Rebirth: Chapter 54 (Part 1)

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Chapter 54: Expensive, Altering formal wear

(Part 1)

When Chu Yao saw Lu Anran wearing the dress, there were flames of jealousy in her eyes as though she wanted to burn a hole though the dress. Such a beautiful dress is wasted on Lu Anran! The only worthy to wear it is herself! Chu Yao clenched her teeth and said,”Anran, you are so pretty. You look beautiful in anything you wear!”

Lu Anran nodded, “En.”

Chu Yao pretended to put on a look of pity, “Anran, I also love this dress. I will also be attending today’s banquet, but I don’t even have a decent dress! Could you let me have this dress ah!”

Chu Yao’s request was evidently within Lu Anran’s expectations. She was not surprised, instead she turned towards the shop assistant, “If this lady was the one buying this dress?”

The shop assistant was very disgusted with Chu Yao’s behaviour, but still maintained a polite smile that a shop assistant should have, “If it is this lady, then we need to charge the original price.”

“Why!” Chu Yao said with a face full of displeasure. Why was it free for Lu Anran, and not for her ah!

A smidgeon of disdain flashed past the shop assistant’s eyes, “Because this is what our store manager instructed.”

Chu Yao clenched her fist in dissatisfaction. Isn’t Lu Anran’s status just a little higher? Other than that, She can’t even compare to her Chu Yao in all other aspects! Chu Yao clenched her teeth and asked, “How much does this dress cost?”

The shop assistant replied, “The price of this dress is $5.6 million.”

Hearing what the shop assistant has said, even Lu Anran and Lu Anxin were stunned. No one had expected this dress to be so expensive.

Chu Yao became even angrier such that she became tongue- tied, “This dress is 5.6 million! So expensive? It’s made of gold ah?”

The shop assistant nodded and said, “There are 142 diamonds on the skirt itself, and 70 on the gloves. Every diamond is equally weighted at 0.23 caret without exception, and its clarity of FL (Flawless) category. The cut is also conformed to the perfect diamond cut proportion. This part of diamonds is worth $500 000. The rest of diamonds used in other parts are equally weighted 1 caret, worth $600 000. The diamond used in the star pattern at the waist weigh 8.7 caret, this one costs $2 million. At the same time, the gauze used in this dress is also……”

“What rubbish! Don’t want it anymore!” The shop assistant was still speaking when she was impatiently interrupted by Chu Yao, who discontentedly clenched her fist again and looked towards Lu Anxin. Lu Anxin was also unable to accept it. This kind of price, even she cannot afford it!

Lu Anran was a little triumphant, luckily it was given by the store, if it was her who had to pay…… Definitely cannot afford ah! But when she ordered her custom- made dress, she seemed to have said for it to be approximately $500 000…… But anyway, since it was also given by others, Lu Anran decided to help this store advertise.

Chu Yao and Lu Anxin silently looked at each other. Even though they do not have the means to wear this dress, they will never let Lu Anran gain an advantage! The things that they cannot get, she Lu Anran should also not think of getting!

After Lu Anran changed her clothes, the shop assistant also carefully wrapped Lu Anran’s dress and placed it into a paper bag. When handing it over to Lu Anran, Lu Anxin suddenly slipped and fell, seizing the opportunity to hit the paper bag onto the floor. Seeing the situation, Chu Yao hurriedly went forward to support. The two of them looked at each other. Chu Yao blocked Lu Anran’s and the shop assistant’s line of sight while Lu Anxin took the opportunity to reach her hand into the paper bag to tear a large hole into the dress. Since they were unable to obtain it, then it is best to simply just ruin it. No one should think of wearing it!

After doing this, Lu Anxin got up from the ground with Chu Yao’s support, “Scared me!” Chu Yao then picked up the paper bag that contained Lu Anran’s dress and handed it over to Lu Anran, “Quickly take it!”

Lu Anran frowned and wondered what these two were up to. She took the bag, thanked the shop assistant and turned to leave the formal wear shop. Sitting in Old Zhang’s car, Lu Anran muttered, “A bit hungry. Let’s go and eat something together.”

Lu Anhu and Lu Anwei looked at each other before saying, “Before eating something, you should look at your dress!”

“Hm?” Lu Anran frowned and opened the paper bag. However, she found that the originally good dress when turned on the side, had a palm- wide hole on its most outer layer gauze. “This!” Even if Lu Anran used her knees to think, she also knew that Chu Yao and Lu Anxin did it.

Although the line of sight of Lu Anran and the shop assistant were blocked and both of them did not see anything, but the two brothers had seen everything clearly. These women ah! Really terrible creatures!

Lu Anran immediately lowered her voice and said, “Uncle Zhang, drive to the side of the Pedestrian Street!”

Old Zhang nodded and drove towards Pedestrian Street. Pedestrian Street was not too far, about 10 minutes away.

After Lu Anran alighted from the car, she said to Old Zhang, “Uncle Zhang, you go back first! We will walk around here for a while. You can come over at 8.30PM to pick us up.”

Old Zhang nodded after listening, “Okay Eldest Young Miss!”

As Old Zhang drove away, Lu Anran led Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu and made a beeline for the innermost shop on Pedestrian Street with a log cabin exterior. Pushing open the door, the wind chime on the door rang tinkly, a short- haired woman in her thirties came out to the front of the shop, “Eh? Anran? Why are you here?”

Seeing the woman, Lu Anran’s little face crumpled and wailed, “Auntie Xiao, only you can help me now!”

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