Rebirth: Chapter 53 (Part 2)

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Chapter 53: Change of image, trying on formal wear

(Part 2)

After the basic skin care was done, Artha trimmed Lu Anwei’s beard while asking Lu Anran using not very fluent Mandarin, “I have a type of treatment that is very effective at fading scars. Should I use it?”

Lu Anran nodded and said, “Use.” Although she does not dislike the scar on Lu Anwei’s face, but it is also good to lighten it a little.

However, Lu Anwei did not feel that there was a need, “No need.”

Artha awkwardly looked at Lu Anran.

Lu Anran frowned and said, “Ignore him. Just listen to me! I will be attending a lot of important banquets in the future, how are you going to protect me looking like that ah!”

Lu Anwei could only obediently shut his mouth after hearing Lu Anran’s words.

Artha smiled in amusement when she heard that and continued trimming Lu Anwei’s beard. After that, she washed it with water and started her lightening scar treatment for Lu Anwei. “You’ll have to come in once a week for this treatment and will see some results after about 2 months.”

So troublesome? Lu Anwei was a little displeased. The thing he hated the most was troublesome matters….

Lu Anran nodded her head as though she had already expected it. Coincidentally, 2 months later was also the time that Qin Shuhan returns. This time she would be able to see a different Lu Anwei! Both of them obviously have good feelings towards each other!

After half an hour, all the skin care treatment was done. Artha said to Lu Anwei, “Okay, it’s done.”

Lu Anwei opened his eyes and coincidentally met with Artha’s pair of cerulean eyes, Artha looked at Lu Anwei who just opened his eyes and was lost in a daze. This man’s eyes were very good looking, clear and pure. To be more exact, this man’s 5 features were very handsome and his body figure was great…Artha became a little interested in him.

Lu Anwei sat up, wore his shoes and came down from the couch, Lu Anran looked at Lu Anwei’s face and nodded in satisfaction. She was right, Lu Anwei’s face was very suitable to wear a beard, and had added some more manly charms to him, especially after Artha had trimmed Lu Anwei’s beard to suit the shape of his face. Lu Anwei politely said a word of thanks to Artha and turned to leave.

“Wait!” Artha called out to stop them and took out a pair of sunglasses from a white case that was positioned at one side of the room. She placed it on Lu Anwei’s face and then smiled in satisfaction, “Great!”

“En…not bad!” Lu Anran looked towards Artha, her taste in fashion was indeed very good, “how much is the sunglasses?”

“No need to pay me, it’s a present for him!” Artha smiled and said to Lu Anwei, “don’t forget to come in next week!”

Lu Anwei nodded his head, “En.” As expected it is so troublesome ah!” He was a manly adult man and really felt that there was no need to lighten his scar whatsoever ah!

After Lu Anran led Lu Anhu and Lu Anwei out and left Kai Long, she asked Old Zhang to drive to a formal wear boutique where they coincidentally met some familiar people.

“Sister Anxin! You look so beautiful in this dress ah!”

“Hurhur, is that so? It’s not bad la!”

Hearing these 2 familiar voices, Lu Anran frowned slightly. Why was she so unlucky to actually bump into these people? Also, when did these two become so friendly with each other? How did it slip pass her?

Lu Anran frowned and immediately wanted to leave. She really did not want to meet them. It was best if she went around the neighbourhood a few times and come back after an hour!

But just as she turned to leave, they discovered her.

“Anran? You also came to try your formal dress ah!” The girl who was praising people had very sharp eyes and had seen Lu Anran immediately.

Since she has been discovered then there was nothing she could do. Lu Anran summoned up her courage and put on a unsightly smile. “Chu Yao, Cousin Anxin! You guys are here too ah!”

When Lu Anxin saw Lu Anran, she also frowned in displeasure, “you also came to try on your formal dress?”

Lu Anran replied, “yeah!”

At this moment, the shop assistant came over holding Lu Anran’s formal dress and said, “Miss Lu, your formal dress is ready, please come over to the fitting room to try it on.”

