Rebirth: Chapter 60 (Part 1)

Chapter 60: Engrossed in studying, provoked by someone

(Part 1)

After leaving Long Yuxing’s villa, Lu Anran did not linger around the banquet any longer and left directly for Lu family’s home. There was no need to stay since the business has been settled.

Lu Anran did not rest when she got home, instead, she changed her clothes and went to the kitchen to re-do the 7-julienne vegetable stir-fry that she made for Lu Jianhao previously. She gained a shred of enlightenment after drinking Tom’s coffee today, so she hurriedly started to practice it once more.

When it was done, Lu Anran tasted it with her bamboo chopsticks. It was already about 50% to 60% similar to that of Lu Jianhao’s. Lu Anran sat at side of the dining table and continued to ponder over the meaning of Tao and harmony of taste in dishes.

After thinking for a while, she begun to cook again, tasting it when it was done, continue to ponder, and cooking again after pondering deeply…… doing it over and over with great patience until daybreak.

Lu Anhu who returned from his morning exercises after waking up, heard sounds coming from the kitchen. Curious, he went over to have a look. When he saw that the long rectangular dining table was filled with dozens of plates of 7-julianne vegetable stir-fry, his eyes could not help widening. However, Lu Anran was still at the pan stir-frying, turning off the fire, drizzling the sauce, rolling her wrist to flip it a few times before serving. Placing the dish on the table, she picked up her bamboo chopsticks and tasted it. The taste was already about 90% similar to that of Lu Jianhao’s.

Lu Anran sat on the chair with a one hand supporting her head, and the other hand resting on the table while tapping rhythmically with her index finger. Seems like her ability to understand is still limited ah! Lu Anran felt as though she was already stuck at a bottleneck stage.

Lu Anhu approached Lu Anran, “Oi Oi Oi! Don’t tell me you stayed up for the whole night ah……”

“En?” Lu Anran absentmindedly lifted up her head, “Whole night? It’s daybreak?” Looking out of the window, sure enough the sky outside the window has already turned light, “What time is it?”

Lu Anhu looked at his watch, “It’s 6 o’clock.”

Lu Anran nodded. Using the bamboo chopsticks, she pinched a chopstick full of the 7-julianne vegetable stir-fry and fed it to Lu Anhu, “Try it.”

Lu Anhu opened his mouth and chewed several times, “Delicious! This is the first time I have eaten such delicious 7-julianne vegetable stir-fry.”

Lu Anran smiled for a moment, “Compared to Grandpa’s stir-fry, it’s still a long way off!”

Lu Anhu shook his head. Truly cannot understand Lu Anran’s obsession towards cooking. “What are your plans for today?”

Lu Anran shook her head, “For the next two months, I will most likely be at home researching dishes, and learning some self- defence moves from you. I won’t be going out.”

Two months?! Lu Anhu raised his eyebrows. He really admired this aspect of Lu Anran a little ah! Whole two months ah, fancy that she is able sit still! But he was also somewhat anxious since she also wanted to learn some self- defence moves, “In these two months, I will first train your physique well! I’ll teach you stuff about self- defence when school re- opens!”

“Okay!” Lu Anran also knew that she could not be too hasty.

As expected, it was exactly as Lu Anran has told Lu Anhu, for the whole two months, Lu Anran has been staying at home to study culinary. Other than going jogging with Lu Anhu every day, and doing some exercises, she would make a variety of dishes for Lu Jianhao to assess.

Seeing Lu Anran’s progress and her high level of understanding, Lu Jianhao was once again affirmed that Lu Anran was absolutely the right person to pick up the reins of the whole Lu family.

The Lu Anran who stayed in naturally did not know that the outside world has already lauded her to the skies. A dark purple dress as though she has worn the entire night sky on herself with an elegant appearance and noble bearing. Although Long Corporation has already sealed the banquet venue that day, there was still someone who snapped the scene of Lu Anran dancing with a mysterious man at the banquet.

A large number of media wanted to interview Lu Anran to get the first public release and exclusive news, especially regarding this photo where the two people were gazing at each other affectionately. The male was wearing a mask, only exposing the lower half of his face, Lu Anran’s face was not covered, an elegant demeanour, incomparably graceful. The media have all smelled love in the air. If one knew the identity of the male, one would definitely be able to obtain a large cover story.

Except that in these two months, Lu Anran has been hiding out at home, so the reporters who staked outside the main entrance of Lu Corporation waited bitterly and in vain. Absolutely pitiful. In the end, it was due to titbits of the mayor’s son at a nightclub and staying overnight with young model that diluted the media’s interest in Lu Anran.

Lu family was utterly protective of Lu Anran, so much so that the person herself was probably not certain what the outside world thought of her during the two months she went into isolation.

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