Rebirth: Chapter 57 (Part 1)

(This chapter part is currently unedited)

Chapter 57: deep water bomb, Anxin causing trouble

(Part 1)

Lu Anran felt as though she was drowning in the guy’s pair of eyes, as she stared into his eyes, she felt a vague sense of déjà vu, profound love swirled within those eyes leading Lu Anran to fall into a trance for a short while.

When the song ended, so did their movements. The surrounding audience applauded warmly, and it was only then Lu Anran snapped out of her daze, placing her hands onto the man’s face that was warm to her touch and asked softly, “who…are you?”

“I….” The man was about to answer when he was cut off by a sharp scream.

“She! She broke the rules! She asked who the other party was! Quickly call someone to chase her out!” Lu Anxin’s eyes looked as though it was about to burst into flames, she was certain now, that the person in front of her wearing a black suit was Long Yuxing! Worried that the two people would continue to converse with each other, Lu Anxin could not restrain herself and burst out shouting.

Chu Yao filled with envy and hatred was also staring at Lu Anran, why was it that the moment she appeared, everyone’s eyes all stopped on her? All these glories should originally belong to her, Chu Yao! Chu Yao also supportively shouted out as well, “where are the bodyguards? There is someone here who broke the rule, quickly chase her out!”

Lu Anran looked towards the two shouting people, one of the voice was Lu Anxin and the other, even though it was deliberately changed, but Lu Anran still recognized the dress the people was wearing, because it was the very same dress that Ji Rou personally invited the designer to created according to her body size!

The MC of the banquet naturally knew that the person who just danced with Lu Anran was his own Young Master, so he would not be so stupid as to ask someone to chase her out ah! As such, he quickly entered and helped Lu Anran out of her predicament, “Err…. When this Young Lady asked the other party’s name, she have yet to wear her face mask, so for her, the game has not yet started! Young lady please wear your face mask!” the moment the MC finished speaking, a bodyguard wearing a suit and sunglasses appeared and present to her a half-faced mask, which looked like a pair with the person who just danced with her just now.

Lu Anran wore the face mask and looked towards the man in the suit standing beside her. Who on earth was this person?

Chu Yao could not believe that this matter was solved so easily and so she started to yell, “She was late to the party! She should be punished! Punish her! Punish her!”

The surrounding guests are all big shots who looked on and were not afraid to create a scene, and with Chu Yao leading, everyone also followed and started shouting, “Punish her! Punish her!”

The MC of the banquet was also stunned and inquiringly looked at the face-mask wearing man next to Lu Anran. Although, Young Master was wearing a face mask, and no one could see his expression, but the MC could still feel Young Master’s murderous aura and instantly perspired cold sweat. The MC was placed between a rock and a hard place, it was not right if he punished her, it was also not right if he did not punish her.

Lu Anran gazed at the yelling Chu Yao and Lu Anxin, then looked at the awkward MC and voluntarily proposed, “What kind of punishment are everyone suggesting? As long as isn’t too outrageous, I’ll do it!”

All the guests looked at the beautiful girl in front of them, and recognized that she was Lu Anran, the Eldest Young Miss of the Lu Family. Although they shouted out along with everyone just now, but now that they really have to stand out and suggest a punishment, every single one of them felt a little afraid. After all Lu Corporation was a famous and prestigious enterprise in S City! It would be totally foolish to offend Lu Corporation! But if the punishment was too light, then it really would be too unsatisfying ah!

At this time a guest voice resounded from somewhere within the crowd, “Punish her to drink a glass of Deep Bomb Cocktail!” The audience all nodded their head one by one after they heard it, this was doable, punish her to drink a glass of alcohol, it is not a very serious punishment and would not offend the Lu Family. But to a 15 years old girl, this kind of punishment was not light at all! Just right! Just right!

The guest all started chanting “Deep Bomb! Deep Bomb! Deep Bomb…”

Lu Anran glanced around, “Ok! Then just one glass of Deep Bomb Cocktail!”

When MC heard Lu Anran’s agreement, he signaled for someone to start preparing. First, an empty table was set up with a table cloth covering it, then the “ingredients” for the Deep Bomb Cocktail was set out.

Lu Anran had long heard about the Deep Bomb, but has never tried it before. Deep Bomb was a type of strong cocktail, 2/3 beer was poured into a tall glass, and a small glass filled with vodka was then dropped into the tall glass. The alcohol content of this kind of cocktail was very high, and has very little sweetness, only those men with very high alcohol tolerance would drink it.

Although this punishment of only drinking a glass of alcohol does not satisfy Chu Yao’s revengeful heart, but she imagined how interesting it would be to see tomorrow morning’s news report on Lu Corporation’s Young Miss Lu Anran returning home drunk from the party. The corner of her mouth tilted up in a smirk and she looked on with an enjoyable expression ready to watch an entertaining show.

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