Lu Anran nodded her head, “ok.” This shop assistant really saved her! In her heart, she silently gave the shop assistant a thumbs up, she really, with all her heart, did not want to meet Chu Yao and Lu Anxin these 2 people ah!

Seeing Lu Anran entering the fitting room, the smile on Chu Yao’s disappeared and instead the corner of her mouth was tilted up in ridicule, “Sister Anxin, I really don’t understand, no matter if it is your academic achievements or resume qualifications, you are way above Lu Anran ah! Why is it that everyone attaches such importance to her ah?”

Lu Anxin was also extremely scornful, “Her life is good! Her dad disappeared so naturally more people are looking after her! Hmpf….”

Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu who were standing at the door saw all the expressions on Chu Yao and Lu Anxin’s face. Both of them were positioned right behind a mirror and from the mirror’s reflection they could see Chu Yao and Lu Anxin, but they could not see them. The brothers exchanged glances and seemingly understood the reason why Lu Anran was not willing to mention Chu Yao.

After the two people flattered each other for a while, Lu Anran walked out of the fitting room. She wore a dark purple dress decorated with 142 diamonds, with a star shaped diamond hanging from the ribbon wrapped around her waist. Her legs could be subtly seen beneath the dress and the dark purple ribbon on her legs looked both elegant and graceful. The dark purple silk ribbons were wrapped once around Lu Anran’s ankles before it was tied into a butterfly bow that looked lively and delightful. At the chest area there was also a star like stereoscopic design and she also wore a same dark purple coloured elbow length gloves. One carat diamonds that was randomly scattered around the dress glimmered and sparkled under the lights as her long hair naturally hang over her shoulders in a causal manner. The platinum necklace hanging on her neck was a peculiar ornament, it was a star pattern pendent that was attached on the white smooth skin of her chest.

Both Chu Yao and Lu Anxin looked at Lu Anran in a stupor, although they were feeling discontented, but Lu Anran was really so much more beautiful than them! Especially when she wore this dress, Chu Yao and Lu Anxin grinded their teethes and then Chu Yao insincerely said, “Anran! You are so beautiful ah! I feel really proud as your best friend ah!”

Lu Anran lightly smiled in reply. “Is that so? Thanks.” She looked at herself in the mirror with satisfaction, she was also very contented with this beautiful formal dress.

The shop assistant was also very shocked, she smiled and introduced, “The name of this formal dress is Le Stelle Re, and is called an Ocean of Stars in Chinese, personally made by a famous Italian designer according to the photos left behind by Miss Lu.”

Lu Anran smiled, “How much?” She decided to pay in full for the dress.

The shop assistant smiled and said, “The boss have left instructions that this dress would be given to Miss Lu free of charge, and when someone ask about the dress, all Miss Lu has to do is tell the other party our shop name!”

This shop sure knows how to do business ah! Lu Anran grinned and after laughing, she said, “Okay! Wrap it up for me.”

The jealousy in Lu Anxin’s eyes burned brightly. Tonight was the banquet organized by Long Yuxing, she definitely will not let Lu Anran appear wearing this dress!


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  1. Estoy leyendo este capitulo ahora, y aunque por mi experiencia leyendo novelas chinas, se que generalmente el primer candidato a pareja es el que suele ser victorioso, realmente no me agrada la maestra Qin, y cada vez que Anran se mete con Anwei me caer un poco mal, osea… lo más molesto son las personas metiches que no saben cuidar de sus propios asuntos, ademas una pequeña cicatriz no es igual a estar completamente desfigurado, pero al parecer en la cabeza de Anran, Anwei es “feo” sólo por tener una cicatriz… aun siendo una “Señorita Mimada” no puedo entender en que clase de mundo vive para ser tan superficial…


  2. Whoa whoa whoa, hold your tounge missy! Dont u dare use any dirty trick to destroy this gorgeous clothes, although lu anran will still shine even without those clothes, but still!!
    And thank you so much for the chapter

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  3. Welp free advertisement fee. Plus it suits the one who’s wearing it so there’s nothing more happier for the designer right. Like how a chef feels when someone happily eat their cooking.


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