Rebirth: Chapter 55 (Part 1)

Chapter 55: Drinking coffee again, International friendship

(Part 1)

There was still some time before the banquet begins, Lu Anran thought for a moment before leading Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu to that café she went previously. The shop assistant was still that girl and she had some impression of Lu Anran, after all, at that time, such a large group of people that came in all at once which was so rare. Plus, the girl who led them was so beautiful.

“Welcome!” The shop assistant had two low ponytails and was wearing a red and white apron with the café’s logo on her chest. She smiled at Lu Anran, “What would you like?”

Lu Anran looked around. The café interior has remained unchanged. Returning her gaze to the shop assistant, Lu Anran said, “I want a cappuccino.”

Lu Anhu then said, “A cup of black coffee for me.”

When Lu Anwei wanted to order, he was interrupted by Lu Anran, “Give him a cup of hot milk!” She remembered the last time Qin Shuhan had said that Lu Anwei’s stomach was not good. How strange. She did not even know that Lu Anwei had problems with his stomach, yet Qin Shuhan knew! And she was even anxious! If one were to say that Qin Shuhan had no feelings for Lu Anwei, she would be the first to doubt it, only one does not know what kind of misunderstandings did the two of them have.

After hearing Lu Anran’s words, Lu Anwei lowered his head slightly, and thought about Qin Shuhan again, a layer of dejection passed over his eyes.

The shop assistant said to Lu Anran and crew, “Please sit over here.”

Lu Anran nodded and sat in a four- person table that was near the bar.

The shop assistant hastened to the back and ordered. With one hand supporting her chin, Lu Anran took in the soothing aroma of coffee in the air. There were only a couple of people sitting in the entire café.

After a while, the cappuccino Lu Anran ordered was brought to the table, Lu Anran took a sip before putting it down and calling out, “Hello, could you please come over.”

The shop assistant walked over puzzledly and asked, “Hello, is there anything you need?”

Lu Anran smiled and pushed forward the coffee cup that was in front of her, “Could you please bring another cup of cappuccino?”

The shop assistant had seen Lu Anran taking a sip before refusing to drink again and instead was asking for another cup, so she nodded and hurried to the back.

While waiting, Lu Anhu’s and Lu Anwei’s drinks were also served, Lu Anran glanced at Lu Anhu’s black coffee, retracted her gaze and continued waiting.

Soon, the shop assistant brought out another cup, this time, Lu Anran did not even drink it, she only took one glance before shaking her head and telling the shop assistant who had just put down the cup of coffee, “Please bring another cup of cappuccino.”

The shop assistant was dumbfounded and embarrassed, but she still ran off to the back and brought out another cup of coffee, placing the cup of coffee in front of Lu Anran. She then stood next to Lu Anran and anxiously looked at her. Lu Anran lifted the cup of coffee and sipped once before shaking her head again, “Please bring another cup of cappuccino.”

This time, not only the shop assistant, even Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu looked at each other, not knowing what Lu Anran was up to.

Instead of leaving, this time the shop assistant politely asked, “Can I ask, is the coffee from our café not suited to your taste?”

Lu Anran looked into the shop assistant’s eyes and said, “Suit! Of course it suits, if not I would not have came here a second time! Only these few cups of coffee are not to my taste!” Lu Anran said, “Could you please ask the barista who made my cappuccino the previous time to make me another cup?” She liked this café very much. If it was that Chinese restaurant she went this afternoon for lunch, she would never go back there a second time!

Th shop assistant was stunned. It seemed like she has met a connoisseur. While she was hesitating, the café door opened and a handsome Italian man who was about 185cm tall walked in. He had pale skin and deep facial features. When he walked by Lu Anran’s table, he frowned as he noticed a few cups of coffee that were barely touched. When she saw this Italian man, the shop assistant finally breathed a sigh of relief. She said to Lu Anran, “Okay, please wait for a moment.” She then went to catch up with the barista who just passed by.

After a while, the shop assistant brought out a cup of coffee again and placed it in front of Lu Anran. She then stood next to Lu Anran and smiled as she looked on. This time, this customer should be satisfied!

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