Rebirth: Chapter 59 (Part 2)

Chapter 59: Call me Young Master Long, honourable daughter of Feng family

(Part 2)

The drunkard heard the girl’s words and laughed, “Still have the mood to worry about your little boyfriend ah! Better worry about yourself!” After saying that, he came over to grab the girl.

Upon seeing this, Long Yuxing hurriedly turned around and protected the girl in his arms. No matter how forceful the other party dragged him or beat him up, he held on with a death grip. He knew that once he let go, something terrible was bound to happen, so he absolutely cannot let go.

At this moment, two groups of men rushed in from the entrance of the park. The men pushed the three drunkards onto the ground and started to rain blows on them. These group of drunkards really deserve death, to go so far as to beat their Young Master.

Ah Lin picked up his family’s injured Young Master, “Young Master, are you okay?”

Long Yuxing shook his head weakly, his anxious gaze still on the girl who was at a loss.

“Eldest Young Miss! Eldest Young Miss, are you okay?” Lu family’s men hastily rushed to their family’s Young Miss. The head of the group asked, ashen- faced, “Anran, tell Second Uncle why did you come to such a far place alone?”

“I…… I wanted Papa to come and pick me up!” The girl had a ghastly pale appearance, both her hands were interlocked.

That person was visibly shocked, and expressed a look of tender affection in his eyes, “Who told you that your father would come and pick you up if you do this?”

She quickly shook her head, “No one told me… It’s… It’s what I thought…… I… I want Papa……”

Long Yuxing’s heart trembled. She was clearly frightened till she was shivering, yet she wanted to protect her best friend. Long Yuxing’s heart was moved once more. As Long Corporation’s successor, from the time he begun to form memories, he has grown accustomed to the deceits and blackmails in the clan, and the murderous intents behind smiles in the business field. Everyone was always close and friendly, yet they were all just itching to see you down and out and was always prepared to give you a trample or stab you in the back! This was the first time he has seen such a girl who knew how to protect people around her at such a young age.

The person raised his hand, as though he was going to slap the girl. The girl was also so frightened that she shut her eyes, but that person’s eyes showed faint trace of tender affection once more and put down his hand again. He then patted the girl’s head, “Anran, behave. You definitely cannot do this again next time, okay? You see, this little big brother has been injured so badly in order to protect you! If it hadn’t been for this little big brother, do you know what sorts of terrible things would have happened today?”

Lu Anran looked at Long Yuxing guiltily and then jogged to Ah Lin’s side. Ah Lin tactfully squatted down so that his Young Master who was in his arms could look straight at the girl.

The girl had tears in her eyes, “Little big brother, I… I am Lu Anran. Thank you for saving me.”

With difficulty, Long Yuxing showed a smile that was not very good- looking, “Well, I’m Long Yuxing. Marry me when you grow up okay?”

Lu Anran tilted her head and gazed at Long Yuxing. She then nodded her head seriously, “Okay” and then she smiled. The sunset that day still had a last glimmer of afterglow. Her smile was so sweet, and there were still tears that have not dried on her face. Really like a beautiful girl in a painting ah……


Long Yuxing’s memory was once again interrupted by a series of knocks on the door, making him frown in displeasure.

“Big Brother Yuxing! I know you are in there, quickly open the door! I am Sihan!”

“Miss Sihan, Young Master has already fallen asleep, it would be better for you to come back tomorrow!” Ah Lin advised.

“Asleep? Not possible! I just saw a woman leaving the villa! I don’t care! I want to see Big Brother Yuxing!”

Long Yuxing rubbed his swollen temples in annoyance. That cup of liquor was really strong enough, he felt very unwell ah! But this girl Feng Sihan was really hard to deal with, “Ah Lin, let her come in!”

After he heard it, Ah Lin could only comply and stood sideways to the door.

“Hng!” Feng Sihan made a face at Ah Lin before opening the door and walking in. However, she saw the room in darkness, so she stretched her hand to turn on the lights, “Why is it so dark?”

The sudden bright light painfully pierced Long Yuxing’s eyes, “Turn off the lights!”

Seeing Long Yuxing lying on the bed with a hand over his eyes, looking like he was in pain, Feng Sihan stuck out her tongue and turned off the lights again, “Big Brother Yuxing, I can’t see you when it’s so dark……”

Long Yuxing has not yet recovered from his earlier suffering, in a tone that was clearly displeased, he said, “If you have something to say, say it. If there is nothing, get out!”

Feng Sihan felt aggrieved and pouted, “People specially came to see you from Kyoto when they heard you were in S city ey…… Why are you so cold ah!”

Long Yuxing could not be bothered to respond to her. Turning over, he said, “Go back to Kyoto!”

“I don’t want!” Feng Sihan protested, “If you want me to go back, you have to go back as well!”

That patience that Long Yuxing did not have so much of from the beginning, was soon getting exhausted, “Get out now. Otherwise, I will completely abolish all the rights of occupancy of all enterprises under Feng Corporation in Long Corporation’s shopping centre in S city!”

“You dare!” Feng Sihan exclaimed, “Grandpa Long won’t let you do this!”

“Hng!” Long Yuxing sneered, “This branch of Long Corporation shopping centre is mine! Everything is under my command! I’ll count till three!”

“Big Brother Yuxing……” Feng Sihan bit her lower lip unwillingly.


“People specially came to look for you ey!”


“How can you be so cruel to people ah!” Feng Sihan scowled miserably, “I’ll just leave okay!” She dared not to be rash about matters relating to the family business, so she left with her shoulders drooping down.

Ah Lin looked at the distant Feng Sihan and helplessly shook his head. Feng Sihan was an honourable daughter of Feng Corporation, regarding appearance, it can be said to be roughly the same as Lu Anran, regarding family background, Feng Corporation that was equally famous as Long Corporation could definitely fling Lu Anran dozens of streets ahead, but regarding character and conduct…… Ah Lin shook his head. They were all clearly 15 years old, yet Lu Anran could represent Lu Corporation to negotiate with Young Master, but this Feng Sihan still had a temper of an honourable daughter. Even though she has been berated many times by Young Master, she still has not learnt to behave.

Feng Sihan left Long Yuxing’s villa and sat into her family’s car, and unhappily said to the bodyguard next to her, “Ling Long, I smelt another woman’s perfume in Big Brother Yuxing’s room today! Find out for me which woman is so brave to dare to get close to my Big Brother Yuxing!”

A short haired woman wearing a business suit replied, “Understood!”
We finally know what LYX and LAR promised each other ~~~ ><

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  1. Who would remember a promise made at age 6? Hahaha… Long Yuxing, you are so naive. Anyway, I hope when Anran makes the choice, it will be a good one for her!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! My, my, new cannon fodder, eh? It’s not that Anran wants to get close, it’s that Yuxing won’t let her be anything but.

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