Rebirth: Chapter 52 (Part 2)

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Chapter 52: Sending a friend, couldn’t be bothered to speak

(Part 2)

Lu Anran jogged over and immediately bear- hugged girl who was waving, “Take good care of yourself when you reach England.”

The girl also tightly hugged Lu Anran, “I will. You too, take good care of yourself before I come back. Don’t die!”

Lu Anran’s nose stung. She really could not bear this kind of parting scene, “Anytime that you need money, let me know and I’ll transfer to you.”

The girl also did not bother standing on ceremony to Lu Anran, “En. I will.” Studying aboard was expensive, furthermore, for Lu Anran, she also gave up the prestigious school that she originally wanted to go which had free tuition fees and high annual subsidies for international students.

Lu Anhu frowned at the girl who Lu Anran was embracing. Seeing his brother’s expression, Lu Anwei was mystified and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong?”

Lu Anhu replied, “This girl is Lu Anran’s classmate.”

Lu Anwei did not understand Lu Anhu’s reply, “And what’s wrong with that?”

“Their relationship in school is extremely poor! Although they are tablemates, but they have never spoken a word to each other! Also, I heard my classmates mentioned before that the two of them were no longer friends.” Lu Anhu pinched his chin and puzzledly said, “I can’t understand her.”

Lu Anwei also nodded thoughtfully.

Completely being ignorant of the two brothers’ suspicions, Lu Anran held onto the girl’s hand, unwilling to say goodbye, “Lin Da, I really don’t know how to thank you!”

Lin Da smiled and said, “What are you thanking me for? I have chosen all these paths on my own, these are my choices! You have also told me that in your previous lifetime I was a weird biochemist at the research institute. The current me does not want that kind of life now! I want to do something more meaningful.”

Lu Anran knew how much Lin Da’s sacrifice was. She suddenly remembered something and took out a gold card from her small satchel, “There is $200 000 in here, use this first! The pin is my birthday.” This was the money Lu Anran has saved over the years and can be considered part of her sincerity.

“Okay!” Lin Da did not stand on ceremony with Lu Anran either. After she accepted the card, Lin Da glanced at the time on her wristwatch and hugged Lu Anran again, “I have to go.”

Lu Anran returned the hug and said, “En, stay safe!”

“En!” Lin Da waved at Lu Anran and then turned and strode towards the queue at the security checkpoint. There was no need to say anything else, they have already said enough in the forest that day!

It was only when Lin Da’s figure disappeared completely from her eyes that Lu Anran turned around and went to the two brothers, Lu Anhu and Lu Anwei, “Let’s go! We are going to the next place!”

Seeing the tear tracks that was still on Lu Anran’s face, Lu Anhu frowned but he still asked the question in his heart, “You…… Didn’t you have a poor relationship with Lin Da?”

Lu Anran glanced at Lu Anhu and only said one sentence, “When did I say that Lin Da and I have a bad relationship?” She then strode away from the airport towards the carpark where Old Zhang was already waiting for quite a while.

Lu Anran first got into the car followed by the two brothers.

Old Zhang asked, “Eldest Young Miss, where are we going next?”

Lu Anran glanced at Lu Anwei before saying, “Kai Long.”

“Okay.” After receiving directions from Eldest Young Miss, Old Zhang started the car and headed for the city center.

Lu Anhu was full of questions now, “Anran, is the relationship between you and Lin Da better than Chu Yao?”

Li Anran could not help rolling her eyes, “Of course!”

Lu Anhu did not understand, “Didn’t you have a good relationship with Chu Yao at school? You eat lunch together and everything ah!”

Lu Anran felt nauseous when she thought about it. If it was not for the sake of protecting Lin Da’s safety, she really could not be bothered to deal with that blight Chu Yao. She wanted to clarify the relationship between her and Chu Yao with Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu, but Old Zhang was seated in front. It was not that she did not trust Old Zhang, on contrary, she trusted Old Zhang’s loyalty very much, only that this loyalty was to Ji Rou and Lu Jianhao! The way Old Zhang treated her was a type of indulgence towards one’s own children, so these kinds of words must never be heard by Old Zhang, because the next second, Old Zhang may report all these to Lu Jianhao under the concern of her own safety. In this way, then won’t all her efforts be wasted?

Seeing the curious and incomprehensible expression on Lu Anhu’s face, Lu Anran could only turn her head to the other side while saying, “Don’t want to talk to you!”

“I……” Lu Anhu was a little innocent. He flattened his mouth and wanted to argue or something but seeing that Lu Anran has already turned her head away and was prepared to ignore him, he could only drop it.

After about two hours drive, the car was quiet for once.

When they reached Kai Long, Lu Anran led the two brothers in. The store workers naturally recognised Lu Anran and hurriedly went up to greet her, “Miss Lu, welcome.”

“En.” Lu Anran replied and walked into store. Just like before, nothing has changed. Kai Long was a chain salon that combines cosmetic, hairdressing, appearance and beauty. Lu Anran and Ji Rou often came to this store to have their hair cut.

Seeing Lu Anran enter the door, Lu Anran’s usual hairdresser hastily came over and smiled apologetically, “Miss Lu, could you please wait for a while. I still have work to do here.” There were not many customers who came to the store in the morning, but the people who came over this morning were considered his regular customers, so he could only trouble Lu Anran to wait a little.

Originally, this salon requires bookings, but it does not seem to hold any water to Lu Anran. She always came over out of the blue, without any sign or prior notice. Fortunately, Lu Anran’s dedicated hairdresser was also already used to it.
Haha, all of you have guessed correctly! It is Lin Da~

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    1. Really? This is my first time reading a transmigiration story where the MC confided in another person about her past life


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