Rebirth: Chapter 52 (Part 1)

Chapter 52: Sending a friend, couldn’t be bothered to speak

(Part 1)

Seeing the door close once again, Ji Rou looked at Lu Anran worriedly, “Anran, your brother Anwei seems to have been jilted. You were a little fierce just now…… Is it really okay?”

Lu Anran shook her head and said, “Brother Anwei is a person that takes his missions very seriously. If we were to advise him blindly, he definitely won’t be able to change his perspective and refuse to listen! So, it’s better to be a little strict with him, remind him that he still has a task. Only in this way would he be able to pull himself together! As for the matter with him and Teacher Qin, I am certain that there was a misunderstanding!” She firmly believed that Qin Shuhan definitely not a women who casually played around, also previously when they were eating desserts, the concern that Qin Shuhan showed towards Lu Anwei was absolutely not fake. Now that Qin Shuhan has already left for Greece, everything has to wait till Qin Shuhan came back.

Ji Rou looked at her wise daughter and helplessly shook her head sighing. Her daughter was so precocious that she did not know if it was a good or bad thing ah……

The next day Lu Anwei was up and early waiting in the living room. He wore the new suit that Ji Rou bought for him, his beard has not been shaved according to what Lu Anran has told him. He really could not understand why Lu Anran told him not to shave off his beard. Touching the prickling stubble, Lu Anwei frowned, he has never grown a beard before! Every morning when he showered, he would shave his beard all the way. This was the first time he saw himself with a beard. Somehow when he looked into the mirror in the morning, he felt a little as though he was not a good person.

After his morning training and a simple shower, Lu Anhu sat on the sofa in the living room opposite his own brother. His pair of eyes moved up and down sizing up his own brother. Somehow, he felt as if his brother has changed, and it was not because of the beard. It seems as though there was a different masculinity, but it was not as if the brother before was not manly enough or something, but there was just something different in there…… yet he could not describe what exactly.

About ten minutes later, Lu Anran appeared in front of them wearing a refreshing national dress with a cowhide sun hat and a supple waist- long shawl. She wore a woven belt at her waist and there were the same kind of national pattern at the side of her collar, cuffs and skirt. Her bare legs were pale and slender, and she wore a pair of bubbly and cute strappy sandals whose colour which was very matching with the red nail polish on her toes.

Seeing Lu Anran’s red nail- polished toes, Lu Anwei was distracted for a moment. That day, Qin Shuhan’s toes…… were also painted red.

Looking at Lu Anwei’s attire, Lu Anran nodded her head satisfactorily, “All right! Let’s go!”

The three of them sat into Old Zhang’s car, Old Zhang who was in the driver’s seat fastened his seatbelt, and looked towards Lu Anran through the rear- view mirror, “Young Miss, where are all of you going ah?”

Lu Anran waved her little hand, “To the airport!”

Hearing Lu Anran’s words, Lu Anhu asked, “Why are you going to the airport?”

Lu Anran took off her sun hat and said, “Seeing off a friend. She is going to study abroad in England.”

Lu Anhu pinched his own chin, “Chu Yao?” He remembered that the relationship between Chu Yao and Lu Anran seemed to be very good in school. The two of them sat in seats that were front and back to each other. Ji Rou has also said that the two of them were best friends that grew up together! But Lu Anran seemed to have a bad relationship with her table mate, and every day, two of them do not even speak to each other.

When Lu Anran heard Lu Anhu mentioning Chu Yao’s name, Lu Anran wrinkled her eyebrows in displeasure, as though she was suddenly fed a mouthful of shit, “No!”

Lu Anhu did not understand why Lu Anran suddenly became hostile, and puzzledly frowned. Wasn’t she still alright just now when they were talking, why did she suddenly have this kind of facial expression? Could it be that Lu Anran and Chu Yao have quarrelled? Anyway, he also did not like Chu Yao, and always felt like she was so fake, perhaps it was a natural instinct, but he always felt that Chu Yao was a dangerous person. In short, he disliked her.

The car was quiet once more. It took about an hour for the car to reach the airport. Lu Anran got off and went to find the security checkpoint. As expected, there was a girl in sports- styled dress looking around while carrying her luggage. Her shoulder- length hair was braided into pigtails that resembled a little sister from a neighbouring household. She did not have delicate facial features and wore a black- rimmed spectacles. She was about the same height as Lu Anran. Her legs were also bare, pale and slender, and wore a pair of high- top Converse canvas shoes. Presently, she has also seen Lu Anran. Waving her arms, she shouted, “Anran, over here!”
Oooo… Who do you think it is? (*^▽^*)

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