Rebirth: Chapter 60 (Part 2)

Chapter 60: Engrossed in studying, provoked by someone

(Part 2)

Two days before school re- opened, Lu Anran received a call from Ji Ling inviting her to go shopping for things like schoolbags, notebooks and such. As Lu Anran just happened to finish using her diary, she readily agreed.

This morning, Lu Anran woke up and completed her washing up routine. It was still the late summer season, so Lu Anran flipped through the clothes in her wardrobe and tried on her summer clothes one by one. Originally, she wanted to wear a sleeveless shirt and shorts, but realised that the shirt was already too small for her. Lu Anran could not even button the shirt buttons due to development in her chest area. She could only change to a dress that was previously too loose for her, but she discovered that it was still a little tight around her chest area and was barely able to wear it. Sighing, Lu Anran looked at herself in the mirror and helplessly shook her head. Indeed, she has reached the age of puberty, her figure has been changing every day. Two months ago, this dress was still loose when worn, now it was unexpectedly tight. Wearing a little cap and a necklace, carrying a leather backpack, Lu Anran ran downstairs and asked Lu Anhu to go out with her to buy school supplies.

Sitting in Old Zhang’s car, Lu Anhu has not seen Lu Anwei for the whole morning, so he asked curiously, “Anran, have you seen my bro?”

Lu Anran replied Lu Anhu’s question while texting Ji Ling with her phone, “Bro Anwei ah? I’ve asked him to go for the scar treatment procedure.”

“Oh!” Lu Anhu nodded thoughtfully. Recently, the scar on his dear brother’s face has indeed faded considerably, and that beard looked really good on him. The last time when he accompanied his bro to buy romance novels, on the way there, several girls accosted his bro wanting his phone number!

Lu Anran sent a message on the meeting place before locking her phone, “Ji Ling told me that she saw Teacher Qin yesterday.”

When Lu Anhu heard that, his eyes lit up, “Teacher Qin is back ah!”

Lu Anran nodded, “Lately, I’ve been wanting to invite Teacher Qin out for dinner. You think up of a way to settle your bro. How about we decide on a place to arrange a coincidental meeting?”

Lu Anhu nodded and said, “Sure ah!” He knew his bro still liked Qin Shuhan very much and would still occasionally stare out of window in a daze. Although he does not know what he was thinking about, but he was pretty sure it was related to Qin Shuhan. He also liked Qin Shuhan. Although she was his form teacher for only a hundred days, but Qin Shuhan was meticulous when teaching and also very beautiful. If she was to be his sister-in-law, he would not object to it at all.

Lu Anran smiled and said, “Then that’s settled!” The two of them slapped each other’s hands forming an alliance. Instead, Old Zhang who sat in front driving could not help smiling while shaking his head. Kids these days ah……

Soon after, they arrived at the place to meet Ji Ling, Lu Anran alighted from the car and greeted Ji Ling. Ji Ling also smiled while waving to Lu Anran, “Anran, Anhu! Over here, over here!”

After the three of them gathered, Ji Ling looped through Lu Anran’s arm and said, “Luckily there’s still you! Lin Da is too much! We have already known each other for so many years yet she only called me to tell me she has reached safely only after she landed abroad! Not even giving me the chance to see her off!”

Lu Anran could not help laughing, “Maybe she was afraid of your uncontrollable crying when parting!”

“Ey……” Ji Ling shook her head helplessly, “Thankfully we have all been admitted to S city First Middle! Really great that we can still be classmates!”

“Pfft……” Lu Anran laughed and rubbed Ji Ling’s head dotingly.

“What are we going to buy first?” Ji Ling asked while pulling at Lu Anran’s arm.

“I want to buy some clothes first. “Lu Anran replied. This dress was a little tight and uncomfortable, and she still has to buy undergarments in her new measurements.

“Okay ah! Go go go!” Ji Ling was full of energy once shopping was mentioned, all her unhappiness was all forgotten. In fact, today she has brought all her savings that she has accumulated in the past year!

Lu Anran and Ji Ling tried on clothes at the mall while Lu Anhu stood idly waiting at the side with a face full of boredom. After buying a new dress and all, Lu Anran quietly told Ji Ling that she was going to the store next door to buy undergarments, and asked Ji Ling to take Lu Anhu to buy a cold drink before coming back. Ji Ling gestured an ‘I understand’ sign and went to ask Lu Anhu to go and buy a cold drink with her. Lu Anhu looked at Lu Anran who nodded.

So, Lu Anhu left with Ji Ling. Anyway, it was just buying a cold drink.

Seeing Lu Anhu at a far distance, Lu Anran heaved a deep sigh and entered the neighbouring store. The shop assistant warmly welcomed her and introduced her two new styles of undergarments. Now that Lu Anran has reached puberty, there are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing undergarments.

In the end, Lu Anran chose a white thin summer style and was very satisfied after trying it on, so she asked the shop assistant to wrap it up. However, when the shop assistant was receiving it, the undergarment was snatched by another hand, “This piece is not bad! I want it!”

The shop assistant was also stunned and said apologetically, “Sorry, this is the only one left for this size and style.”

The girl was visibly irked with the shop assistant’s reply, “Then, isn’t it just nice? Wrap it up for me!”

“This size is unsuitable for you. This is size 36. If you are buying for yourself, you can only buy size D.” The shop assistant said with an apologetic smile when she glanced at the well- developed chest of the girl.

“Hng!” Hearing the shop assistant’s words, the girl proudly straightened her back and said to the male behind her, “Dear, such a pity oh, I initially thought that this was very cute and wanted to wear for you to see! Who knew it was so tiny ah!” After saying that, she glanced at Lu Anran’s chest.

That male picked up the strap of the undergarment with his hand and suddenly placed it under his nose to sniff, “How fragrant ah……”

Lu Anran thought back to how that piece of undergarment was the one she tried on just now, and a sudden wave of nausea hit her heart. Frowning with displeasure, she turned to the shop assistant and said, “I don’t want that piece anymore.” After saying that, she turned to leave. To meet such a cockroach- like person early in the morning really makes her feel so disgusted.

Seeing Lu Anran leaving, the male hurriedly stretched out his hand to stop her, “Hey hey, where are you going ah? Come and chat with big brother!”

Seeing her own financial backer actually ignoring her presence and being so intimate with this girl in front of her, the girl next to the male felt really unhappy. Just now when they were shopping around, she realised that her own financial backer was staring in a daze at that girl, and so she came forward to provoke Lu Anran, but who knew that this would be the result ah!
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