Rebirth: Chapter 53 (Part 1)

Chapter 53: Change of image, trying on formal wear

(Part 1)

Lu Anran replied, “Dennis, I am not going to cut my hair today. I’m going to the ‘makeover’ section. Help me get a beautician that is better at men’s appearance!”

The hairdresser Dennis thought for a moment after hearing what Lu Anran have said and answered, “If it is for men, then Artha. She is a passionate and simple French girl who comes highly recommended by others. Her skills are quite good.”

Lu Anran nodded, “Thanks!” After saying that, she waved her hand at Dennis and went up to the second floor. When she reached the second floor, the receptionist smiled widely and said, “Miss Lu, welcome.”

Lu Anran nodded, “I’m looking for Artha. Is she here?”

The receptionist nodded, “Here ah. Does Miss Lu have an appointment?”

Lu Anran blinked in incomprehension, “Appointment? Still must make an appointment?”

“Uh……” The receptionist smiled awkwardly. Of course, you need to make appointments at Kai Long la! But since the person in front of her was an honourable daughter of Lu Corporation, then it is a different matter! The receptionist said, “Miss Lu, please wait for a moment. I’ll go and ask Artha.”

Lu Anran waved and said, “Go!”

The receptionist smiled in response and went into a room at the end of the corridor. After about 2 minutes, the receptionist came out from the room, “Miss Lu, it’s okay.”

“En.” Lu Anran nodded, she then led the two brothers, Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu into the room. The room was a little less than 10 ping1. There were a lot of beauty instruments, and a couch that was larger than a single bed sat in the center of the room. Beside the couch was a French girl that was about 173cm tall, looking about 22 to 23 years old. Her long brown curls were casually draped over her shoulders and her delicate features, especially those penetrating and mysterious sea- blue eyes made her look like a doll. She was dressed simply and casually, wearing a white shirt, beige trousers and a pair of small brown shoes. Seeing Lu Anran and the gang walking in, she greeted them in Mandarin, “Hello! I am Artha. Which one of you wants a makeover?”

Lu Anran was a little distracted as she looked at Artha. She really was a beautiful girl just like a doll and looked a little like Sophie Marceau. After hearing what Artha has said, Lu Anran cleared her thoat and pushed Lu Anwei who stood next to her, “Him.”

Lu Anwei was dumbfounded, “Me? Makeover?” Is this a joke?!

Artha’s eyes also glinted when she looked at Lu Anwei. Such a rare type, “Please lie on the couch.”

Lu Anwei frowned, and was evidently displeased, “I don’t need it!”

Lu Anran was also no longer happy, “Big Brother Anwei, see for yourself how you are now. I have an important dinner to attend tonight, if you are like this, how can you accompany me and protect me ah?”

When Lu Anwei listened to what Lu Anran has said, he could only compromise. Mission! Mission! After he lied on that couch, he still felt a little weird.

The corners of Lu Anran’s lips lifted in satisfaction and said, “Artha, help me trim his beard.”

Artha nodded, “Okay.” Reaching out both her hands, she first did a simple facial cleansing and skin care procedure for Lu Anwei. When massaging his face, Artha’s hands caressed over that long scar on Lu Anwei’s face, and could not help whispering in French, “Must be very painful……”

Lu Anwei also replied in French, “It’s fine. It no longer hurts.”

Artha was surprised to hear Lu Anwei’s reply, “Eh? You speak French?”

Lu Anwei closed his eyes and answered, “I’ve learnt it before.” Because of his special status, he has to learn various languages of different countries since he was a child. He could even speak some of the African tribes dialects.

Artha’s skill was indeed very good. Her hands were tender and soft, her strength was also just right. Through her hands, Lu Anwei actually experienced a sense of ease that he has not felt for ages; as though all his exhaustion was cleanly swept away.

1 Ping is a traditional unit of measurement. 1 ping = 3.306m2


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