Rebirth: Chapter 51 (Part 1)

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Chapter 51: playing only, soldier’s nature

(Part 1)

“We are adults! So just playing around only, don’t need to take it so seriously!” Qin Shuhan said with a laugh.

“Play…playing only?” Lu Anwei was shocked, unable to believe his ears.

“Hmpf! What were you thinking? Qin Shuhan crossed her arms and looked towards Lu Anwei. “It can’t be you were thinking that I’ll start a relationship with you?”

“…..” That’s right, he had indeed assumed this, but seeing Qin Shuhan’s sneering expression, Lu Anwei’s chest hurt painfully like he had just been forcefully punched a few times.

“Even if we’re together, there won’t be an ending for us.” Qin Shuhan rang out indifferently. She loved this man in front of her very deeply, but this man does not love her ah! So, what was the point of them trying to be together forcefully? What was she supposed to do if Lu Anwei meets his true love later on? Back down for the worthier person? Leave pathetically? Perhaps she is still able to leave now, but what about when she really reaches the point where she is unable to leave him? Was she going to wilfully and selfishly bind him to her side? If she does that, wouldn’t she turn into the type of woman she hates the most?

“This is also the matter I want to talk to you about today.” Lu Anwei still wanted to discuss with Qin Shuhan. He loved her and did not want to leave her. He still wished to be honest with her about his identity and try, it might be possible she would change her mind. No matter if there is only 1% chance, if Qin Shuhan really has feelings for him….

“….” Qin Shuhan could seemingly hear the sound of her heart shattering. That’s right, he already knew from the beginning that it was not possible for both of them to have an ending right! Qin Shuhan callously said, “There is nothing for us to discuss! What is there to talk about! Leave!”

“Shuhan, I’ll be good to you if you’re together with me!” Lu Anwei gazed at Qin Shuhan, it was only last night that both of them were so lovey-dovey ah! He does not believe that everything from last night was only playing, he does not believe that Qin Shuhan would be this kind of heartless woman. She took the initiative to match with him, and also today’s bedsheet….she was not that kind of easy woman who played around ah!

“Stop it!” Qin Shuhan really despise Lu Anwei’s kindness. Was it that even if he does not love her, he can still fulfil his duty by taking responsibility? Qin Shuhan clenched her teeth and said the most spiteful words in her whole life, “You are only a bodyguard ah! I won’t even know if you die someday, are you able to give me a stable life? It’s fine just playing around, do I have to put in my whole life as well?

“…..” Hearing Qin Shuhan’s words, Lu Anwei went totally silent. This was his most painful and inferior point. A man just like him would indeed be unable to promise the woman he loves the most that he can give her a stable life! He loved reading romantic novels, and was envious of the male protagonist in the novels. They could protect their woman for their whole life, these are all close to what he wished for so wildly….

In Lu family’s courtyard, he unintentionally caught the sight of Qin Shuhan in Lu Anran’s room. She was standing next to the window and when the translucent white curtains blows upwards by the gentle breeze, her hair would also flutter up… Just like water in the pond sent into ripples when swept by a gust of wind. The ripples gradually move outwards becoming bigger and bigger, gently and shallowly, but still very beautiful, so beautiful until it led him to feel that this woman was the one who he wanted to protect for a lifetime, so beautiful until it led him to forget his identity, forget his duty….

But reality mercilessly gave him a slap in the face, and with a poker face Lu Anwei left Qin Shuhan’s house.

Watching Lu Anwei’s figure gradually receding from her doorway, Qin Shuhan could no longer control her feelings and broke down crying at the dining table. Why was it like this? She knew that she hurt his heart, but if it was not like this, she might become greedier and greedier as time passes, and would not be so simple like now….

Before, she never believed in falling in love at first sight, but from the day she met Lu Anwei, she started believing;

Before, he did not dare to fall in love, but after catching a glimpse of her that afternoon, he selfishly thought that he can love someone……

Yet, the harsh reality has forcefully broken all of their fantasies.

Lu Anwei did not know how he returned to the Lu house, and how he entered his room, only that when he snapped out of his thoughts he was already lying on his own bed, the sky outside of his window has been stained red by the setting sun, and his pillowcase has unknowingly turned soaking wet….

There was an instant where he really thought that Qin Shuhan loved him and had even planned out their life after marriage…. but everything has just been his wishful thinking.


17 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 51 (Part 1)

    1. This whole arc was completely unnecessary in my opinion. It was a bit like a flash marriage with an equally speedy divorce. Just a filler – & a badly written one at that.
      How long did they know each other for? The author never mentioned their relationship at all and pulls this **** out of no where.


  1. Ugh what a boring chapter. Why is the author using such a cliche plot? Can we just go back to Lu AnRan and her revenge plot. That is more interesting to me.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. *facepalm*

    A stupidly cliché plot.. this is old, dear author😒😒

    For someone who is as confident, modern and smart as Qin Shuhan, this scene doesn’t suit her character..
    What “studying overseas”, what “gender equality”, this clearly showing women’s inferiority😒 .. what? A woman can’t persue the guy she loves? Doesn’t love her so she freaking gave up after a night together??

    Even worse, she’s jumping to conclusion without even confronting him! And she freaking hurt him along the way!! Where’s that woman that invited a man to sleep with her in the very same house her parents are living in???

    Gahh!! This is making me pulling my hair!!

    My attachment to her had gone with the wind.. and i blame the author😐

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  3. All the earlier comments are so polite I’ll feel weird if I write what I intended. Bottom line though…. THIS IS TOTAL BS!!!!

    I was desperately hoping for a fluff factor from these two.

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  4. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Total bs and unnecessary drama. Author made Qin Shuhan seem like a total bitch in this chapter. Could easily just let them get together now and have them be lovey-dovey earlier in the story. >_>

    Liked by 6 people

  5. What the heck? She didn’t even give him a chance to have his say. Instead, she belittled him when implying that he’s simply a bodyguard. I really dislike her now

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