Rebirth: Chapter 51 (Part 2)

Chapter 51: playing only, soldier’s nature

(Part 2)

“Dang dang dang” 3 knocks sounded at the door and from outside came Ji Rou’s voice, “Anwei? Are… are you alright?” The moment she came home she heard that Lu Anwei has shut himself into the room when he came back and did not come out for the whole day, causing Ji Rou and Lu Anran to feel a little worried.

After a long while there was no reply from inside the room, and Lu Anran also knocked on the door, “Brother Anwei, are you alright!”

Replying them was only a long silence….

Ji Rou and Lu Anran look at each other and saw a trace of worry in each other eyes, but no matter how much they knocked, Lu Anwei never opened his door or replied them, making them really worried.

After about 3 minutes, Lu Anwei’s voice came out from inside the room, “I’m fine! I want to be alone.”

Lu Anran and Ji Rou could only turn a blind eye and shook their head as they left their position in front of Lu Anwei’s door. They just assumed that Lu Anwei might have quarrelled with Qin Shuhan, that’s why he shut himself in his room and did not want to eat anything, so they could only shrug their shoulders and leave. It is no use for outsiders like them to give advice on other couple’s fight, they should be fine after 2-3 days.

But the matter was more serious than they thought. After 3 whole days, Lu Anwei did not step a foot outside of his room and did not touch any of the food the maids put outside his room. The matter seemed very serious, and both Lu Anran and her mother could only appear in front of Lu Anwei’s room once more, “Anwei? You haven’t come out for 3 days already! Are you okay?”

“Brother Anwei! We’re all very worried about you, can you come out?” Lu Anran urged, but not a single sound could be heard from the room. Feeling at loss, Lu Anran’s eyes spun and suddenly shouted in a loud voice, “Teacher Qin? Why’re you here?”

As expected, the moment Lu Anran’s resounded, Lu Anwei hastily rushed out of his room. It was only then that Lu Anran saw Lu Anwei who has disappeared for a whole 3 days. His hair was in a mess, eyes red and swollen, unshaved beard, his overall appearance looking very scruffy and dishevelled.

Looking around anxiously, Lu Anwei realised that Lu Anran tricked him. Turning back to look dazedly at Lu Anran, Lu Anwei opened and shut his mouth but did not know what to say, he has never been good at expressing himself outwardly since young.

“Brother Anwei, do you know how worried we are about you?” Lu Anran felt so angry, anxious and distressed when she caught the sight of Lu Anwei. “Aren’t you here to protect me? How can you protect me when you are like this?” Lu Anran whipped out her phone, pointed it towards Lu Anwei’s face and took a photo. She showed the photo to Lu Anwei to see, “Look at yourself, is this still you?”

“…..” Seeing the picture of himself, Lu Anwei felt like he was looking at a stranger. When has he ever been like this?

“Let’s not count the day you stayed out all night. The moment you came home, you locked yourself in the room for 3 whole days and don’t even show your face!” Lu Anran said with an exasperated face. At first when Lu Anwei did not come home until the next morning, Lu Anran was quite happy and felt that the matter between them was a done deal, but who knew that there would this kind of ending once he came home ah!

“Anwei…. did you fight with Teacher Qin?” Ji Rou worriedly looked at Lu Anwei, his current condition was quite terrible.

“She said….” Lu Anwei’s voice grated out unpleasantly, “She said she was only playing with me…”

“Hah?” Lu Anran was stunned for a moment and directly denied that reason, “Teacher Qin is definitely not this kind of person!”

He also does not believe that Qin Shuhan was this kind of woman ah! But that is what Qin Shuhan said ah! How can it be a lie when she said it herself? Up to now, he could still remember Qin Shuhan’s tone and expression, and his chest would throb painfully with every breathe he takes.

“I also feel that Teacher Qin is not the kind of person to say all these!” Ji Rou said resolutely, although she has only met Qin Shuhan a few times, but Ji Rou could clearly tell that Qin Shuhan was definitely not the type of woman to casually play around.

“Brother Anwei, are you really certain that, that was what she meant? And not that you did something wrong, or led her to misunderstand something?” Lu Anran suggested. “Did you clearly tell her your opinion?”

Opinion? He did say that he wants them to be together and had even promised that he would be good to her in the future ah! Was that not enough?

Seeing Lu Anwei’s current expression, Lu Anran knew that Lu Anwei did not properly confess his feelings, but this should not be that big of a problem right?

But at the moment Qin Shuhan has already left for Greece and it would be a few months before she comes back ah! Lu Anran tiptoed, patted Lu Anwei’s shoulder and said, “Brother Anwei, believe me, I’m sure there is some sort of misunderstanding between both of you!”

Misunderstanding? Lu Anwei clenched his hands into a fist, but everything Qin Shuhan said was true. He could not give a woman a simple and stable life, he was really afraid, afraid that one day he would disappear without any trace just like Lu Junhao. If that really happened, Qin Shuhan would be too pitiful…. Thinking about this, Lu Anwei cowered. Indeed, he was really not suited to love someone, the word love to him was too luxurious!

Looking at Lu Anwei’s expression, Lu Anran helplessly shook her head. “Brother Anwei, I know that you’re probably not in a very good mood now! But you haven’t forgotten your mission right!”

At the mention of his mission, Lu Anwei shined with vitality and gazed towards Lu Anran with a solemn expression, somewhat returning to his previous demeanour.

“I want to go out tomorrow morning. You and Anhu will need to protect me.” Lu Anran looked into Lu Anwei’s eyes and said, “it might be very exhausting tomorrow, so go and eat something first and then take a nice shower, your beard…don’t bother shaving it.” Lu Anwei who used to look very manly now has a different feeling with a beard.

“Ok!” Lu Anwei nodded in agreement, his depression has been cleanly washed away. After all he was a soldier, and have his own nature. So, in face of a mission, he would have to put away all of his tiredness and broken-hearted feelings.

Seeing Lu Anwei reinvigorated, Lu Anran smiled with satisfaction.

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