Rebirth: Chapter 54 (Part 2)

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Chapter 54: Expensive, Altering formal wear

(Part 2)

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Ruyan was also astonished. She and Ji Rou were University roommates. After graduation, they have always maintained contact, naturally she knew Lu Anran. Seeing Lu Anran like this, Xiao Ruyan was also shocked.

Lu Anran took out the dress from the paper bag, “I will be wearing it tonight! But it has been torn!”

Xiao Ruyan opened the dress and had a look, “Italian- crafted. Such a beautiful dress!”

Lu Anran asked, “Can you mend it?”

Xiao Ruyan smiled and said, “Mending it is impossible, but I can alter it a little!”

Lu Anran put both her palms together. “Then I’ll leave it to you! Auntie Xiao!”

Xiao Ruyan smiled and said, “Go out for a walk and come back in two hours.”

Seeing Xiao Ruyan’s smile, Lu Anran was even more relieved, “Then we’ll go and eat something and come back later!”

Xiao Ruyan waved and said, “Go go!”

Lu Anran left the shop with Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu and then went into a Chinese restaurant in Pedestrian Street and ordered a few dishes. While waiting for the dishes, Lu Anran fell into a trance. If Lu Anxin and Chu Yao saw her appear again wearing this dress tonight, what kind of expression would they have? This time she was lucky that Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu noticed and told her in time, she could then repair it but what if the two of them did not see it? IF she realised at the very last moment just before the banquet that her dress was spoiled, it would be too late to even cry!

“Anran, how did you know that this Auntie Xiao would be able to help you ah?” Lu Anhu asked curiously.

Lu Anran raised the corners of her lips, “If she can’t help me, then nobody in this world would be able to help me!” Lu Anran looked at the confused expression on the two brother’s face and said, “You may not know if Xiao Ruyan but you must have heard of Roxanne Ess!”

Lu Anhu’s face was still at a loss but Lu Anwei narrowed his eyes, “The British royal wedding dress designer.”

Lu Anran snapped her fingers, “Yep! That’s her!”

Lu Anhu asked the puzzlement in his heart, “If she is the British royal wedding dress designer then why did she open such a small store on Pedestrian Street?”

Lu Anran replied, “I heard from my mother that Auntie Xiao is waiting for a man whom she had fallen in love with at first sight. She won’t always be there la. She will just be in that store every summer to wait for that man for a month that’s all.”

“Another touching love story ah!” Lu Anhu nodded thoughtfully.

Lu Anwei’s eyes were somewhat melancholy, perhaps he was thinking about his and Qin Shuhan’s matters again!

After a while, the dishes were served, Lu Anran picked up her chopsticks and started eating from the vegetable dish.

Lu Anhu said while he ate, “In any case, I know why you hate Chu Yao so much now!”

Lu Anran glanced at him, “Why ah?”

Lu Anhu said, “My brother and I personally saw and heard with our own ears!” He frowned and said, “Really cannot see it ah! She is actually such a cowardly and jealous girl ah! Really scary!”

Lu Anran heard and coldly harrumphed, “Hng, you don’t know anything!”

Lu Anhu retorted, “Why wouldn’t I know, I already said I personally saw and heard it!”

Lu Anran swallowed the vegetables in her mouth and frowned. The skills of the chef in this small store was really unimpressive! She lifted her head and looked towards Lu Anhu and said, “She was the person who pushed me, the one who did not know how to swim, into the swimming pool, and is also linked to the person who wants me dead. You can even say she is an accomplice because I was kidnapped on my way to meet her! Also, the reason why my relationship with Lin Da was not good is because of Chu Yao. Because I had a very good relationship with Lin Da before, Chu Yao wanted to kill her!” After saying everything in one go, Lu Anran looked at the tongue- tied brothers Lu Anhu and Lu Anwei.

Lu Anhu was obviously shocked, “You! Why didn’t you say so earlier!”

Lu Anran lifted the corners of her lips, “Say? Say to whom?”

“You can tell your Grandpa or Aunt ah!” Lu Anhu looked at Lu Anran with an unfathomable expression. Why did she not mention such an important matter ah!”

Lu Anran admired Lu Anhu’s record of eye- rolls, “Chu Yao’s father is Chu Wanhai. He is my grandfather’s secretary. If I tell this matter to Grandpa, and he accidentally expose this matter, how am I supposed to draw out that person behind the scenes ah! Not to mention my mother. She was born with no acting skills, if she were to know that Chu Yao is linked to the person who wants me dead, use your own brains to think about the consequences!”

Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu thought for a while and understood Lu Anran’s actions. However, they could not underestimate this fifteen- year- old younger cousin who chatted and laughed merrily with people who wanted to kill her, and at the same time, became estranged with her own best friend…… Such a painful matter thing this is ah! What kind of things did she experience for her to have such mentality now?

When Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu finished eating, the three of them went back to Xiao Ruyan’s store to collect back the dress. Under Xiao Ruyan’s dexterous hands, the dress became even more dream- like and beautiful. Looking at herself in the fitting room, Lu Anran smiled smugly. She was really looking forward to tonight……

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  1. Should just go to the store ask for cctv n sue her cousin+cy for ruining the cloth n ask for repair fee, maybe a couple millions. Mind you that slaughtering their wallet is better than just faceslapping shameless persons. I myself gonna do that if it happens to me.


  2. a shop that sell almost million dollar dress will have cctv, Lu girl should just told the person of the shop and demand evidence

    heck they can also sued both of them snakes

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  3. yay! thanks to the brothers, she came out of this matter unscratched. now it’s time to take her revenge on those girls!

    can’t wait for the banquet tonight. thanks for the chappy

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