Rebirth: Chapter 62 (Part 2)

Chapter 62: Eating together, meeting Chu Yao again

(Part 2)

Lu Anran looked in the direction pointed by Ji Ling and saw that Chu Yao was with others and they were coming closer. She was wearing a floral dress, looking especially striking when she stood with the other three girls, a beautiful face, her figure brimming with youthful energy, a gentle and generous smile, carrying a leather backpack and was three times prettier than pedestrian models in a magazine. Lu Anran also recognised the other three girls. They were all classmates in her previous class and were also admitted to S city First High School this time round, but the weird thing was that Sun Shasha was not amongst them.

Like Ji Ling and Lu Anran, Chu Yao has also naturally noticed Lu Anran. The smile on Lu Anran’s face could not help but drop a few degrees lower.

“Class monitor!” The girl with two ponytails next to Chu Yao shouted and waved at Lu Anran and Ji Ling, “Ji Ling!”

“Hi!” Lu Anran also smiled and waved her hands, as she privately thought to herself what could Chu Yao be up to.

“Class monitor! Ji Ling! What a coincidence ah!” Another girl wearing thick lenses was the first to enter the restaurant and stood in front of Lu Anran and all, “Are all of you here to shop as well?”

“……” Watching the three girls all entering Lu Family’s privately-owned restaurant, Chu Yao gritted her teeth. Burying the intense irritation in her heart, she also strolled in, “Anran, what a coincidence ah!”

“Yes ah!” Lu Anran put on a false smile, “Did the four of you arrange in advance to go shopping together?”

“It’s Chu Yao who invited us.” The girl with two ponytails grinned and said, “To buy stuff that we will need when school re-opens!”

“So, it’s like this ah! Lu Anhu and I were shopping around when we coincidentally met Ji Ling, so we decided to have lunch together!” A hint of craftiness flashed by in Lu Anran’s eyes. She then turned towards Chu Yao, “Chu Yao, why didn’t you invite me as well ah?” Shopping and such, if it was like before, Chu Yao would definitely have invited her because the previous lifetime’s Lu Anran was a stupid walking ATM, but this time, Lu Anran can let it pass that Chu Yao did not invite her along, but seeing her still acting in this way, Lu Anran could not help lifting the corners of her mouth.

The three girls present were Ling Yingying (with the two ponytails), Sun Shuhui (wearing the thick lenses) and Yu Ziyuan (with short hair). These three girls were nice, had a good relationship with Lu Anran in school, smart, honest, and often play together. It was said that they have been classmates since primary school, in addition, as they live close to one another, the three of them always had a good relationship. Now that all three of them have entered S city’s First High, and Chu Yao invited these three people out, it seems like this Young Miss Chu is trying to incite discord ah!

“I……” Chu Yao was also not stupid and immediately thought of a very good excuse, “Aren’t you living in your grandfather’s house now? I was afraid of inviting you out as it may not be convenient for you.”

“Like that ah! Indeed, it is not very convenient.” Lu Anran also wanted to leave it open. In this way, when Chu Yao invites her out the next time, she could use Chu Yao’s words as an excuse.

“Since we have chanced upon each other, let’s have a meal together!” Ling Yingying rubbed her empty stomach and said, “Class monitor, are all of you free now?”

“What’s there to be free or not free!” Initially, Lu Anran did not want to have a meal with Chu Yao but when Ling Yingying suggested it, she noticed Chu Yao’s obvious instant expression of resistance and so she readily agreed. The waiter who was called upon, switched them to a larger table for ten people. Another five dishes were ordered before Ji Ling, Ling Yingying and the others started to chat and joke with each other

Yet, Chu Yao did not talk much. Drinking her cup of lemon tea, she silently cursed Lu Anran several thousand times but it was not enough to slake her hatred.

Lu Anhu and Lu Anwei both recognised Chu Yao. That expression she had when she tore the skirt of Lu Anran was simply difficult for them to forget ah! Moreover, Lu Anran has also told them previously that Chu Yao has some links to that person, so the two brothers naturally regarded Chu Yao as their enemy and their eyes also held a layer of precaution.

“Oh right.” Lu Anran who was laughing and joking, glanced at the silent Chu Yao and asked, “Chu Yao, what about Sun Shasha? How is she now?”

“Who?” Chu Yao was stunned for a moment. She then smiled and said, “Sun Shasha ah…… I’m also not sure?”

“Didn’t you two have a good relationship?” Lu Anran still had on a false smile, “Why didn’t you invite her today?”

“Shasha ah!” Yu Ziyuan sipped her drink and answered, “Shasha didn’t perform well in the exam and was admitted to Second High instead of First High, and then she wanted to study again for a year, but her family condition was not very good, so they did not allow her to study again.”

“I heard she went on hunger strike.” Sun Shuhui followed on, “But she could not make her family change their mind and so, could only study at Second High.”

“Like this ah!” Lu Anran grinned and said, “So it was because the both of you would be in a different school that you did not invite her out ah!”

Hearing Lu Anran’s words, the three girls that were invited out were all shocked and glanced at each other. In the entire class, the girls who were admitted to S city’s First High were all seated on this table, the rest were all admitted to either Second High or Third High. Previously they wondered why Chu Yao whom they were only nodding acquaintance with, would suddenly invite the three of them out to play and even wanted to treat them to lunch…… Now thinking about it, they understood at once. This was because they would all still be classmates later on, perhaps there might also have some exploitation value…… Thinking again about Sun Shasha, at that time, Sun Shasha and Chu Yao were desk-mates and had a really good relationship, but when Sun Shasha was not admitted to First High, Chu Yao did not even know Sun Shasha’s current situation…… The hearts of the three people went cold, and a hint of vigilance against Chu Yao emerged. To be admitted into First High, the three of them were not stupid. Although they refrained from hurting others, after Lu Anran’s slight nudge, they guarded against those that were trying to hurt them……

Chu Yao also did not expect Lu Anran to suddenly ask about Sun Shasha. She smiled awkwardly and said, “I did invite her, but she did not have time……” How could she possibly invite Sun Shasha! In the first place, she despised poor and dull people. Sun Shasha was also not admitted into First High, such a person of no value, she would definitely not waste her time!

10 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 62 (Part 2)

      1. I agree with other reply.
        They were just having a simple get together before. Since they were merely acquaintances. And since they were in the same school. The 3 girls were just like why not when Chu Yao invited them.
        And now having met Lu Anran, the 3 girls were reminded by her of the things Chu Yao did. Lu Anran wasn’t being mean or anything. Just talking nonchalantly.
        And the 3 girls, who have common sense, naturally figured out what the hidden meaning was.
        So, being on guard against Lu Anran’s words would be very weird. Since they’ve been in clas since they were young. And Li Anran wasn’t saying anything bad.
        Plus, they weren’t on guard with Chu Yao before because of the before reasons. It was just a simple get together. What’s the harm.

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    1. I feel even if they suspect Lu Anran is sowing discord, they don’t mind as she’s only reminding them to be careful/showing Chu Yao’s true face. So thinking of it as not being mad at the person trying to give you a warning.

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