lu was surprised for a moment, “I was a little busy lately.” When would he have time to go ah!

“Go on Monday!” Lu Anran did not allow Uncle Lu’s to delay any further, “Brother Anwei, my classes start on Monday, so you can send Uncle Lu for a health check-up then! Do a full body health check-up, especially ophthalmology!”

“Got it!” Lu Anwei nodded. It was no trouble at all to send him to the hospital.

“This….this is not feasible?” Uncle Lu was a little overwhelmed at the unexpected favour. Young Master sending him, this servant, to go for a health check-up! That is not right ah!

“What’s wrong with that ah!” Lu Anran said disgruntledly, “I’ve urged you go for so many months already!” At Lu Jianhao birthday banquet, she has already urged Uncle Lu to go for a health check-up, how come this Uncle Lu does not have a sense of urgency? Does he know that in the previous lifetime Uncle Lu was tortured to death by the malignant tumours in his eyes! It was still not too late now, if she did not push him to go, she was really worried about Uncle Lu! Uncle Lu dedicated his whole life, serving Grandpa to the best of his abilities and was not able to have a happy ending. This was an ending that she definitely does not want!

“Just go!” Lu Jianhao also instructed, “I’ll pay for it!” After saying that, he left the dinner table and went back to his study room.

“This….This…..” Uncle Lu could only nod his head graciously. “Thank you, Eldest Young Miss.” After that, he went off to catch up with Lu Jianhao. Goodness this Old Master, doesn’t he realise how old he is? And he still walk so quickly! What’s going to happen if he bumped into something?

“I’m off.” Lu Anwei stood up and walked towards to the door.

“I’m going back to my room first!” Lu Anran turned and stopped her footsteps. “Oh right! Brother Anming, we are going out at 6am tomorrow!”

“So early?” Lu Anming was startled for a moment, the time he usually wakes up is 8am ah!

“Hurhur….” Lu Anran did not explain anything to Lu Anming and left with a elegant and dashing back figure. Starting at 6 o’clock was already her taking care of Lu Anming and Xue Ding An, after all they have 7 breakfast restaurants to taste test!


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    And btw. I’m not entirely happy with this development. When they were at the restaurant before, Lu Anran noted that the person who Chu Yao was going to meet with was the person who is in charge of setting her up.
    And yet she didn’t ask her cousins to go and follow and spy on her?
    I do thought that was going to happen. And then we get this comfy restaurant tour mini arc.
    But with the reveal of a new evil coming from a new character. It all just feels like the calm before the storm!
    So annoying and irritating.
    Though…. Anran probably knows who’s coming lol. Since she has the cheat of rebirth lmao

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